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Blocky Football Tips, Tricks & Hints to Score More TDs and PATs

Ready for Super Bowl 50? Rooting for the Denver Broncos, or probably the Carolina Panthers? Full Fat’s Blocky Football can help satisfy your football fever – that is, if you’re the type who prefers good old fashioned casual gaming to an in-depth management experience or American football-based trading card game. And the good news is that you can play it on Android and iOS devices alike. There’s no Peyton Manning or Cam Newton in here – just your blocky character trying to score a touchdown, then a PAT, or point after touchdown. Still, the game claims to offer “lots” of characters, different playing fields and weather conditions, and “free gifts.”

What’s the deal with Blocky Football and how can you go as far as possible in the game? Take note that this is an endless type of game with simple mechanics that are nonetheless hard to master. So check out our collection of Blocky Football tips and tricks if you’re trying to score more touchdowns and PATs, and go farther in the game.

1. Pay Close Attention To Your Offensive Line

For those unfamiliar with the rules of American football, the offensive line’s job is to prevent defenders from getting to the other offensive players by blocking them. Given that, you’ll want to run behind your offensive line as they stop defenders and block them, and each time an opposing defender hits one of your offensive linemen, you’ll get a plus one, which you can then collect to earn one point.

2. How To Kick A PAT, And What’s In It For You

Once you’re able to score a touchdown, you’ll then be asked to score a point after touchdown (PAT) – a simple field goal kick that follows after someone scores a TD. But in this game, you play both a running back and a kicker – you’ll have to kick the PAT through the center and down the gold line, with the reward being a key. Once you’ve got three keys, you can open three lockers.
Each of these lockers have helmets of actual NFL teams inside of them, and if you’ve got three of the same football helmet, you can unlock that NFL team’s actual uniform when playing the game. It’s just a cosmetic change, but wouldn’t it be cool if you can play Blocky Football while “wearing” your favorite team’s colors?

3. Watch Ad Videos To Earn Free Keys

If the game asks you if you want to watch an ad video, go ahead and watch it. You will get free keys in exchange for watching the ad, and sometimes the ads will even ask you to watch so you can play ad-free for ten minutes.

4. Avoid Getting Hit By Your Own Blockers

Yes, I guess you can say this tip is akin to avoiding friendly fire while in battle. If you get hit by one of your offensive linemen, that will lose the round for you, and you will get tackled! Yes, it does happen, and you’ll need to be on the lookout for this.

5. Unlock New Playing Fields

As you keep unlocking characters, you’ll eventually be able to unlock new playing surfaces, e.g. a red field, a blue field, and even a snowy field and a beach! The game will ask you to unlock so many characters, and once you meet the requirements, you’ll earn the field corresponding to the number of required characters.

This would be our list of tips and tricks for Blocky Football. If you happen to know more hints for the game, don’t forget to drop us a line!