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Blocky Farm Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Level 5-15

Blocky Farm is an iOS farm management game from Jet Toast, and for a quick refresher on what you can expect from this game, it comes with old-school voxel graphics, relaxing background music to match the easygoing pace of the game, and tons of buildings to set up and features to unlock. It is indeed a deceptively deep and full-featured game, and if we are to describe it in catchier terms, this is not your older brother or sister’s FarmVille. The motif may be retro, but otherwise, you get loads of features, and loads of things to do around the farm to ensure that it keeps running like a well-oiled machine. As such, it comes with a very long tutorial stage, but what do you do once the figurative training wheels are off?

Previously, we had focused on the bare essentials, the simplest tips and tricks for the game in our Blocky Farm beginner’s guide, that could help new farmers get started. Now, we’re focusing on some intermediate tips for our next Blocky Farm strategy guide. These tips are generally for players who are at level 5 to 15, so read on if you need some help moving forward and managing your farm now that it’s much busier than it was at the start!

1. Complete Achievements To Level Up Faster

You won’t simply be relying on visitor quests and deliveries to earn experience points; if you click on your house, you will be able to view a list of achievements, with each of these achievements having three tiers. For example, you may be asked to harvest a certain number of crops from your fields, click on the birds so many times for extra coins or gems, or collect a certain number of products from your animals.

All in all, there are 60 achievements, which can be viewed by tapping on the trophy icon on the house menu. These can be completed by playing the game like you normally would, but it always helps to review the achievements, so you can purposely play toward completing them. And once completed, you’ll be rewarded with XP and gems, both of which are rather hard to come by in Blocky Farm!

2. About The Collectible Card System

Your house, pretty much, is ground zero for anything and everything Blocky Farm-related. And it allows you to do much more than just check achievements and see how close you are to completing them. You can also go to your house to view the cards you’ve collected, which are among the rewards you’ll get when you open chests. Cards can allow you to upgrade your buildings, and you’ll need to complete a set of five cards, then a set of ten cards to get your buildings from one level to the next.

They can also allow you to collect toys, hats, or glasses for your pets, which all contribute to putting them in a better overall mood as they earn you hearts faster. Likewise, most of the toy, hat, or glasses cards come in sets which you need to complete in order to unlock the actual item.

These cards are randomly rewarded when you open chests, though as we explained in the beginner’s guide, the quality of the items in the chests depends on how much love you’re giving your animals — if it’s 100 percent, meaning a perfect 5 hearts for all animals on your farm, you get the gold chest. You can also pay real money to take advantage of the game’s special offers on chests, or win chests via one of the two features we will be talking about next.

3. Spin The Wheel And Watch Some Movies

You will see several buildings to the left of your farm, including the two we will be covering in this tip — the Casino and the Cinema. The Casino allows you to watch ad videos, in exchange for spinning the Wheel of Fortune once per video clip. Depending on where the wheel stops, you may get crops, products, gems, decorations, or XP, and you may also end up with the gold star, which represents the jackpot. Depending on how often you hit the jackpot in three spins of the wheel, you can get a generous amount of coins — typically, that would be close to 1,000 coins if you get three gold stars in three tries!

The Cinema is located to the south of the Casino, and that’s where you can go to watch movies, or should we say, 30-second advertisement videos. Make sure to watch as many ads in the cinema as the game would allow you to; not only do you earn 100 coins per video at first, with the amount increasing as you keep leveling up, you will also be rewarded with a special chest with goodies (mainly collectible cards) for every 10 videos you watch!

4. How To Get More Tools And Building Materials

In order to chop down trees or tree stumps with an axe or a saw, or clear rocks with dynamite, you’ll need the aforementioned tools; otherwise, you’ll need to pay gems to make the tools temporarily available. We had previously established that that’s something you want to avoid as much as possible, but how do you get these tools in the first place? And how do you get building materials to use for expanding your storage facilities, such as your barn and your silo?

We also established in our beginner’s guide that completing quests is a nice way of getting XP and coins. Aside from that, it’s also your key to getting more tools, as well as building supplies. Take note of each of your farm’s visitors once you click on their avatars — as a refresher, these visitors include Frank (the town mayor), Jerry (the businessman), George (the farmer), Mary (the pet store lady), and Oscar (the decorations guy). Each of these non-playing characters have smiley faces underneath their images, representing how satisfied they are with how you handle them on the farm.

Once you complete quests and all five smiley faces are highlighted in green, that means you will also be rewarded with a random tool or building material. That should be more than enough incentive for you to complete the quests as quickly as possible!

5. Taking Care Of Your Pets

Once you reach level 5, you will be given the option to choose between a cat or a dog as a free pet. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the cat or the dog — the important thing is that you make sure your pet is taken care of at all times!

Your pet has four meters that will display once you tap on it — these include the happiness meter, the hunger meter, the health meter, and the energy meter. In order to get the perfect five hearts for your pet, you need to make sure these four meters are filled up, or close to being filled up, and that means playing with your pet with the toys you unlock to improve his happiness, feeding him to ensure he doesn’t go hungry, giving him syrup to improve his health, and giving him the energy drink to keep the energy bar filled up. All these pet supplies can be purchased in Mary’s Pet Shop, which can be found by moving to the left side of the map and tapping on the pink house to the right of the Cinema and Town Hall.

It’s important that you check up on your pet on a regular basis, because this cuddly creature will be the only way for you to get new hearts in most cases.

6. Prioritize Certain Items When Caring For Your Pet

We’re listing this separately from the main pet care tip, because it’s useful enough to stand alone. That said, there are ways for you to fill your pet’s happiness or hunger meter up faster than you normally would. For the happiness meter, you should be choosing the toys that give your pet the most happiness; for example, the black shoe (10 points) will always be a better option than the toy mouse (5 points) if you’re playing with your cat.

As for the hunger meter, there are certain food items that fill the bar up faster; using the cat once again as an example, you’ll want to give him some milk to get his hunger meter to green in one go, though you might not want to do this all the time, as you’ll also need milk as an ingredient for certain products on your farm!

7. How To Use The Tractor

The tractor is one of Blocky Farm’s key features, but you’ll need to wait until level 13 to unlock it, and you’ll also have to pay a whopping 13,000 coins to buy it. As you may surmise, the tractor is used to quickly plow your fields and harvest crops, and if you’ve got your fields maxed out or close to that (that would be 26 plots if you’re in level 13), it could be a real time-saver. But just a quick word of warning — it can be tough to maneuver the tractor from the spot where it spawns to the area where you had presumably set up your field plots adjacent to each other.

It appears to be a little difficult to move the virtual steering wheel to the left, but the good thing is that it isn’t impossible; with a little patience you should be able to drive the tractor to the fields, upon which plowing should be very simple, as long as you move the vehicle slowly and avoid abrupt movements. Just make sure to tap on the button on the lower left (above the tractor button) before you start plowing, otherwise nothing’s going to happen!

8. Don’t Overlook The Well

This is another tip that could be considered a beginner’s tip, but somehow didn’t make it to the first guide. But if you want to speed up your harvests and bypass the waiting time, you’ll want to load up your water sprinkler by going to the well. Yes, we admit it’s easy to miss the well as it’s such a small structure, but you can find it to the right of the railroad tracks.

Using the water sprinkler on your crops allows you to harvest them immediately without waiting, or worse, paying gems to rush the harvest. And we can’t blame you if you only remembered the well once you unlocked the apple tree, which really needs watering in order for you to pick its fruits; personally speaking, that was my mistake, and the only time I remembered again that Blocky Farm has a well where you can get water.

Take note, however, that it takes a while for water supplies to refresh automatically, so save that water for times when you need to create a certain product with a certain crop, but don’t want to wait an hour or more for all the required products to be completed.

9. Optimize Your Farming

Once you reach the teen levels, you should presumably have about 25 field plots or so, and that means a lot of crops for you to potentially harvest. But you shouldn’t just plant crops willy-nilly; there needs to be some sort of a system that will allow you to make the most out of your farming while you’re playing the game.

For example, you should have at least a few plots where you’re planting wheat and/or corn while you’re actively playing the game — it only takes two minutes for wheat to be available to harvest, and five minutes for corn. You also want to save other crops, such as sugarcane and beans, for a time when you won’t be playing for a few hours’ time.

Likewise, that also applies to getting products from your animals. Have the chickens lay eggs (15 minutes) while you’re actively playing, and save the excruciatingly long wait for bacon (3 hours — good things happen to those who wait, if you know what we mean!) by feeding your pigs right before you go offline for several hours, or go offline for the night before going to bed. That way, you won’t ever need to spend gems to rush production.

10. Make Regular Deliveries

Your silo and your barn can only hold so much materials or products at any given time. Upgrading/expanding these buildings requires materials, and as we mentioned above, you need to complete quests in order to get materials. (Chopping down trees or blowing up rocks does the trick as well, as you also need wood and stone.) And if you’ve got a busy farm, chances are you may encounter a situation or two where you need to upgrade ASAP so you can store the products or materials you’ve just collected.

In order to avoid such situations, while making yourself a ton of coins and XP (depending on the items requested), you need to make regular deliveries. This should clear up a good deal of the surplus in your storage units, allowing you to harvest crops more regularly (and not put a hold on planting new crops due to a lack of space), and helping you level up faster and buy more new stuff for your farm. It’s a ripple effect in a good way, so make sure you’re delivering items on a regular basis!


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