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Blades of Brim Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints to Get a High Score and Earn More Gold

We had recently given you some Blades of Brim tips and tricks, and told you a little bit about this interesting hybrid between a conventional role-playing game and an endless runner. But just so you know what this game is about, it is a title from SYBO, the same company that released Subway Surfers. You will be playing in the in-game universe of Brim, hiring heroes, collecting equipment and weapons, and riding on mystical “pets” or mounts. While doing all this, you’ll be leveling yourself up, same with your equipment. But what’s to do if you want to get as high a score as possible, being that the game also has some endless runner mechanics? Read on, as we’ve got some suggestions to help you jack up your score in Blades of Brim, while earning more gold.

1. Kill As Many Monsters As Possible

There’s only one way to score in Blades of Brim, and that’s by killing monsters. So it goes without saying that you should be solely focused on killing as many monsters as possible if you’re hoping to run up an impressive score.

2. Pay Attention To The Strength Of Monsters

As you go through your runs, you’ll see that each monster has a number on top of their heads – that’s the number of times they have to be hit before you kill them. As such, always be prepared for a potential follow-up attack when dealing with a monster whose toughness rating is higher than 1.

3. Stashed Loot Is The Only Loot That Matters

Of course, there are other twists in this game apart from its endless runner influence that makes it different from the average RPG. When it comes to loot, you’ll lose everything you gathered since the last time you stashed it, should you lose all your lives or fail to stash the loot at the checkpoint. Remember to pay attention to the distance separating you from the next checkpoint, and make it your mission not to get killed before making it there.

4. Collect Five Runes

The moment you collect five runes through your runs, you’ll be flying through space, thanks to a weird and quirky portal. This opens up a mini-game of sorts, one that will allow you to gather a truckload of gold coins. There’s really no risk here, so if you want to gather more coins, follow the trail of the coins and before all that, make sure you don’t overlook the runes while going on your runs.

5. Look Forward When You Run

You have to be alert at all times when playing Blades of Brim. That means you have to look forward when you’re running – this will give you a heads-up on the enemies you’ll be encountering, as well as the obstacles that might throw you off your focus. Each of the levels is randomly generated, but you may stumble on some monster or obstacle patterns that you can follow in order to stay on your run and destroy more monsters.