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BitLife V Challenge Guide: How to Complete the V Challenge

Candywriter’s latest game, DogLife, debuted just days ago, and we can most likely assume that the canine equivalent to BitLife will be the company’s main focus — perhaps until a brand new, full version of BitLife makes its debut on the iOS and Android operating systems.

But if you’re still waiting and hoping for another major BitLife update, the game still has enough to keep longtime players entertained and engaged, and that’s the weekly challenges, which give players four days (in most cases) to complete each of the requirements.

bitlife v challenge requirements

In an interesting twist, Candywriter released this new BitLife challenge rather early in the week — we don’t know if this is going to be a permanent thing, but we do know that this is an especially tough challenge to complete compared to the ones before it. The V Challenge is largely inspired by V is for Vendetta, the 2006 film based on the DC Comics limited series of the same name written by Alan Moore.

But before we proceed further, we strongly encourage you to check out this BitLife mini-strategy guide. Fair warning — once again, this is not an all an easy challenge to complete, but we can at least guide you through each of the requirements and see if we can make them any easier for you.

Getting Started – Choose Crime As A Special Skill, Rob A Bank While Still Early

There’s nothing particularly fancy about the first requirement of the BitLife V Challenge, as it is to be born male in the United Kingdom. Just choose the U.K. as your birth country, make sure you’re creating a male character, and you’re set if you’re a free player — no need to ensure certain stat thresholds are met.

bitlife early life

But if you have God Mode enabled, make sure you choose Crime as a Special Skill, as that will help you complete the next requirement. If you don’t, you can keep re-rolling until you see certain text in your character’s diary that points to a future as a dangerous criminal.

For example, you may see an entry that notes you want to be a Mafia member when you grow up, or one that shows you taking sadistic pleasure whenever one of your parents cries.

robbing a bank in bitlife

With Crime as a Special Skill, whether chosen via God Mode or hidden per the usual BitLife fog of war for free players, your chances of successfully robbing a bank will be much higher. Just be sure you’re wearing a Guy Fawkes mask as your disguise to get that requirement taken care of.

As for the age to commit this crime, you can pull off burglaries once you reach the age of 16 — the sooner, the better, considering everything else you need to do in the challenge!

The Communist Manifesto Only Seems To Appear From Age 21 Onward

The next requirement in the BitLife V Challenge would be to read a copy of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto — at 30 pages, it’s probably the shortest book you can read in the game as an adult, but we’re not talking about the conventional definition of adulthood once you reach the age of 18.

reading the communist manifesto in bitlife

We noticed that the book only showed up among the options when our character was in his 20s, but was not available in repeated tries while he was 18 and 19. It may take a bit of patience on your part, but trust us when we say that the patience needed here pales in comparison to the levels you’ll need for the final two requirements.

After speeding through the book from page 1 to 30, you’ll see the green mark for The Communist Manifesto checked, allowing you to proceed with the real hard stuff in the V Challenge.

Keep Rioting Until You Break Free

Now that we’ve got the easy stuff out of the way, let’s get to the tougher requirements, starting with the one where you need to escape via a riot. Not every BitLife player knows this, but if you successfully start a riot, there’s a possibility that you may be able to escape from jail amid all the chaos, confusion, and violence caused by the riot.

For those who are not familiar, the riot mini game is a lot like Snake, or that old mobile game standard from 20-ish years ago that remains a retro favorite to this day. There are a few twists, but with each prisoner you recruit, your line, or “snake,” will grow longer. At some point, the prison yard will populate with guards, with one added each time you recruit a new prisoner.

prison riot mini game in bitlife

Your objective is to recruit the required number of people without bumping into a wall, your fellow prisoners, or the guards — reach the target number stated, and the riot breaks out. With each successful riot, the required number of prisoners will increase by 5 until it reaches 25, and the yard will become bigger.

There will also be a chance that your sentence may be extended for your role in the riot. You cannot, however, start more than one riot per year, so if you aren’t able to escape, your most likely instinct would be to age up and try again the next year.

escape from prison in bitlife

That may sound well and good, but at some point, you may want to exit the game if you see that the riot causes any deaths or injuries, restart it, then try again, rinse and repeat until you’re able to escape. We don’t know for sure how many inmates are needed to start a riot big enough to allow you to escape — in our case, we had to wait until the 25-inmate mark, but some have claimed that they were able to pull it off with 20 prisoners.

The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker…Where’s The Barber?

This may seem like the easiest of all the requirements in the V Challenge, but at least based on our experience, it was actually the one where we had to put in the most work, and by work we mean more illegal activities in an effort to be sent back to jail.

We even had to use the Time Machine a couple times so as to prevent our character from dying before the challenge’s completion! But that’s why these things happen — so we can help you avoid the same inconveniences while trying to complete the challenge…or at least try to.

prison jobs in bitlife

In the free world, getting a specific type of job normally isn’t a problem — if the job you want or need isn’t available among the options, just quit the game and restart it, or age up in hopes that the job will be available. (Take note that having a criminal record will, of course, disqualify you from most jobs.)

However, if you get sent to the slammer, neither quitting and restarting nor aging up will refresh the jobs list, which means if you’re trying to find work as a barber and don’t find the job available among the options upon getting sent to prison, you’ll need to either escape or wait out the rest of your sentence, then commit another crime (except murder, as that could result in the death penalty) so you can get sent back to prison.

It’s a very random process in non-challenge settings, and as is always the case when it comes to challenges, the game makes it harder for you to find that specific job among the available prison employment options.

Unfortunately, the best thing to do here is to get sent to prison for a crime that will get you at least five years (repeat burglary offenses, armed robbery, grand theft auto, manslaughter — the latter of which can be achieved when an NPC you attack dies from their injuries), and if you see Barber among the available jobs, go take it, and stay in the job for five years.

bitlife conviction

If you’ve still got time to serve, play the riot mini game until you escape, but if all you’ve got is five years, commit another crime, go back to the clink, and play the riot mini game to escape. Now if Barber isn’t among the available jobs, a lot of escaping and crime-committing to get jailed again may be necessary before the job turns up!

Indeed, it’s not an ideal solution, but it is what it is, and we’d venture to guess that’s why Candywriter gave players extra time to complete the V Challenge. And once you’ve completed it, you know the drill — open one of the four prize chests to get a new pair of eyewear or a new hat!