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BitLife Ultimate Bully Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Ultimate Bully Challenge

We’re still waiting for the next major BitLife update to drop, and already we’re seeing a number of new special careers that will be taking center stage in the coming months. So what better way to whet your appetite for these large-scale updates than by completing a challenge over the weekend or to start off the new week?

For close to three years already, these challenges have been launching during the weekend and inviting players to complete a series of tasks or requirements based on a certain theme. The theme may be something general or something based on a popular TV show, movie, or celebrity, but either way, you will normally have four days to complete the challenge.

bitlife ultimate bully challenge requirements

This latest BitLife challenge is another one of those that hearken back to the first few weeks of the feature — a “classic” challenge where the theme is not inspired by a popular form of intellectual property, with requirements that seem deceptively easy but can get quite tricky when the time comes to actually complete them.

Yes, it might sound simple to run through the four requirements of the Ultimate Bully Challenge, but as we’ll be revealing in this BitLife mini-strategy guide, the last two would ideally have to be completed in a specific order, with one of them coming with a bit of a surprise twist to make things even more challenging. Read on if you need some help avoiding all that rework and repetition!

The Easy Part — Messing with Classmates and Making Mischief

When creating a character for the Ultimate Bully Challenge, there is literally nothing special you need to do, except choose Crime as a Special Talent if you’re a God Mode player. That will make it easier for you to complete one of the other requirements in the challenge, but if you don’t have God Mode, that’s fine — your Ultimate Bully can be male or female, can live in any part of the world, and doesn’t need to have good Looks or Smarts.

messing with a classmate in bitlife

The first couple of requirements in the challenge are very simple and straightforward — first, you need to mess with at least ten classmates, and second, you need to make mischief at least ten times. Just pull up your class list as you normally would, pick any classmate from the list, then choose the Mess option toward the bottom of their sub-menu.

Repeat this ten times, may it be within the same year or within a span of a few years, and you’re set. You can actually pick on the same classmate more than once and that will still count toward your total. Even getting expelled won’t make a difference — a new set of classmates means more people to mess with!

bitlife mischief

As for making mischief, it doesn’t matter if you choose to make mischief alone or with a friend or family member. Again, it’s just as easy as making mischief ten times, though this time, we would actually advise in favor of spacing out your acts of mischief across multiple years. You can only become involved in mischief so often before the police picks up your trail, so try keeping things reasonable — maybe make mischief thrice or four times before moving on and hitting the Age button and repeating the process?

That’s the easy part, but here is where we will warn you that the rest of the Ultimate Bully Challenge is not as easy as those first two tasks.

Atomic Wedgie is Not a Very Effective Way of Killing People

We should stress that murdering someone via the Atomic Wedgie method is best done as the second-to-last requirement in the Ultimate Bully Challenge. It may sound more sensible to save it for last, but as we’ll be explaining, it seems that the folks at Candywriter threw a curveball with the requirement that we’d suggest goes last.

Given that you’re attempting to come off as the “ultimate’ bully, Atomic Wedgie is the most appropriate method of murder among the many choices, and you will not always get this option. You may need to quit and restart a few times before this option becomes available.

bitlife murder

And it is also an option where there seems to be a greater chance of your intended victim turning the tables and killing you instead than there is of killing the person! Unless you’re willing to start with a new life or redo the current one, you will certainly need to have a dollar or two ready for those Time Machine purchases.

Other than that, you can expect the usual — victim may call the cops, victim may fight back, cops might arrest you afterward. There seems to be a 1-in-20 chance of successfully killing someone via Atomic Wedgie, and that appears to be the case for both random people and friends/family! A lot of patience is required here, though once again, you’ll want to take care of this first before doing your best Dwight Schrute vs. Jim Halpert and pranking those co-workers.

The Frustrating Final Requirement

There is one good reason to follow the steps as we suggested, with this one coming in last. If you get sent to prison for murdering someone via Atomic Wedgie, you will naturally lose your job, and getting fired means the requirement for pranking at least five different co-workers  gets automatically unchecked.

If that sounds frustrating, that’s because it could be if you went into the challenge blindly and simply thought of doing this first because it’s quite easy to pull off. But we’re here to tell you that this requirement should ideally be completed last if you want to avoid rework, using the Time Machine, or having to start from the very beginning.

bitlife prank

We would advise completing this requirement in one fall swoop instead of spacing out your pranks across multiple years. Doing the latter could result in a greater chance of getting fired and having to redo the process from square one. You can still get sacked if someone complains to HR and they decide to fire you as a punishment, but spacing things out could result in a red or orange Performance bar and almost certain termination after hitting the Age button. Furthermore, you can always quit and restart BitLife if you ever get fired for pranking.

Complete this final task and you should be good to go — with the Ultimate Bully Challenge completed, you can now pick one of the four prize chests and get yourself a new accessory which you can then use on your Bitizens or on any given NPC going forward.