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BitLife Treat Yourself Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Treat Yourself Challenge

BitLife’s Street Hustler update is coming soon, but while iOS and Android players alike wait for it, Candywriter is still whetting appetites with weekly challenges for users on both platforms. These challenges have kept players coming back every weekend (and the start of the new week), and whether Candywriter is rolling out something inspired by a popular TV show, movie, or celebrity, about a zeitgeist-defining trend, or one of those general “classic” challenges, the important thing is to abide by the theme and complete each of the four to six requirements included in the weekly challenge.

bitlife treat yourself challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge is yet another simple, back-to-basics challenge that isn’t that hard to pull off, but will almost certainly test your patience and your eye for detail. In the Treat Yourself Challenge, you will once again need to be one of those big money-making Bitizens, but the question here is whether you can earn enough — and remember — to treat yourself to the finer things, as well as some animal companionship.

So with that said, be sure to keep reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide if you need a hand in completing the Treat Yourself Challenge without having to repeat too many things or take too much time while at it.

Choose A Special Talent Or Take A Celebrity Job To Increase Earning Potential

Ostensibly, there aren’t any stats-based, gender-based, or location-based requirements when creating a character for the Treat Yourself Challenge, but you may want to make sure that your character has high earning potential once they reach adulthood.

That means if you have God Mode, it would be best to choose a Special Talent, preferably a legal one — you can choose to be a musician, movie star, or athlete and start making money from the time you’re 18 years old, thus allowing you to potentially wrap up the challenge before you reach the age of 40.

bitlife job

If you don’t have God Mode, it won’t be that easy, but you do have some flexibility — choose whichever career track has the most potential (e.g. athlete if you find out in middle school that you’re athletic enough to make the sports teams, musician if you make good progress when learning how to sing or play an instrument, etc.), and take it from there.

In addition, we did mention choosing a “legal” special talent, which means you should avoid committing any crimes at any point while trying to complete the challenge, as this could potentially disqualify you from adopting an animal, as the other requirements will ask you to do. And speaking of adopting animals…

Buy A Large House So You Have Enough Room For All Your Pets

With the millions of dollars you’ll presumably earning through your celebrity career, regardless of what it is, one of your first investments should be a house that is large enough to accommodate all your pets — BitLife’s Treat Yourself Challenge requires that you adopt at least five dogs and five cats, so if you want to buy them all in one go, you should definitely consider buying a ranch or an equestrian property.

bitlife equestrian property

On the other hand, almost any kind of house (bar the cheaper ones, such as trailers) should suffice, though it may take you longer depending on how much space you have.

The main reason to buy a house before adopting animals is simple — you will be rejected when interviewed by the adoption agency if they find out you don’t own any kind of property. Owning any type of house apart from the smaller, more inexpensive ones automatically guarantees that you pass the interview.

bitlife animal shelter

And another thing worth keeping in mind is that the requirements for adopting five cats and five dogs won’t get unchecked if at least one of them dies. The main thing here is that you cumulatively adopt five of each animal throughout the course of the challenge, so you can still own a smaller, cheaper property and slowly chip away at these two requirements — though owning a larger house can help you complete them in only one to two years.

Stay Focused When Completing The Mani-Pedi And Jewelry Requirements

The option to visit the salon for a mani-pedi becomes available at the age of 12, but since mani-pedis cost money, the earliest time you can avail of such services would be at age 13, which is when you can start taking freelance gigs like babysitting or tutoring. We would actually suggest starting as early as possible, even if you created a new character specifically for this challenge — just take one freelance job per year from age 13 to 17 to pay for a mani-pedi, which costs $70 in the U.S.

bitlife nail salon

Assuming you’re playing as a newly created character (and not a legacy one with a pre-existing bank balance), you’ll only be able to start buying jewelry worth $5,000 at the age of 18, or after you’ve earned your first paycheck. (You can also take part-time jobs while in high school, but that might get in the way of your studies and/or performance in sports.)

Just like the above requirement of having one mani-pedi per year for at least 20 years (which doesn’t get unchecked if you choose not to have one afterward), you’ll need to make sure you’re buying at least $5,000 in bling annually for at least 20 years.

bitlife jewelry

The important thing for both requirements is focus — you don’t want to start from the very top or have to use the Time Machine just because you accidentally skipped one year of mani-pedis or purchased less than $5,000 worth of jewelry! But keeping that focus will be worth it at the end of the day — complete both jewelry and mani-pedi requirements, and you should complete the Treat Yourself Challenge, freeing you up to open one of the four prize chests to get a new hat or eyewear.