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BitLife Tortured Artist Challenge Guide: How to Speed-Run Your Way Through the Tortured Artist Challenge

If there’s one reason above all others why BitLife remains quite popular among iOS and Android gamers despite the fact it’s five and a half years old, it has to be the weekly challenges. These usually run from Saturday to Wednesday, though if you miss a challenge, you can pay a one-time fee for the Challenge Vault and return to it any time you wish. 

That said, if you aren’t familiar with this feature, these are limited-time events where the folks at Candywriter set a specific theme and come up with four to six tasks, or requirements, that are based on that theme.

bitlife tortured artist challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge can certainly qualify as one of those throwbacks where there isn’t any specific reference to pop culture or current events, but a whole lot of grinding is involved. That said, the degree of difficulty, in general, is rather easy in the Tortured Artist Challenge, which means the hardest part of it all would be the repetitive actions to check the boxes of certain tasks or requirements. Keep on reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide if you’re looking to save some time and complete the Tortured Artist Challenge sooner rather than later.

You Don’t Need a College Degree to Become a Painter

The first requirement in BitLife’s Tortured Artist Challenge is to be a female born in Illinois, so that’ll be just as easy as creating a female character from Chicago. You don’t need to pay close attention to any one stat in particular, though we would recommend setting Smarts at around 50 if you have God Mode, or re-rolling until you get a character of at least average intelligence.

bitlife apprentice painter job

There’s no need to attend college if you want to become a painter, and the game will credit the requirement of becoming one the moment you find work as an Apprentice Painter. Now we should warn you that this will likely take several quits and restarts before Apprentice Painter shows up among the available jobs. 

bitlife apprentice painter

Fortunately, though, you don’t need to attend college to land the Apprentice Painter Job — we delayed things a bit by having our character major in Art History, but we found out soon enough that this won’t affect the odds of the job showing up among the available options.

Use the Cheaper Options When Trying to Recover from Your Alcoholism

This is yet another easy requirement that demands at least a little patience on your end. Given how Candywriter tends to reduce the odds of certain events happening if they’re part of a challenge’s requirements, you may have to go back to the nightclub quite a bit before someone offers you a drink, as opposed to the other random events — people offering you drugs, altercations with nightclub patrons, and invitations to hook up.

bitlife rehab

With that in mind, you may also need to accept more than your fair share of free drinks before you become an alcoholic, so just keep trying until the booze gets you hooked. And when the time comes to attend rehab, always choose the cheaper options first — Alcoholics Anonymous and Hypnotherapy. The former is free of charge, while the latter costs $100 per session.

recovering from alcohol addiction in bitlife

Deluxe Rehab has a much higher efficacy rate than AA and hypnosis, but that will cost you a few thousand and there’s no guarantee your supervisor will allow you to take time off to beat your demons. Only use Deluxe Rehab as a last resort if repeated attempts at AA and Hypnotherapy fail to cut it.

Insulting People Won’t Be Good for Your Health (Among Other Risks)

The Tortured Artist Challenge requires you to insult at least five people, and while that might seem very easy on the surface, there are also some risks on top of the obvious harm it will do to your relationship with the person you insulted.

insulting a co-worker in bitlife

Strangely enough, we would suggest insulting your parents, as they’re the least likely to retaliate with physical abuse unless your Relationship bar is well below 50 percent full. Aside from that, you can insult friends, co-workers, or just about any other NPC in the BitLife universe. You will, however, want to be extra careful when insulting co-workers. 

Aside from the obvious risk to your Health bar — you’ll want to check your target’s Craziness stat because those with especially high Craziness could kill you — there’s a chance the co-worker may report you to HR, and that just might cost you your job if you aren’t careful! (That said, it goes without saying that you should only insult rank-and-file co-workers, and not your Supervisor!)

Get Viral for More Followers…and More Chances to Troll People Back

While it isn’t required that you become famous as part of the Tortured Artist Challenge, it would still be preferable that you somehow go viral with one of your social media posts, preferably on Instagram or TikTok, which are typically the platforms where you can get the most followers. 

Once again, we’ve yet to figure out whether there’s some sort of secret sauce that could guarantee you a viral post in BitLife, so you’re going to have to be patient. Try varying the type of content you share, and avoid political posts or anything that could be divisive enough to cost you some followers./i

bitlife viral post

Once you have a viral post and gain hundreds, or better yet, thousands of followers, that should give you more exposure to trolls — as is often the case in challenges, we noticed that our character wasn’t getting trolled as often as others in similar, albeit non-challenge situations.  

You’ll need to troll back at least five of these unpleasant individuals after they troll you first, and that’s probably the easiest part of them all — chances are, most of them will want to meet with you for some fisticuffs, but you can simply agree to the challenge but choose not to show up, or reject it altogether. 

You’ll still be credited for the trolling, and avoiding conflict will help you avoid further damage to your Health. (We’re guessing it won’t be that close to 100 percent after all that drinking and all that retaliation from people you insulted.)

Troll back five social media users and you’re all good — assuming you completed the other requirements before that, that will do it for the Tortured Artist Challenge, and allow you to pick a prize chest and unlock a new hat or new eyewear.