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BitLife Shaolin Monk Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Shaolin Monk Challenge

It can be said that Candywriter has done a good job whetting BitLife players’ appetites while waiting for the much-hyped Code Merge, as well as the next major overhaul of the life simulator’s features. That’s because the company keeps rolling out weekly challenges, which are events that usually last about four days and launch every Saturday afternoon.

In here, players are given a list of requirements based on a certain theme, and asked to complete those requirements in order to unlock new accessories that can be used on any future Bitizens and, for those who have God Mode enabled, their relatives and friends as well.

bitlife shaolin monk challenge requirements

Candywriter’s latest challenge is a rather interesting one, as it asks players to choose a profession that evokes images of peace and serenity, but also asks them to abuse the martial arts skills that they learned in the worst possible way. We are referring to the Shaolin Monk Challenge, and it is quite the tricky one compared to most of the other challenges we completed (and helped you complete) in previous weeks.

However, it is definitely not impossible to complete, and since we’ve already done that, we’re here to show you how to finish the Shaolin Monk Challenge in as little time and with as little effort as possible with this BitLife mini-strategy guide.

Getting Started – Some Trial And Error Might Be Necessary

When creating a character for BitLife’s Shaolin Monk Challenge, you don’t need to prioritize any stat, just as long as you create a male character — the game doesn’t outright say this, but you need to be male in order to be accepted in the monastery as a monk. The tricky part, however, is creating a character strong enough to kill someone else with their bare hands.

character creation in bitlife

If you have God Mode, this should be pretty easy — just set your character’s Special Talent to Crime, and make his Willpower and Discipline stats especially low. But if you’re on the free version of BitLife, you might need to re-roll your character multiple times until you get someone with the physical strength to accidentally kill an NPC while fighting back.

Fortunately, you can test this early on in your Bitizen’s life — if they get messed with by a bully at school, choose Attack, opt for a hard-hitting attack like a punch, uppercut, or kick, and see if the damage bar is completely filled up or if the classmate dies from their injuries. Do NOT confirm this action — quit the game immediately and restart it, because such acts of violence could jeopardize your chances of becoming a monk. Repeat this process until you’ve got a character capable of doing full damage or killing someone with their fists or feet.

bitlife monk position

From age zero to 18, you’ll need to live as pure a life as possible, which means no violence, no making love to your partner, and no criminal activities. After graduating from high school, you can apply for Monk openings, though this option isn’t always available under Jobs — it may take a while before it pops up!

Do Not Buy Any Assets Or Have Any Kids So You Can Master All Five Martial Arts!

In order to become a Shaolin Monk as part of the challenge, the first thing you’ll need to do is to master all five martial arts available in the game, and that would mean reaching the highest possible belt — the color may vary, but you’ll know you’ve mastered it once you’ve learned a second move.

Most of the time, your parents will be generous enough to allow you to learn one martial art on their dime before you reach the age of 18, but when it comes to the other four martial arts (or five, in case your parents aren’t the generous type), it won’t be easy to master them quickly on a Monk’s salary. After all, most Monk jobs won’t even pay you $9,000 a year.

bitlife jiu-jitsu lessons

In order to afford all those training sessions, which cost $1,000 each once you reach adulthood, you should avoid having children with your partners or flings and avoid buying cars or houses (or taking loans out on them), as that will eat into your bank balance. Even accepting a car from your parents for passing your driver’s license test could be costly, so you’ll want to avoid that as well.

In most cases, you will only make enough as a Monk to take two martial arts lessons per year, but just as long as you make this your only expenditure, you should master all five by the time you reach your early 30s.

Getting Away With Manslaughter

Not only do you have to be skilled enough as a fighter to complete the Shaolin Monk Challenge; you also have to be deadly enough to kill three people (or more) with your martial arts moves. So where should you go in order to have a confrontation that could lead to the other person dying from their injuries?

As you need to be a monk for at least 30 years (more on that later) in order to complete the challenge, the last thing you want is to get “fired” by the monastery you’re “working” for. That means attacking your mischievous or rumor-mongering coworkers is a no-no — aside from the possibility of the cops getting involved, HR could launch an investigation that could lead to your firing.

bitlife argument

You will, instead, want to pick fights at the various clubs around town — yes, it doesn’t make sense for a monk to spend their nights clubbing, but it is what it is. Avoid random hookups as that could result in your flings getting pregnant (or claiming several years later that you’re the baby daddy of one of their kids), and avoid alcohol or drugs — not that vices can get you thrown out of the monastery, but addictions could get in the way of challenge completion.

The only random encounters you want here are the ones where you have the option to attack the other person. Choose Attack, then choose the first of the two moves you learned for any of the martial arts you’ve already mastered — for some reason, the second move is always much weaker than the first. (For example, always go for the Grapple instead of the Spinning Back Kick when using jiu-jitsu.) You also need to choose a body part where a fatal blow could take place — the forehead, skull, throat, neck, and groin are usually good parts to target.

bitlife karate move

Now there doesn’t seem to be any guaranteed way to kill someone by attacking them with a martial arts move, but we noticed that we got most of our kills when our character’s Happiness was less than 100 percent. That might require you to do a few things to get the stat down, such as losing small bets at the casino.

Still, a lot of patience may be required here, and once you kill someone, you’ll need to prepare for a potential arrest — sometimes, you can get away with the accidental killing, other times you’ll be dealing with the law. If the latter happens and you aren’t able to run away successfully, you can exit out of the game and restart it. Just be sure you aren’t running away from cops with red or orange Professionalism bars, as they tend to enjoy their police brutality!

Once you’ve got three kills, you’re pretty much on easy street as far as completing the Shaolin Monk challenge is concerned.

Keep Your Nose Clean At Work And Always Make Sure To Meditate!

As we mentioned above, it’s not a good idea to pick fights at work if you’re trying to get your kill quota for BitLife’s Shaolin Monk challenge. Aside from that, you’ll also need to choose Work Harder regularly to get your performance up to 100 percent, and avoid vices or illnesses that might compromise your performance and/or lead to a firing if you aren’t careful. Once you reach your 20th year in the monastery, however, you’re free to look for other forms of work, as long as you keep meditating until you reach 30 straight years.

practicing meditation in bitlife

The option to start meditating becomes available once you reach the age of 12, and while it’s simple enough to meditate at least once for 30 years before hitting the Age button, it’s also easy to forget. Just keep this in mind and remember that you’ll need to start from scratch if you miss one year of meditation! You’ll still be able to complete the challenge in such cases, but it’s likely you may only complete it once your character is in his 50s or older.

Going back to what we teased earlier, we noticed that we completed the challenge after 27 straight years of meditation, and not 30 — we’re not sure if that might have been a quirk of the challenge, but we did end up completing it earlier than expected, and that might be the case for you as well. As always, you can pick a prize chest and unlock a new hat or eyewear to add to your available Accessories once you’ve completed the Shaolin Monk Challenge.