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BitLife Rainbow Widower Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Rainbow Widower Challenge

If you’re a longtime BitLife player, you know that the weekend — and the first few days of the week that follows — is BitLife challenge time. Most iOS and Android players should be familiar with this feature, which debuted a good three-plus years ago, but for those who are new to the life simulator game, challenges are limited-time events where you need to complete a set of requirements — usually five but sometimes fewer or more than that — before the allotted time expires. Completing them within that time allows you to choose a random prize, though you can also go back and try/retry expired challenges by purchasing the Challenge Vault in the BitLife Marketplace.

bitlife rainbow widower challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge may have only three requirements, but compared to many of the ones we recently completed, this requires much more patience. The Rainbow Widower Challenge, as the name suggests, sees you as a male character who kills each of his husbands after sleeping with them, and while that might sound easy on the surface, there are some unexpected twists you need to look out for, as well as a good deal of repetition.

It’s par for the course for these “classic” BitLife challenges that don’t have any specific pop culture reference, so if you need assistance completing the challenge, please check out this BitLife mini-strategy guide as we show you what you need to do to finish the Rainbow Widower Challenge sooner rather than later.

Creating a Character for the Rainbow Widower Challenge

Once again, this is the easiest part of the Rainbow Widower Challenge — creating a character. The challenge’s requirements don’t hint at any statistical thresholds you need to meet, but they specify that you need to be a Florida man — a male born in Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, or Tampa. But since the challenge involves killing several husbands, you will ideally need to create a gay or bisexual male character or identify as one in adolescence. It is possible to complete the challenge with a character who’s straight throughout but to make things easier, it’s best to go with a gay or bisexual character.

bitlife crime special talent

In addition, it’s most advisable (as always, for these challenges) to choose Crime as your Special Talent. After that, you’re free to live your pre-crime spree life however you wish, though we would also suggest attending college and getting a high-paying job, or making the most out of any unexpected skill you may have, such as Athleticism, and becoming a celebrity Bitizen.

This gives you more than enough money to buy rings, which aren’t necessary, but make the process of proposing to your partner much easier. (It goes without saying that you should avoid fake jewelry when proposing!)

police analyst job in bitlife

Don’t Forget to Make Love to Your Husband Before Killing Him

This, as we learned the hard way, is a very easy detail to miss when trying to complete the Rainbow Widower Challenge. It does say clearly in the requirements that you should kill at least six husbands after making love to them, but we wouldn’t blame you if you somehow forgot about the “make love” part because you were so focused on trying to hit the magic number of six as soon as possible.

making love in bitlife

It may be time-consuming, but it’s simple — after marrying your latest hubby, choose the Make Love option, then choose your method of murder. Preferably, you’ll want to prioritize drive-by shootings, and if you have Crime as a Special Talent, you can push them down the stairs or off a cliff without much fear of them turning things around on you. However, we noticed that it is especially difficult to kill someone with the method at the center of the last requirement, though this may once again be limited to the scope of the challenge.

Killing Someone with Elephant Laxative Requires Patience

Based on our experience, using elephant laxatives to murder someone in BitLife never stood out as being particularly difficult, unlike methods such as Fastball to Head or Scare to Death. After all, it’s practically the same thing as poisoning your target. But for the Rainbow Widower Challenge, this seems like a particularly hard task, and the one that will require you to do the most repetition and grinding. Even with Crime as a Special Talent, it’s more likely than not that your husband will call the cops on you, if not attack you in retaliation for poisoning his smoothie with elephant laxative.

bitlife muder

This seems to be yet another instance where Candywriter temporarily nerfs a certain action to ramp up a challenge’s difficulty while it’s still active, so you’ll need to be patient here — just keep trying the Elephant Laxative method with multiple husbands, and if they call the cops or fight back, quit the game and restart it, and once you do, use a different method. This might result in Elephant Laxative being saved for your sixth and last kill, but it is what it is — many of the best BItLife challenges involve at least a bit of grinding!

bitlife death

Once you’ve killed six husbands, including one with elephant laxative (and once again, after making love to them first), that should wrap up the Rainbow Widower Challenge and allow you to claim the usual prize — a new hat or eyewear unlocked for your collection of accessories.