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BitLife Queen Mother Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Queen Mother Challenge

The weekly BitLife challenges keep coming, and as long as people keep playing Candywriter’s tremendously successful life simulator game for iOS and Android, we don’t foresee this feature going away anytime soon. In fact, we believe it’s what keeps players on board as the folks behind the game continue coming up with ways to make it better, such as the three major updates that will be adding more special careers to the game in the coming weeks.

bitlife queen mother challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge is a bit of a combination of the classic challenges that define the first few months of the feature and some of the newer-style challenges that are inspired by famous people. In the Queen Mother Challenge, you will be asked to do what Queen Elizabeth II has done in England, which is to reign as Queen for a good 70-plus years, but aside from that, you will also need to build your Royal Family by having a good many children — well over a dozen, to be a tad more specific.

And if you’re having some difficulty at this point completing the challenge, please keep reading, as this BitLife mini-strategy guide covers the Queen Mother Challenge and shows you what you’ll need to do to finish it within the span of less than 30 minutes…even if the challenge covers nearly a century of in-game years.

You May Have To Take Extreme Measures To Be Crowned Queen

We’re going to get the obvious out of the way — when creating a character for this challenge, you’ll need to create a female character from England, and select Princess as your Royal Status. That will ideally make you next in line to the crown, though there is a chance you may be born with an older sibling or two — this shouldn’t be much of an issue, though, as long as you’re not above doing some illegal stuff.

bitlife royal princess status

While the Queen Mother Challenge is obviously based partly on Queen Elizabeth II, as we mentioned above, the operative word here is “partly.” Unless you’re patient enough to keep re-rolling until you are an only child with comparatively old parents (specifically the ruling parent), you may have to get your hands dirty so you can realistically complete the final requirement in the challenge.

Even then, there’s a chance you may already be in your 30s, or even 40s, if you wait until the ruling parent dies of old age. So with that in mind, the best course of action, unfortunately, is to kill the ruling parent and any immediate successors so you can be crowned Queen by default, and make sure you do this on or before your 25th birthday.

hiring a hitman in bitlife

The safest method is to hire a Hitman, though it would seem that the game has nerfed things in such a way that you can only hire one Hitman per year, regardless whether they do the job or not, regardless whether you quit the game before accepting the negative outcome that they turned out to be a cop/ran off with your money/etc. That makes things more complicated, especially if you have older sibling(s) ahead of you in the succession, but it’s safer than outright murdering the King or Queen so that you can take over the throne.

Keep In Mind That You Shouldn’t Have A Driver’s License, Ever

Truth be told, this part of the challenge can sometimes be easier said than done — especially for longtime players, the first instinct would be to take the driver’s license test the moment you reach legal age for driving. But since the Queen of England doesn’t drive, you shouldn’t either, and that means automatically refusing to take a driver’s license test when you reach your 17th birthday and BitLife prompts you.

failing the driving test in bitlife

If you instinctively agree to take the test, then it’s as easy as deliberately choosing a wrong answer and simply not taking the test for the duration of the challenge. Just keep your focus on the task at hand and you should be fine in this area. Very fine.

One Kid A Year, And Stepchildren Count Too!

The main part of the Queen Mother Challenge that isn’t based on Queen Elizabeth II is the one where you need to have five times more children than she has — that’s a total of 20, and that may sound like a daunting task.

making love in bitlife

However, if you’ve been playing BitLife for a good long while, you may remember the very first weekly challenge, which was the Alphabet Challenge — having 26 kids whose first names correspond to each letter of the alphabet. Here, you’re “only” asked to have 20, but the same basic idea applies here — ideally, you want to start having kids at a very young age (16 and above), and have at least one child per year until you reach 20 kids.

Obviously, it will be of great help if you have twins or triplets (or more) at one point, though this is quite rare. But one other thing that could help is if you get married to someone who already has kids of their own. Stepchildren do count toward the 20, so make sure you’re checking how many kids your potential partner has before going on a date with him.

giving birth to a baby girl in bitlife

Take note that you can have children before you and your partner get married, but this may result in some public outrage — not enough to completely tank your Respect stat, but you will want to get married as soon as possible once you meet your future husband/future Prince. You can propose just about anywhere and any time — your celebrity status will make him say “yes” without a moment’s notice in almost all cases!

Stayin’ Alive

Fortunately, the game won’t nullify the 20 children requirement if your children die for one reason or another — it would be unreasonable, after all, to expect all of them to survive until you complete the final requirement of the Queen Mother Challenge. And that final requirement is to remain Queen for at least 70 years.

bitlife royal succession

The game may throw some curveballs your way for the duration of the challenge, such as unexpected medical conditions. But as long as you stay away from any vices and get your Happiness back up immediately in the event it gets compromised due to personal loss or other random events, you shouldn’t have a problem hanging on to the crown for seven long decades.

Reach your 70th year as Queen and that should do it for the Queen Mother Challenge — you can claim your weekly prize of a new accessory and add a new hat or eyewear by opening one of the prize chests!