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BitLife Nine to Five Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Nine to Five Challenge

Ever wonder why BitLife is still a very popular game among iOS and Android users more than four years after its release? Aside from the fact that it keeps getting major feature updates, including the most recent Landlord expansion, the game’s replay value has greatly been aided by the weekly challenges, which give players four to five (sometimes fewer, sometimes more) tasks to complete, all based on a certain theme. And while there has been a recent resurgence of general-themed challenges, there are still a few that draw inspiration from popular films, TV shows, or celebrities.

bitlife ninte to five challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge hearkens back to the rather distant past. It’s another one of those pop culture-inspired challenges, and with that in mind, the Nine to Five Challenge puts you in the shoes of the women in that film as you seek to pull off something similar in the BitLife universe — take revenge on your cruel and unpleasant boss. (Or any male boss, for that matter — the challenge won’t make it that hard for you.)

This is indeed one of the easier challenges we’ve had to complete over the past few weeks, but if you’re still stuck at some points, fear not, as this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide will walk you through everything you need to know when trying to complete the Nine to Five Challenge.

Make Sure You Have Crime as a Special Talent

Creating a character for the BitLife Nine to Five Challenge should be relatively easy. First, on the character creation screen, make sure your character is a female born in one of the California cities available in the game. These include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, and Compton, so you have a wide range of cities to choose from. There aren’t any specific statistical requirements, but just to be on the safe side, we suggest aiming for a character with at least average Smarts and Looks to increase your chances of getting the Receptionist job.

bitlife custom life

As for the Receptionist job, all you need is a high school diploma for that, so you can get started at this job at the age of 18. It also appears quite frequently among the job options, so don’t expect to quit and restart the game too often (if at all) to re-roll the list of available jobs.

bitlife receptionist career

One thing, however, you should keep in mind when creating your character is that she should have Crime as her Special Talent. This will come into play later in the challenge, given how crime doesn’t seem to “pay” as much as it used to in the BitLife universe.

Poisoning People is Now More Dangerous Than Ever

Until very recently, poisoning your victims used to be one of the quicker and easier ways to murder someone in BitLife. But it would appear that the folks at Candywriter quietly made it more difficult to kill people in the game, especially those NPCs you actually know, e.g. friends, family, co-workers, etc.

bitlife murder

This seems especially true when choosing poison as your method of murder. We had to restart the Nine to Five Challenge four times in a row after our intended victim turned the tables on our character and poisoned her by switching the tea cups! But that was because we didn’t choose Crime as a Special Talent when creating our character.

As noted above, making sure your character is a natural-born criminal can save you all that rework. This greatly increases their chances of pulling off the crime AND not getting caught, as we learned when we tried a fifth time and had our character kill her boss without any hitches thanks to her Special Talent in Crime.

Choose a Reputable Doctor When Getting Breast Augmentation

Another part of the Nine to Five Challenge would be the part where you would need to get breast augmentation surgery. This is one of the easiest parts of the challenge, and it all boils down to choosing the best available doctor.

plastic surgeon reputation in bitlife

When it comes to all medical procedures, plastic surgery or otherwise, you will have a choice of two doctors, and it should go without saying that you should choose the one with the better reputation. You’ll rarely encounter two doctors whose Reputation bars are red or orange, but you can simply hit the Age button and try again the next year, or quit the game and restart it if that’s the case.

bitlife breast augmentation

You also need to guard against the possibility of the procedure getting botched — this does happen even if you choose a doctor with a green Reputation bar, though this should also be a very rare occurrence. If the surgery is botched, simply quit and restart the game and try again!

Expect Some Trial and Error When Seducing the Male Supervisor

This is probably the hardest part of the Nine to Five Challenge, but you will be required to seduce your male supervisor successfully. We suggest saving this for last for two key reasons. First, you only have a 50 percent chance (at best) to get a male supervisor at your first job or after killing your first male supervisor or switching jobs. Second, and more importantly, the odds of seducing a male supervisor successfully in this challenge seem a bit lower than usual, even with the usual variables in mind.

bitlife supervisor profile

These usual variables are the supervisor’s Professionalism, Coolness, and Willpower stats, the latter of which is hidden. You can edit all three if you have God Mode, but if you don’t, you’ll have to check those two stats before seducing your boss. Supervisors with low Professionalism will be more likely to give in to temptation, while those with low Coolness will be more likely to report you to HR if the attempt fails. Also, consider whether the supervisor is married or not — married bosses are less likely to fall for your trap if you choose the Seduce option in their character menu.

seducing a supervisor in bitlife

That said, you may need to do a fair bit of quitting and restarting BitLife, and you may need to change jobs a few times before you work with a male supervisor who isn’t above an entanglement with the receptionist. But once you complete this requirement, that should do it for the Nine to Five Challenge, at which point you can choose one of the four prize chests and unlock a new hat or eyewear for your BitLife characters.