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BitLife Next Top Model Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Next Top Model Challenge

With at least two major updates in the pipeline, Candywriter is still cranking them out every weekend and rolling them out to iOS and Android players alike. BitLife’s weekly challenges are still very much a thing, and what better way to whet your appetite for a big update with new features than by completing a series of requirements based on ever-changing themes?

These themes can sometimes draw from pop culture or they may be more general in nature, but in any case, BitLife challenges are a great source of replay value for a game that keeps growing as it approaches its fourth year of existence.

bitlife next top model challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge is, in a way, inspired by a popular franchise, though the tasks and mechanics hearken back to the classic challenges that were rolled out during the first few months the feature was live. The BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge mines some of those old model stereotypes, to be sure, but if it’s any form of solace, it’s one of the easier challenges we’ve completed in recent months.

Still, if you’re pressed for time and want to complete it as soon as humanly possible, keep on reading, as this BitLife mini-strategy guide is designed to point you to the quickest path to completing the BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge.

Keep Re-Rolling for Beauty and Brains

While the BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge isn’t really that hard to complete, there are a few unwritten requirements that you need to address when creating a character. As BitLife doesn’t have any job opportunities for would-be male models (at least not yet), your character needs to be born female.

bitlife smarts and looks

And you’re also going to need to make sure that the character you create has high Looks and also high Smarts. (God Mode users, naturally, can simply set these stats when creating their character.) Looks will obviously be necessary when it comes to your application for modeling jobs, while Smarts can help improve your Popularity and give you a better chance of joining the Mean Girls clique upon reaching high school.

Be A Little Nasty, But Not Too Nasty to Qualify for the Mean Girls

When trying to join the Mean Girls clique in high school, as the first actual requirement states, you need to keep in mind that members of this clique crave popularity and love spreading rumors. Just like in the film of the same name.

bitlife mean girls

Having high Looks and Smarts should guarantee very high Popularity once you reach high school, but you should also insult or start spreading rumors about classmates at least once, but definitely not too often. Remember that acting negatively toward your classmates can affect your Popularity in a negative way!

hang out with mean girls in bitlife

What we would recommend is choosing classmates whom you have a pre-existing poor (red or orange bar) Relationship with, insulting or spreading rumors about them once, then trying to join the Mean Girls by simply hanging with them — no need to ask permission from their leader. Also make sure you’re picking on a classmate with a low Craziness stat, as those with high Craziness are more likely to fight back, which, unfortunately, could take a huge bite out of your Health, or even kill you in rare instances!

Get Verified on Social Media to Fast-Track Your Rise to Fame

You can apply for modeling jobs straight out of high school, so if you want to finish the BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge as quickly as possible, it’s suggested to eschew college and start right away as a Foot Model. From Foot Model, you will then rise up the ranks about once every two or three years as long as you keep using the Work Harder option and getting your Performance stat to perfect levels.

Runway Model is the highest-ranking position in the Model career track, and you should become a famous model around the same time, which would be around the time you turn 29 or 30. But how can you get to 90 percent Fame in as little time possible?

bitlife tiktok account

The best strategy here would be to have as many social media accounts open as possible — you don’t need to post anything on them until you actually become famous, but when you do, keep making social media updates while starring in commercials to add to your income and improve your Fame stat, provided the shoot goes well.

Once your Fame is 40 percent or higher, you can start getting your social media accounts verified, and that could be a game changer as far as the 90 percent Fame requirement is concerned. Getting verified could increase your Fame by 15 to 20 percent, so make sure you get that blue check mark so you can reach the 90 percent threshold faster.

The Last Two Requirements Are the Easiest

Although you don’t need to wait until you have 90 percent Fame before you publish your first book and appear in a nude photoshoot, the financial rewards will certainly be better if you’re doing these things — and effectively taking care of the last two requirements in the BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge — at the very end of the challenge.

bitlife bestseller book

That said, your book doesn’t need to be a best-seller — it can, in fact, have terrible reviews when you publish it and it’ll still be credited toward challenge completion. The downside here, of course, is that a poorly reviewed book may hurt your Popularity a bit.

bitlife photo shoot

It’s also possible to do a nude photoshoot once your Popularity is still in the 50-70 percent mark, as that could greatly increase your Fame stat, much like getting your social media accounts verified.

becoming a famous supermodel in bitlife

But regardless of when you choose to take care of those last two tasks, they are the easiest to complete in the challenge, and assuming you saved them both for last, you should be on easy street as you get to open a prize chest and unlock a new hat or eyewear as a prize for completing the BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge.