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BitLife Monopoly Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Monopoly Challenge

At the time of writing, the weekend is nearly over, and that means it’s time for yet another BitLife challenge. Since earlier this year, Candywriter has been rolling out limited-time events for BiLife players on iOS and Android, and these challenges require you to live your Bitizens’ lives in a certain way that you complete the stated requirements, which are based on a specific theme. And for the past several challenges, the company’s been rolling them out early on Sunday morning, so you’re sure to see yet another one next weekend and in the weekends to come.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that following the Royal Update, which allows those who are born into royalty to own a Palace right off the bat, Candywriter released this challenge just days later. As part of the Monopoly Challenge, owning a Palace is just one of the many things you’ll need to do in order to “monopolize” the entire neighborhood, but as we’ve observed after completing the challenge for ourselves, it isn’t very hard to do at all.

bitlife monopoly challenge requirements

But even with the degree of difficulty being lower than usual, we still believe it’s a good idea to help you complete it quickly and with as little rework as possible. So with that said, here’s our latest BitLife mini-strategy guide, and it’s all about the newly launched Monopoly Challenge.

How To Start Out – Become A Celebrity

As this is a challenge that will require you to have a lot of money in order to purchase all those houses, you’re going to need a job that could allow you to earn millions a year in terms of your basic salary, plus millions more by way of outside opportunities.

That kind of job, of course, is a celebrity job, and it goes without saying that it will be easier for you to start the Monopoly Challenge by creating a Bitizen with Looks of at least 80 and Smarts of at least 50. If you don’t want to re-roll until you get such a Bitizen — or end up with someone born to royalty — you can start out with a character whose Looks and Smarts are in the 50 range.

job interview in bitlife

You’ll just need to make sure you join school activities to improve your Smarts, and join athletic teams as well, as this could improve both stats through those trips to the gym. You can also take a part-time job while still in school so that you can afford a facelift or other surgical procedure to improve your Looks. Otherwise, certain careers where you can be famous, such as Writer, don’t require great Looks, but it may be harder to earn enough money for the real estate purchases.

Regardless whether you choose to get work after high school or college, those celebrity careers are always a good choice when the BitLife challenge requires you to buy tons of expensive stuff.

How To Get The Required Number Of Houses Per Type

All in all, you’re going to need the following properties in order to successfully complete the Monopoly Challenge — one Palace, two Castles, three Haunted Houses, five Log Cabins, and ten Townhouses. None of these house types come particularly cheap, but if you’re lucky, you may see some Townhouses that would only cost you $45,000 to $60,000 in cash — during your first few years at a full-time job, take out a mortgage or two on these houses and frequently quit and restart BitLife in order to refresh the list of available properties if you don’t see the house that you want. Typically, Townhouses will set you back by $80,000 or more, though once you become famous, you’ll easily be able to pay cash for them.

bitlife practical haunted row house

Normally, it’s the more expensive properties that are haunted, but you also want to keep an eye out on Haunted Houses that cost $100,000 or less — if you see one early on in your career, see if you qualify for a mortgage. But here’s one helpful thing to keep in mind — a Haunted Townhouse, for example, will qualify as both a Haunted House and a Townhouse. Be on the lookout for Townhouses, Log Cabins, Castles, and Palaces that are haunted, and if you can afford the cash price/qualify for a mortgage, go get them. That essentially hits you hit two birds with the proverbial stone.

As for the Log Cabins, these would normally be priced at $150,000 to $200,000, and it’s important to make sure you are buying a Log Cabin and not a plain old Cabin, the latter of which is more common in the game.

bitlife rustic haunted log cabin

Castles and Palaces are, quite obviously, houses that are fit for royalty, and if your first-generation Bitizen was born into royalty, you’ve already got the Palace requirement down pat. Otherwise, you may need to save up at least $5 million to buy one. Castles aren’t that much cheaper — perhaps in the $4 million range in most cases — so be prepared to spend big-time if you’re paying cash, and don’t strain your finances too much by taking mortgages out on them unless you’re already earning in the millions per year.

It’s best to save your Castle and Palace purchases for the time when you’re regularly making a couple million per commercial and $3 to $5 million annually through your basic salary.

Keep Grinding For Money By Appearing In Commercials

Last, but not the least, if you want to earn money faster and consequently complete the Monopoly Challenge before you turn 50, just as we did, the best way to add to your bank balance is to appear in at least one commercial per year once you become a Famous celebrity. It’s the same old trick you may be familiar with from previous BitLife challenges, but fortunately, you wouldn’t need to do it too much here.

bitlife television commercial

Still, if you insist, you can quit the game and restart it after appearing in a commercial so that you can star in multiple commercials per year. Assuming your Fame hits 95 percent and above before you reach the age of 40, you can start grinding from there and buying houses along the way until you fulfill all the stated requirements.

Once you’ve bought all the houses needed, that’s it — it’s actually quite easy, and we were surprised by how many people were able to complete it in the first few hours it was live. As usual, you’ll get your choice of eyewear or headwear after you pick one out of the four prize chests!