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BitLife Mistress of the Dark Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Mistress of the Dark Challenge

BitLife is celebrating spooky month the right way, and that’s through a series of weekly challenges that have some sort of supernatural theme. For the uninitiated, or for those who are quite new to this long-running life simulator game, BitLife has been launching weekly challenges for close to four years as of this writing — these are limited-time events for iOS and Android players alike that involve a specific theme and a list of four to six tasks or requirements that you have to complete. This week, the folks behind BitLife, Candywriter, have decided to tip their collective hat to one of the most iconic figures in the world of horror.

bitlife mistress of the dark challenge requirements

This week’s event, the Mistress of the Dark Challenge, continues the general Halloween theme that Candywriter has been following since the start of the month. While it is, on the surface, a tribute to horror personality Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, this challenge involves many of the classic mechanics found in older BitLife challenges, and that means a lot of trial and error and a lot of grinding. In other words, it’s an easy enough challenge, but pretty time-consuming. That said, we suggest checking out this BitLife mini-strategy guide if you’re hoping to save some time in completing the Mistress of the Dark Challenge before it gets moved to the Challenge Vault.

How to Earn Enough Money to Buy That Haunted Mansion

There’s nothing to it when creating a character for BitLife’s Mistress of the Dark Challenge. As noted in the requirements, you’ll need to create a female character, and while it isn’t explicitly stated, you may want to set Boston as your birth city so that you can buy and own a haunted mansion in Massachusetts. Granted, you can choose a birth city in another country, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to specifically move to Boston if you emigrate from your birthplace — the city you’ll end up in after choosing the United States is as random as always.

As mansions don’t come cheap, we would suggest embarking on any kind of celebrity career that lines up with your stats, or whichever Special Talent you may have chosen upon creating your character. That will greatly boost your bank account ahead of your haunted mansion purchase.

bitlife heritage

ut if you forget to choose a Special Talent or set your path toward a celebrity career (actor, musician, model, athlete, social media influencer, you name it), your best bet is to choose a college course that will lead you to a high-paying career track, or hope against hope that your parents are loaded — inheritances often can help you purchase expensive items in BitLife! Or, if you’ve exhausted all options, you can try “praying” to the BitLife “gods” for money by watching an ad video — in most cases, it won’t be much, but you can sometimes get lucky!

If You Can Afford It, Buy an Extra Haunted House

Assuming you saved up enough money from your celebrity career or inherited a ton of money from your parents, you can go ahead and buy a Haunted Mansion from any of the two in-game realtors — you may have to quit and restart the game quite a few times until you see a Haunted Mansion among the options, but these properties will usually cost you upwards of $1.5 million in cash.

haunted house in bitlife

Alternatively, you can try buying a Haunted Mansion on a mortgage if you’ve got about $500,000 in your bank balance and are making at least $100,000 a month. However, as we mentioned earlier, having a celebrity career could allow you to have enough money to buy the supposedly haunted property outright.

The Haunted Mansion, once you purchase it, might not be as haunted as it purportedly is — it may only have one or two spirits, or the supernatural beings inside may not be that active. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy a second haunted house — it doesn’t have to be a mansion — if you have enough money in your bank account. That way, you have multiple options when trying to summon ghosts and the like. This is a process that could take a LOT of patience, but just keep grinding and you should eventually summon at least two spirits to tick off this Mistress of the Dark Challenge requirement.

Be Patient as Well When Goading the Spirits to Attack

Normally, when you buy a haunted property, it won’t be too uncommon for ghosts or other spirits to attack you, even if you try to act nicely toward them. However, you will notice that you may have to goad the spirits to attack you to complete one of the last requirements of the Mistress of the Dark Challenge, as those random paranormal attacks will become rarer while the challenge is live — a classic feature of BItLife challenges, as we’ve seen. That means insulting them, calling the cops on them, yelling at them, running away from them even just complimenting them — anything that doesn’t involve staying calm.

bitlife boogeyman brawl

You will need to be quite patient during this part of the challenge, as insulting them — an action almost guaranteed to provoke spirits into attacking in normal situations — might cause them to run away, or simply ignore your belligerent actions. But you will eventually get attacked if you goad them enough, and chances are good that you will survive that attack — make sure your health is as close to 100 percent as possible to ensure your survival.

bitlife poodle

After surviving the attack, you can buy a poodle from the pet store or dog breeder, if you haven’t done so yet — just buy any poodle available, male or female, change their name to Algonquin, and you’re all set. That should wrap up the Mistress of the Dark Challenge, and allow you to redeem a new hat or eyewear — no guarantees, though, that it’s going to be Halloween-themed!