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BitLife Mike is Magical Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Mike is Magical Challenge

We’ve said it before and in many different ways — BitLife has remained relevant more than three years after its debut because of one specific feature, and that’s the weekly challenges. Originally introduced by Candywriter in late 2019, these challenges are available to iOS and Android players alike, and these are limited-time events that give players about half a week or thereabouts to complete a series of tasks, or requirements, based on a certain theme. And while this is not always the case, these challenges can be fun because they’re often based on beloved movies, TV shows, or pop culture franchises.

bitlife mike is magical challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge returns to the world of popular film franchises for its inspiration, and the folks at Candywriter call it the Mike is Magical Challenge — presumably to avoid copyright issues with the makers of the Magic Mike films starring Channing Tatum in the titular role. That means you’re going to have to get a certain job in the entertainment industry and become quite good and experienced at it before leaving that world all behind.

And if you’re up to the task but are having a hard time completing some of the requirements, you’ve come to the right place — this BitLife mini-strategy guide contains everything you need to know about quickly completing the Mike is Magical Challenge without having to redo that much, if anything at all.

Starting Out — Create a Good-Looking Male Character From Tampa

As usual, we’re starting out with the basics, and the very first requirement is exactly as it says on the tin — be a male born in Tampa, because that’s where Magic Mike is set in, and that’s where the titular character hails from. However, that’s not the only thing you’ll need to do when creating a new character for the Mike is Magical Challenge.

bitlife special talent

As being a male stripper is one of those jobs where average-looking (or worse) men need not apply, you’ll need to make sure your new character has Looks of around 75 or higher. You can do this simply by moving the slider to max out your Looks (or close to it) if you have God Mode, but if you don’t, you can keep re-rolling until you get a baby Bitizen whose Looks bar is at least three-fourths filled up.

bitlife male stripper job

As working as a male stripper does not require a college degree (and why should it), you can start applying for this job the moment you’re done with high school. Theoretically, you also have the option to drop out at 16, but since this is a job for adults, you’ll still have to wait till your 18th birthday before applying for such a job. Keep in mind that this job may not pop up as often as it usually does, as is usually the case in BitLife challenges that require you to get a specific job as one of the tasks!

Avoid Hard Drugs at All Costs When Clubbing

You can complete the next two requirements in the Mike is Magical Challenge at around the same time — the easy part is going dancing at a club at least 15 times, and there’s a very good chance you’ll get a check mark for this requirement while you’re trying to take three different types of drugs, as required elsewhere in the challenge.

bitlife nightclub

Things may get a bit challenging when trying to consume three different drugs, as the seedy figures in the nightclubs will either approach you with an alcoholic beverage or a drug. Alcoholic drinks do not count, but as far as drugs are concerned, there’s one important thing you should keep in mind, and that’s to avoid any kind of hard drug that could lead to an addiction or worse, a fatal overdose. That means drugs such as cocaine, heroin, PCP, Vicodin, and oxycodone are off-limits because of the high chances of addiction and/or eventual overdose.

bitlife ecstasy

Marijuana would be a much safer choice here, as there’s only a very small chance of in-game addiction, and you cannot OD on it. The same applies to mescaline and other similar drugs, as well as laughing gas, Ritalin, and Adderall, which are much safer than the other in-game substances that are offered at the clubs. It helps to quit and restart once you see a dealer offering you a hard drug, as we’ve encountered situations where the dealers (and bartenders, we guess, for those offering you alcohol) will stop approaching you once you’ve turned them down a certain number of times!

Stripping for 15 Years and Working as a Carpenter — Smooth Sailing the Rest of the Way

The last two requirements in BitLife’s Mike is Magical Challenge should be a breeze and, in case we didn’t stress it enough, another good reason to avoid hard drugs at the clubs, as that could affect your performance at work. Unless you’ve also been fighting with co-workers or refusing your supervisor’s request, you should have no problem at all spending 15 years as a male stripper.

bitlife male stripper performance

Once you’ve reached 15 years at the same job, you can resign and do something similar to what Magic Mike did in the lead-up to the second film. And with the business-related update still in the works, that doesn’t necessarily involve opening your own furniture store. We’re talking about the requirement that asks you to find work as a carpenter.

bitlife carpenter job

When applying for carpentry jobs, you may face the same hurdles in the form of the job showing up less frequently than usual among the options. But when they become available, you’ll want to start at the bottom as an Apprentice Carpenter. This is quite a good paying job compared to stripping, so it’ll definitely be a financial level-up if you choose to keep playing after completing the challenge.

Pass the interview and get started as an Apprentice Carpenter, and that’s it— you’ve just completed the Mike is Magical Challenge, and you can claim the usual prize from one of the four chests, that being a new hat or eyewear.