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BitLife Lex Luthor Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Lex Luthor Challenge

BitLife is still releasing weekly challenges more than three years after the game’s original release, and we don’t need to remind you that Candywriter has done well by making this the ultimate way to enhance the title’s replay value. Each week, players get a new theme and a list of tasks and requirements, and have four days (occasionally more than four days) to complete all those requirements and unlock more accessories for their characters and NPCs.

bitlife lex luthor challenge requirements

The latest BitLife challenge is one of the more challenging (pun half-intended) we’ve completed so far, and it takes us to the DC Extended Universe and one of the most iconic supervillains of all time. The Lex Luthor Challenge rolled out last weekend to test players’ ability to create a character who’s just as smart, rich, and devious as Clark Kent/Superman’s bald-headed antagonist, and it will be up to you to replicate some of his accomplishments in a series of requirements that may not be as easy to complete as others you may have encountered in recent weeks.

But we can at least help you complete them faster, and that’s where this BitLife mini-strategy guide comes in, as we break down all of the Lex Luthor Challenge’s requirements and how you can check them all off.

Getting Started And Earning That $10 Million Net Worth

This is one of the few BitLife challenges that are best completed by next-generation characters. Let us warn you ahead of time that unless you’re lucky to end up with rich parents, it will be very hard to have a $10 million net worth on an executive’s salary. If you have God Mode, you can simply edit your parents’ stats to make them wealthier, and if you’re feeling lucky, you can try betting at the horse races and hoping your big bet multiplies your fortune by five. So what can you do to ensure you have a net worth of $10 million while trying to complete the Lex Luthor Challenge?

First of all, we would recommend re-rolling until you get a character, male or female, no specific nationality, with Smarts between 80-85. Choosing Crime as a Special Skill is optional for God Mode players, but not required — the main thing here is having enough Smarts to realistically reach 100 percent in adulthood.

bitlife character

Avoid getting into trouble at school, and keep your grades up to guarantee a college scholarship, then choose Economics or Finance or any other course that will qualify you for Business School later on. Keep those grades high, join a fraternity/sorority to increase your chances of skipping the interview process, and that way, you can get a scholarship to Business School, which takes two years to complete.

From there, you can start working your way to the top of the corporate ladder, but to increase your net worth without the help of any inheritance, we’d recommend buying houses that are in poor condition, then renovating them to bring them back to perfect condition — that, as well as the age of the houses as time passes in-game, will also increase your net worth.

Take note that we’re talking net worth here, not bank balance, so you can theoretically reach the $10 million mark if you have real estate properties worth $6 million, for instance, and $4 million worth of cash in your bank account.

How To Add Clark Kent To BitLife And Make Him Your Enemy

As far as we know, “Clark” is among the male first names and “Kent” is among the last names available in some, if not all English-speaking countries available in BitLife. But since the chances of getting s Clark Kent pop up among the NPCs in any given life are extremely small and random, there is one very easy way to add such a character into the game, and that’s by adding him as a custom person.

bitlife customization

Tap on the upper left button to access the menu, scroll down to the bottom, and select Custom People. Tap on Add Custom Person, and you can enter the name Clark Kent — you can do this before entering school, and if you do so, there is a very good chance he will be among your first classmates.

In order to make someone your enemy in BitLife, they will first need to be one of your friends, and this may be a bit of a challenge if the NPC Clark Kent’s personality does not mesh with yours and your Relationship bar is orange or red. You can compliment them once per year in order to improve your relationship to the point where they will eventually agree to be your friend, but if that still fails, there’s a solid chance there will be more Clark Kents appearing later on in the game, perhaps when you attend high school or college or start working.

befriending a classmate in bitlife

After befriending that Clark Kent, you can go to Relationships at any time, access their profile, then on Change Our Status to switch them from friend to enemy. Easy as that, but keep in mind there may be a possibility that they may die, thus removing the check mark from the list of requirements for the Lex Luthor Challenge.

Players who have God Mode should have it easy — if you’re unable to make friends with a Clark Kent, or if you make friends with one, make them your enemy, then they die, you can tap on any other friend you have, change their name to make it Clark Kent, then change relationship status to Enemy. But if you don’t have the God Mode feature, you may have no choice but to switch jobs, thus resetting your list of co-workers, or keep hitting on Age until one of those random pop-ups appear, telling you that a man named Clark Kent wishes to be your friend.

Most Players May Only Become CEO In Their Late 50s Or Early 60s

In the real world, there have been many CEOs who reach that position at a very young age, say, their 30s, or even their 20s. But in the BitLife universe, you need to first have 15 years of work experience (on top of a business school degree), then gradually rise up the executive ranks until you get promoted to CEO.

getting promoted to ceo in bitlife

That means you will likely be in your late 30s when you get promoted to Assistant Vice President, with each succeeding promotion taking place in 4-5—year intervals. After AVP, the next position is Vice President, then Senior Vice President, then Executive Vice President, then First Vice President, then Managing Director, then finally CEO. All told, there’s a good chance you’ll be close to retirement age once you finally become your company’s chief executive.

In order to speed up this process, you can make friends with as many employees as possible and always ensure that your Performance bar is at 100 percent. Even then, it will take a good long while before you finally become the big boss of the company you joined as a young business school graduate.

Escaping From Prison Should Be Among The Last Requirements To Complete

Back in the earlier days of BitLife, escaping from a minimum security prison was very easy, with the 4×4 layouts — there was almost no need to consult any video walkthroughs to throw off the guard and bust out of prison without getting caught. But those 4×4 layouts now appear to be solely for juvie, and with that in mind, you may be tempted to get the “Escape from prison” requirement out of the way by committing a crime before you turn 18, getting caught, and escaping from the tiny cells in juvenile detention.

escape from prison in bitlife

While that will indeed check “Escape from prison,” that will also give you a criminal record, thereby disqualifying you from any of the jobs you can take on the road to becoming a CEO. That means the safest way to complete this requirement is by waiting until you’ve been promoted to CEO, then committing a string of petty crimes — a series of burglaries should be ideal for a stay in a minimum-security prison. After that, make sure you get caught by the police, and once you get to face trial, make sure you choose a public defender and plead guilty for the best chances of getting locked up.

As we mentioned, minimum-security prison layouts are now larger and more complicated in BitLife — they can be as large as 7×5 or as small as 5×5. That could necessitate the use of a video walkthrough, but if you’re patient enough, you can keep quitting the game once caught by the guard, then restarting it to redo the escape mini-game. Just remember the basic rule, which is that guards will always try to move horizontally at first, and will always make two moves for each move you make.

Read Books To Get Your Smarts Up To 100 Percent

It is ideal to create a character, or re-roll for a character with 80-85 Smarts or better, as we noted earlier, and provided you do what we advised above, there may be several points in the game where your Smarts reach 100 percent. But as is the case with this requirement and similar ones prior to it, the check mark will disappear any time it dips back below 100 percent. That means you may need to save this requirement for last, but thankfully, it should be easy to boost your Smarts to 100 percent.

reading a book in bitlife

The easiest way to have perfect Smarts is to regularly visit the library and meditate, but most of all, read your share of books. In the interest of getting this requirement completed sooner rather than later, you should avoid long books (you may sometimes have no choice but to read a 200-300-page book), and if you see a children’s book among the options despite your old age, then go ahead and read it — it’ll give your Smarts a good enough boost, and at 30-50 pages, it won’t take much time to finish “reading” the book.

Once you’ve completed this requirement, that should wrap things up for the Lex Luthor Challenge, and allow you to select one out of four prize chests to get a new hat or eyewear. Same deal as always, and as we can see, Candywriter just keeps adding new accessories to the BitLife database!