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BitLife K-Pop Challenge Guide: How to Complete the K-Pop Challenge

If you’re a regular BitLife player on iOS or Android, you should know what Sunday means. Far more often than not, Sunday is New Challenge Day for players of the super-popular life simulator from Candywriter, and that means a new limited-time event where your goal is to create a character and have them complete several requirements based on a given theme. With the game having just received another major update, it’s no surprise that the new challenge would require you to make use of the new features that it introduced.

Earlier this week, Candywriter released the new Pop Star Update, which now allows you to become a famous musician in many different ways, whether you choose to become a singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, or keyboardist, and regardless of which musical genre you prefer.

bitlife k-pop challenge requirements

These days, K-Pop is becoming an international craze years after it initially spread from South Korea to several Southeast Asian countries, and that’s possibly why Candywriter decided to focus on this hot musical trend for the first BitLife challenge centered on the Pop Star Update. So with that being said, let’s move on to this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we shall talk you through how to complete the K-Pop Challenge in as little time possible.

Getting Started – Be A Good-Looking, Talented Korean Bitizen

When creating your character for the K-Pop Challenge in BitLife, the most important thing is to make sure your character is born in South Korea. That, in itself, will fulfill the first requirement of the challenge, though if you have God Mode enabled, you can take extra steps to ensure the other requirements are met later on by giving them good Looks and choosing Music as their Special Talent. Other than that, your character can be male or female, and there aren’t any other statistical requirements that need to be met.

k-pop artist life in bitlife

Likewise, you don’t need to give them a trouble-free life from birth to the age of 18 — they can do well or poorly in school, both in terms of academics and conduct, they may or may not choose to join any school sports or activities either. Once you turn 8, though, that’s when you’ll want to get voice lessons by going to the Activities menu, choosing Mind and Body, and scrolling all the way down for this option.

Those without God Mode might have to create a new character if the parents aren’t generous enough for voice lessons, but in most cases, you should be okay with this just as long as you take two to three lessons per year until the age of 18 and try to get your Skills bar filled up by then. You can also learn an instrument or two, but since K-Pop acts are, by, and large, vocal groups not unlike your typical boy band or girl band, this is optional.

taking voice lessons in bitlife

As we mentioned in our guide for the Pop Star Update, you can only enter a musical career once you turn 18, and there’s no option to form a band with your classmates or family members while still in school. Further education is strictly optional at this point, though you may want to pass the time away in college if your vocal Skills bar isn’t full yet. That last bit is especially important when it comes to the next requirement.

Two More Easy Requirements – Becoming A K-Pop Star And Having A Son Named Wonho

In order to become a K-Pop star, you can either join a band or strike out on your own as a solo artist, but the important thing is to keep trying out and rejecting the audition invite until you find a band or record label that specializes in K-Pop. Once you do, you can go ahead and attend the audition — assuming your vocal Skills are at 100 percent, you should have no problem getting in. That should fulfill the challenge’s second requirement quite easily.

bitlife k-pop audition

We’re bundling this in the same tip because of how easy it is and because this is something you will likely accomplish once your character is in their 20s. The K-Pop Challenge requires you to have a son named Wonho — just like the South Korean singer — and doing so is pretty much self-explanatory. It can be through your partner or spouse or through a fling — just as long as you have a son and you specifically name him Wonho, that should get the third requirement out of the way.

Open Your YouTube Account Nice And Early

By this point in the challenge, you should already have a YouTube account. However, chances are you wouldn’t be quite at a million subscribers just yet, as stipulated by BitLife. How can you reach this magic number anyway?

First off, it’s strongly suggested that you open your YouTube account at the earliest possible time, which is at 13 years old. Once you’ve created one, you can post almost any type of video — preferably Challenge, Dance, Gaming, and BitLife videos — just as long as you’re staying away from Political content due to how that could cost you quite a bit of subscribers.

how to get more youtube subscribers in bitlife

It’s not necessary to post more than one or two videos before hitting the Age button, but if you do that, who knows — you just might luck out with a viral video that could give you thousands of subscribers before your K-Pop career even begins!

Once you sign your first contract, that’s when the subscribers will start rolling in, as you will instantly become Famous by BitLife standards, thus allowing you to capitalize on that by appearing in commercials, promoting products on social media, and thanks to the Pop Star Update, releasing new songs and albums. You can apply for verification once your Fame hits 60 percent or so, and once you get that blue checkmark, your subscriber count should start rising quite significantly as long as your Fame does the same.

At that point, you wouldn’t even need to share yearly videos, and your subscriber count should increase organically to about a million by the time you’re in your late 20s or early 30s.

How To Hit 100 Percent Fame – Just Keep Releasing Music And Touring

Last, but not the least is the requirement to hit 100 percent Fame. Before BitLife’s Pop Star Update rolled out, this was mainly about using the different options in the Fame sub-menu, but now, you can enjoy a significant uptick in Fame by being consistent with your agenda as a K-Pop musician. Just as we suggested in our guide for that last update, it’s advisable to alternate album and single releases as you go from one year to the next to avoid saturating your fans and consequently affecting your sales figures going forward.

You should also play at least two concerts per year and one tour every other year, though in order to ensure the best performances in such events, you should regularly use the Practice option. Likewise, you should be friends with your bandmates to keep that Relationship bar as close to 100 percent as possible for everyone in the group — this, too, could increase your odds of a successful concert or tour, as well as a gold-certified or better album!

photo shoot in bitlife

Being at 100 percent Fame can be touch-and-go — most of the time, you may see a slight drop in Fame after aging up, and that will uncheck the box next to the requirement. Your Fame needs to be at 100 percent at the end of the challenge, so if you need a quick boost to that stat, you can publish a book or pose for a magazine shoot — these two options can greatly increase your Fame in most instances.

Hitting 100 percent Fame will likely be the final requirement accomplished for most players, but when you reach it, you’re free to celebrate challenge completion by choosing a prize chest and getting a new hat or eyewear.