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BitLife Jekyll and Hyde Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Jekyll and Hyde Challenge

Many a BitLife player, may they be using the iOS or Android version, has Saturday afternoon marked on their calendars (or smartphone reminders, to keep things more modern), as that’s when Candywriter rolls out the BitLife challenge of the week. For those who have just started playing the life simulator game, these challenges are limited-time events that are based on a given theme, and your goal is to complete all the tasks or requirements by living your virtual character’s life in a certain way.

bitlife jekyll and hyde challenge requirements

Unlike previous BitLife challenges that drew inspiration from movies, TV shows, or celebrities, this new challenge comes straight out of the pages of classic literature. The Jekyll and Hyde Challenge should be self-explanatory for anyone out there, as it will test your ability to be the best friend possible to close to a dozen people…while living a secret life as a violent and dangerous individual.

Compared to many of the previous challenges we’ve completed this year, this should be rather easy to complete, but if you’re stuck with a requirement or two and need help getting everything done before the challenge expires, keep reading, as this BitLife mini-strategy guide will walk you through each of the tasks in the Jekyll and Hyde Challenge.

Keep Rerolling Until You Get A Smart Character

The very first requirement of the BitLife Jekyll and Hyde Challenge is that your character be male — this is as easy as it gets, as you don’t need to be picky about their place of birth, though you may also want to keep trying for a new character until you get someone with 70 Smarts or greater if you don’t have God Mode enabled. Other than that, there’s no other specific statistical threshold to look out for, but once again, God Mode players can select Crime as a Special Skill to help with one of the other requirements we shall be discussing in this guide.

bitlife special talent crime

Your character, despite his evil tendencies, will need to keep his nose clean in school, so that means no fighting, no smart-alecky behavior in class, no playing hooky, and good grades until you reach college. This should ensure you a college scholarship and help you avoid having to take out a student loan, and if you see Engineering among the choices, go pick it — you may have to quit and restart a few times before Engineering is listed among the possible majors.

bitlife university engineering major

After graduating from college, go to the Jobs section and select Engineer I, but make sure you’re choosing the right engineering job — the one with a chemical flask next to it is for Chemical Engineers, so go tap on that one, answer the interview question successfully, and you’re all set for the second requirement in the Jekyll and Hyde Challenge.

Always Target Random People When Attempting Murder

As this is the Jekyll and Hyde Challenge, you need to turn to the dark side every now and then, and that would mean killing at least three people through one specific method — clubbing them to death. This will oftentimes appear among the available murder options in the Crime section, and if you have God Mode and had selected Crime as your Special Skill, it should be easy to kill anyone by clubbing them, may it be a friend, family member, co-worker, or a random person.

hitting with a stick in bitlife

However, regardless whether you chose Crime as your Special Skill or not, the safest way to complete this requirement is to choose random people as your targets — unnamed NPCs who you do not know in your day-to-day virtual life. Murders of random people are less likely than others to catch the cops’ attention, and they tend to be easier to pull off without the target calling the police, other people catching you in the act, or the cops simply arresting you once the dirty deed is done.

bitlife murder

Of course, the chances of getting arrested will go up with each murder you commit, but if you do get arrested, you can quit BitLife and reload the game right after, allowing you to try once again. A word of warning, though — here is a small possibility that the target will turn things around and kill you with a bigger club, and since you can no longer undo deaths in BtLife (this feature was nerfed well over a year ago), you may need to spend a dollar on the Time Machine to undo your death…or redo everything from the top.

Start Making Friends Early, And Keep Making Them In School (Or Work)

The final requirement of the BitLife Jekyll and Hyde Challenge that we shall be discussing is to have a perfect Relationship with at least 10 friends. This is also the trickiest by default, though it really isn’t that difficult to complete this task. First, you will need to start making friends proactively — and not just whenever someone approaches you and asks to be your friend — as soon as possible. When you start studying, you can start making more friends, and if you still don’t have ten friends by the time you’re done with school, there’s always the workplace.

bitlife concert

In order to ensure that all Relationship bars are at a hundred percent, you will need to regularly spend time with each of these friends, and join them in a variety of activities. The best way to do this is by using the Spend Time with All option, which becomes available once you reach the age of 12, though you may also notice some instances where the relationship bar is just short of 100 percent. In this case, tap on the friend whose Relationship isn’t quite perfect, and choose activities such as Concert, Party, and YouTube, as these can be quite effective in boosting the Relationship bar.

Also, if you already have a best friend and someone else asks if they can be your best friend instead, you can try quitting the app and restarting — replacing your current best friend with another (or rejecting that other person’s offer) could affect your Relationship, but it won’t be a friendship-killer, and the negative effect should only be momentary as long as you make things up by spending extra time with them doing other activities.

bitlife relationships

This should be the last requirement for you to complete, and once you do, you will be free to choose a prize chest out of the four and get a new pair of glasses/shades or a new hat that you can use in your next BitLife playthrough.