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BitLife Human Trombone Challenge Guide: Your Guide to Quickly Finishing the Human Trombone Challenge

As long as BitLife remains relevant on iOS and Android platforms, and you better believe it still is, you can keep expecting those weekly challenges to come along. They may or may not be based on pop culture properties, but each of them comes with a specific theme and a set of four to six (sometimes more, sometimes less) requirements or tasks that you need to complete within a span of four days. Some challenges may require more time to complete, but in any case, BitLife’s Challenge Vault (which costs $5) allows you to return to the ones you may have missed.

bitlife human trombone challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge is definitely not the freshest smelling of the bunch. But if you’re looking for an old-style, “classic” challenge that requires a lot of grinding, this one’s for you. The Human Trombone Challenge marks yet another return to the Street Hustle Update from last year, and there is one hustle you’re going to have to master here…one that can be described as an assault to the senses, but one that could also make you enough money if you get good enough at it. Keep reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide if you’re finding yourself stuck at any of the tasks in the Human Trombone Challenge!

Buy That Rusty Trombone, But You Don’t Need to Busk

As this is yet another BitLife challenge that requires you to be a Street Hustler of some sort, you’re free to create any type of character you like — male, female, high or low Smarts and Looks, from any part of the world, just as long as you start hustling at some point in your adult life. Of course, we would recommend that you start right out of high school so that you can complete the challenge as quickly as possible, but before that, there’s no need either to maintain perfect conduct or get good grades.

bitlife trombone

Your first instinct may be to purchase a rusty trombone from the music store to tick off that one requirement and get on with the others, then go to work as a Busker. You can do this and still complete the challenge, but as you can see from the other requirements, busking is not an essential part of the Human Trombone Challenge. You will need to own a rusty trombone, but the bulk of the challenge comes from the trombone-like sounds you yourself will be producing as part of your main hustle.

Flatulists Have to Deal with Occupational Hazards

As stated in the requirements of BItLife’s Human Trombone Challenge, you’ll need to make a living as a Street Performer, and specifically earn that dough as a Flatulist — in other words, someone who entertains people by doing creative things with their farts. It’s just one of the many unusual hustles you can choose as part of the Street Hustler career, but compared to others, it is substantially riskier.

bitlife injury

Of course, you will need to keep an eye out for overzealous officers of the law or wild (or not so wild) animals who might pass by and get offended by your performance before taking it out on you. But Flatulists can suffer any number of injuries to their rear-end while doing their thing, so be prepared for a random injury or two while trying to complete the challenge. Per usual, you can quit the game and restart in the event of non-fatal injuries.

Be Careful When Reconfiguring Your Performing Strategy

Through the Strategy tab in your Job menu, you can change your act, attire, and collection box to your liking. Of course, Act should remain as it is, because you are supposed to be a Street Performer who specializes as a Flatulist. Attire and Collection Box can be changed from time to time, as this could give you more opportunities to hustle in your current street while slightly improving your Skill as a Flatulist and your overall Street Smarts.

bitlife flatulist act

However, you should make absolutely sure that by the time you’re wrapping up the Human Trombone Challenge, you’re wearing chaps as your Attire. This is one requirement that is easy to overlook, as the box can be unticked if you were previously wearing chaps but chose to switch to another attire for one reason or another. It may take some quitting and restarting before Chaps appears as an attire option, but it shouldn’t take that long before it pops up among the choices.

Keep on Grinding!

The other requirements of the Human Trombone Challenge all involve a fair amount of repetition, but as we noted above, that’s a large part of what makes a “classic” BitLife challenge what it is — they may seem simple and straightforward, but it’s the grind that actually brings meaning to the word “challenge.” That said, it may take about a decade and some change before you reach 100 percent skill as a Flatulist, and that too applies to the $500,000 cumulative earnings across all those years working that hustle.

bitlife street performer

As for the things you need to do in order to grind for 100 percent skill and $500,000 earnings, just keep moving streets at least once per year and practice your hustle, also at least once per year but not more than three times, before you hit the Age button. As your Skill improves, so will your passive income per year, and as you draw closer to the end of the challenge, the faster you’ll be adding to your bank balance.

Your Street Smarts should also improve over this period of time, just as long as you’re quitting the game and restarting after you encounter an unpleasant situation. (e.g. cops arrest you, non-fatal animal attacks, etc.) And as you’re gradually earning more and “playing” better, passers-by will be more complimentary of your rather unusual way of making a living.

bitlife annual haul

Reach that 100 percent skill level and earn $500,000 as a Flatulist and that should wrap it up for the Human Trombone Challenge. As always, the next step is opening a prize chest and claiming your reward, which will, once again, be a new hat or eyewear.