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BitLife House Flipper Challenge Guide: How to Complete the House Flipper Challenge

Candywriter went from simple word games to in-depth life simulators in late 2018 with BitLife, and we probably don’t need to remind you any further about how it’s become a huge hit due to how it keeps getting bigger and better with every major update. But in the absence of new updates to overhaul the game’s features and/or add new ones, Candywriter has mostly been keeping busy during quarantine time by launching new challenges, and these have ranged from easy to hard, depending on the many unusual things the game may ask you to do. This new one, as we see it, appears to be right in the middle.

It’s been a while since Candywriter has rolled out a new challenge, and on Saturday, they delivered with the all-new House Flipper Challenge, which requires you to start out with absolutely nothing to your name as a first-generation Bitizen and become a self-made man or woman without the benefit of a full-time job. Instead of that, your main source of income will be buying houses and flipping them once you’ve gotten them fully renovated, and you’ll need to make a cool $1.5 million from these endeavors before you reach the age of 60.

Are you up to the challenge? If you are, we strongly advise you to read our latest BitLife guide, as we’ve come up with a few tips that we believe could help you complete the House Flipper Challenge faster.

Get A Part-Time Job As Soon As You’re Able To

For this particular BitLife challenge, there aren’t any special requirements for your Bitizen — they can be of any gender or nationality and there’s no specific statistical threshold to keep in mind here. It would help if you’re born to rich parents, though, and if you paid for God Mode, you can set this up after creating your character, by going to the Relationships screen, tapping on one or both parents, then on Edit, then Edit His/Her Attributes, and setting the Money stat to 100.

bitlife house flipper challenge requirements

Though there’s no way to edit this, it does also help if you were born out of wedlock and one of your parents is at least 50 years old at the time of your birth — that means they’re likely to die sooner, thus allowing you to inherit their fortune sooner. But speaking of things like that, you should definitely create a fresh new Bitizen, and not try to complete this challenge by using a second-generation character who may have inherited quite a bit of money and/or assets.

Regardless, though, of where you stand in terms of your parents’ wealth and other factors, we would recommend getting a part-time job by the time you turn 14, which is when this option becomes available. You’re going to need money to buy your first house, and since full-time jobs are out of the question, per the requirements of the House Flipper Challenge, part-time jobs will be your only acceptable (and legal) source of income. (Alternately, you can use illegal means to earn enough money to buy a home, but you wouldn’t want to get caught by the cops.) Always pick the highest-paying available jobs in the part-time category and that should get you going.

part-time jobs in bitlife

By the time you turn 18, you’ll have the option to work more part-time jobs — we suggest taking as many jobs as you could without letting your Stress bar become orange or red. Just make sure to avoid any kind of full-time work, because your main line of work in this challenge (and ultimately, your main source of income) is as a house flipper.

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As an additional pointer, if you pass your driver’s license test and get a car from your parents as a reward, you might want to sell that right away for a further injection of house-buying funds.

Start Out Small, Then Work Your Way Up

One of the requirements for completing the House Flipper Challenge is to sell at least 10 homes — this would tie in to another requirement, which is that you accomplish everything else in the list before you turn 60. So with that in mind, your best course of action is to start with a small, affordable house, or even a trailer. We would recommend buying a house/trailer that is in particularly poor condition, preferably with the Condition bar being red or orange. It can be green, just as long as it’s less than half-full.

trailer offer in bitlife

This may take some trial-and-error, so be prepared to quit and restart BitLife quite a bit before you find something that meets the above requirements. Also, for best results, we suggest buying your first, cheap home by the time you turn 18 — do not attend college, because even if you get in on a scholarship, hitting the books won’t be good for your Stress levels, and you likely won’t do well in work AND school!

After waiting about three to four years, you can renovate the property until the Condition bar is all filled up, then sell that house and make a profit of a few thousand dollars. You may need to go cheap once again for your second house, but go for something a bit more expensive, but similarly dilapidated — wait another three to four years, renovate, and sell at a profit. By the time you turn 25 or 26, you should be ready to buy and sell your next eight houses using the strategy we’ll describe below.

Your Next Eight Houses Should Ideally Have Some ‘Uninvited’ Guests

When Candywriter launched a Halloween update for BitLife last year, haunted houses officially became a thing — not just around Halloween, but all year round. These “purportedly” haunted houses are a comparative rarity, but if you quit the BitLife app and reload it enough times, chances are you’ll see one or two per realtor, including some that may surprisingly be within your price range. This is what you’ll need to do in order to earn that $1.5 million profit from fixing and flipping houses — buy a haunted house, preferably one in mediocre to poor condition, renovate it, and before selling it at a profit, make sure you’ve exorcised all the spirits that share the house with you. They are, after all, the main reason why those houses are available on the cheap.

Becoming a professional exorcist is obviously not among your options here, as that would require you to take a full-time job. Instead, you’ll need to pay a couple hundreds for an exorcist to visit the haunted house and try to cast the spirits out, though this could be quite challenging if a) the spirits aren’t too active and b) they also happen to be friendly.

Repeated exorcisms, however, worsen their mood and increase their level of activity, thus oftentimes making them easier to cast out — that means you’ll need to pay the fee repeatedly and perhaps wait more than a few years before putting the houses on sale, but as long as you renovate before calling the exorcist for the first time, your house’s value will keep increasing over time, even with the ghosts still hanging around.

haunted home in bitlife

We’ve noticed that Candywriter has nerfed some quit-and-restart workarounds in recent weeks — for example, the money you spent on your political campaign will be lost forever if you quit and restart after losing an election. Just as a warning, they may be doing this to unsuccessful exorcisms, but since the exorcism fee is relatively low, you’ll want to save the quit-and-restart trick for two scenarios — when you’ve spent well over a couple thousands total on exorcisms in a year and when the ghosts get violent and attack you.

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Also make sure to quit and restart if an encounter with a ghost affects your Health stat or causes you to suffer from heart disease, PTSD, or similar conditions — you can’t complete the challenge if these supernatural encounters ultimately kill you!

After following the buy/renovate/exorcise/sell routine with one house, move on to another and keep buying dilapidated, haunted properties that cost progressively more. Before you know it, you’ll have sold your tenth house and/or hit the $1.5 million profit mark before the age of 60, thus allowing you to pass the House Flipper Challenge with flying colors!