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BitLife Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge

If you’re wondering why BitLife, despite the fact it’s almost four and a half years old, is still very popular on both iOS and Android platforms, there are two main answers to that question — Candywriter still rolls out major feature updates for the life simulator game, and the company still rolls out weekly challenges that are, as we’ve mentioned quite a few times before, what gives BitLife so much replay value in 2023. Simply complete a list of tasks based on the week’s theme and get a “mystery prize” — it’s as easy as that, even if the challenges aren’t always a breeze to get through.

bitlife good cop bad cop challenge requirements

This week, BitLife is going back to basics with the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge — a “classic” challenge that has zero basis in pop culture or famous people. In fact, it’s simply inspired by the popular expression of the same name, though this time, you will literally have to be both a good, kind-hearted police officer…while also harboring some dark secrets of your own.

This is an easier challenge than most we’ve recently attempted, and it doesn’t have much of the traditional grinding required by the earliest BitLife challenges, but if you’re stuck with one requirement or another, our BitLife mini-strategy guide will show you how to coast through the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge.

Getting Started — Becoming a Cop Only Requires a High School Education

When creating a character for the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge, you don’t need to pay attention to any specific stats. Smarts and Looks are not prerequisites to become a police officer, and neither is a college education — all you need is a high school education. But you will need to avoid getting into any sort of legal trouble before you enter the force, and that means keeping your cool if bullied or provoked in any other way as a child.

patrolman job in bitlife

Once you get accepted at your city’s police force, that will automatically check one of the five requirements of the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge — the easiest one of them all, though that’s not to say the other ones are particularly tough.

Police Supervisors Seem More Likely to Turn the Tables During a Drive-By

Oh, how the turntables. The biggest risk when trying to kill someone in the BitLife universe is the possibility that they may give you a dose of your own medicine and kill you with the exact method you were going to use. Compared to just about every other method, drive-by shootings leave you with the lowest chance of getting killed by your intended victim, but as you may expect in a challenge that involves targeting your superior at the police force, there seems to be a greater chance of getting hoist by your own petard.

bitlife drive-by shooting

Worst-case scenario, you can spend $1 at the Time Machine to bring your character back to life, or you can go back to the drawing board and retry the challenge — as a reminder, BitLife has long since nerfed the ability to avoid death by quitting and restarting the game. But you’ll still have a pretty good chance of successfully pulling off the drive-by shooting on your supervisor — which is still a better chance than you’ll have with other methods.

Be Careful When Giving Cheap Gifts

The next task to discuss in the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge is the gift-giving requirement, where you need to give gifts to at least ten coworkers. If it sounds easy, that’s because it is easy. But it could also be a bit tricky if you give a cheap gift and your coworker doesn’t like it. They could file a complaint with HR and you could be investigated for, well, insulting your coworker with a cheap and/or useless gift.

bitlife gift

You know the gifts we’re talking about — the ones that cost less than $20 (or even less than $50) and are oftentimes completely useless. Generally speaking, BitLife NPCs will react better to more expensive gifts, but since you’ll want to save some money for those cruises, it may be wise to avoid anything super-costly. Just be sure to avoid cheap novelty items, as these are almost always unpopular with recipients!

You Can Complete the Cruise Requirement While Unmarried

Going on cruises can be costly, which is why it’s a good thing you only need to do this thrice in the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge. However, you should make sure that when you’re going on a cruise, you’re taking your family with you. That means you need to have at least one child, as well as a domestic partner who parented the child.

bitlife panama canal cruise

Fortunately, this is quite an easy, if expensive requirement, as BitLife won’t require you to be married in order to qualify. The operative word in the requirement is “family,” so even if you aren’t married yet to your partner, you’ll get this requirement ticked if the two of you, along with your kids, go on a family cruise at least thrice.

Alcohol and Gambling Addictions Aren’t That Harmful In-Game

There are three basic types of addiction you could develop in the BitLife universe — alcohol, drugs, and gambling. Of these three, gambling is the least of all the three evils, as it won’t have any real impact on the physical health of your character, though it is also the hardest addiction to develop.

blackjack dealer in bitlife

You may need to make several trips to the casino before you have a gambling problem, though we did observe that it helps to bet big — and to lose a lot. Yes, this will eat into your bank account, but as long as you aren’t supporting too many kids, your pay as a cop should be sufficient for those family cruises once you start rebuilding your bank balance.

bitlife gambling addiction

Developing an alcohol addiction is fairly easy and not that harmful — don’t turn down drinks at the club, and keep downing drinks until the game notifies you that you are addicted to alcohol. This could reduce about 8 percent of your Health per year and affect your performance at work, but just as long as you’re countering this with trips to the gym (among other healthy activities) and working harder at your job, you’ll be fine.

Save Your Drug Addiction for Last, But Be Very Careful!

Drug addiction is the trickiest of the three main types of addiction in BitLife, and for the purposes of the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge, this should be last. If you get addicted to marijuana, consider yourself lucky, as that’s probably one of the few individual types of drug addiction that won’t pose a risk to your character’s life. The impact on your health will be very similar to that of alcohol addiction.

bitlife vicodin addiction

However, when it comes to the heavy drugs, there are some real risks involved — if you aren’t careful, you could OD right before completing the challenge, thus forcing a do-over…or a trip to the Time Machine for $1 per usage.

To this end, we suggest avoiding drugs that could be instantly fatal, such as cocaine, crack, heroin, and PCP — but trying everything else until you get hooked. Doing this last is the safest way to go if you want to survive the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge in one piece, and once you complete that challenge, you know how it goes — free eyewear or hat to add to your list of accessories!