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BitLife Generous Boss Challenge Guide: How to Breeze Through the Generous Boss Challenge

The BitLife Business Update has been out for a few weeks already, and if the first one wasn’t enough, Candywriter released a second part to the update that added a few new features, such as “cooking” the books and releasing misleading financial information, and introduced a few additional business-related scenarios. The update is now out for iOS and Android users, and to celebrate that update, Candywriter’s latest challenge once again steers clear of pop culture properties and focuses mainly on running your virtual business and managing its employees.

bitlife generous boss challenge requirements

The latest BitLife challenge features the elements of those classic, general-themed challenges while also allowing players to make full use of the Business Update’s features. The goal of the Generous Bo$$ Challenge isn’t exactly to make a lot of money but to be the most employee-friendly CEO out there, meaning one who isn’t shy to give out financial rewards to their workers.

But that doesn’t mean you should neglect your finances, as this challenge will also test you on how well you can expand your business in terms of its offerings and its locations. Keep on reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide if you need an extra hand in completing the Generous Bo$$ Challenge without having to redo anything or pay a dollar for the Time Machine to undo a mistake or two.

It’s Best to Start Out as a Multimillionaire

Normally, this would be where we tell you how to build your character for the challenge, but for the Generous Bo$$ Challenge, the best place to start would be at a place of financial strength. That means building up a substantial fortune in some way, shape, or form before you start up or acquire your business.

professional athlete job in bitlife

The easiest way to do this would be by playing as a legacy character whose parents had already amassed a good amount of money, as opposed to starting from scratch with a new character. But if you choose to create a new one, you have multiple options.

You can do things the “hard” way by working a regular job and starting your own business when you can afford it, or you can take advantage of certain skills you may have (better if you have God Mode and you choose a special skill) and earn your fortune as a famous athlete, musician, actor, or what have you.

famous athlete in bitlife

Either way, we would recommend earning at least $2 million before buying or starting a business, though this may depend on the demand for the business of your choosing. Opening a food cart ($272,000) is the cheapest way to start a new business, so you can theoretically start out small and take it from there, but being a multimillionaire gives you more leeway to choose a business that is very much in demand has huge potential for financial growth.

Pay Attention to the Analyst Projections

Probably the toughest part of the Generous Bo$$ Challenge is the requirement that you need to have at least 20 facilities open. You can’t open a new facility if you don’t have the capital for it, and in order to earn more capital, you’ll need to earn more revenue, and the best way to do this is to pay close attention to what the analysts say about each product’s performance.

analyst forecast in bitlife

They may inform you that demand may be on its way up or down, and they may also tell you that you can earn a great deal of money if you produce more units of a given product. Similarly, they may give you the heads-up about unsold units, and that should be another sign that you should cut back on production.

The analyst forecasts are just one tool you can use to maximize your revenue figures once you hit on the Age button and complete another year of your life/fiscal year of your business. So what’s the other thing you can do to ensure your business generates more revenue, thus giving you the cash you need to open more facilities and reach the goal of 20, as well as complete the challenge’s other requirement of having at least five products sold?

bitlife store opening

Change Suppliers to Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

When launching a new product, you will not be able to choose your supplier, but we can tell you right off the bat that your initial supplier will, in almost every case, not be the best one available in terms of combining high quality and low production costs. That’s one of the many nuances of BitLife’s Business Update that need mastery while you’re trying to complete the Generous Bo$$ Challenge, but fortunately, this isn’t exactly rocket science.

bitlife new supplier

To improve your customer rating, reduce costs, and increase your potential earnings, it is imperative that the supplier for each product has the best possible low-cost/high-quality mix out there, and if you can’t find the right supplier during a given fiscal year, there’s always next year. Or you can quit the game and restart it in order to restart the process.

You should also be on the lookout for suppliers abruptly going out of business or your contract with that supplier ending when you least expect it. Once this happens, BitLife will assign you a new supplier at random, and if you don’t like the cost/quality stats for that supplier, you can quit the game and restart it so that you can keep doing business with your current one. As you may have suspected, this seems to be an exploit that has yet to be nerfed/fixed by the folks at Candywriter, so make good use of this while it’s still unpatched.

Completing the Other Requirements Should Not Be an Issue

Assuming your business keeps earning tons of revenue, you will eventually be able to open enough facilities to reach the requirement of 20, and you’ll have enough money to offer five products to your consumers. As we hinted above, this takes some mastery of the Business Update’s new features, but the rest of the requirements can mostly be completed organically and you don’t need to exert much effort toward completing them.

ceo salary in bitlife

When it comes to paying your employees the “Big Bucks” while taking a salary of less than $100,000 per year, you can simply set the Compensation slider to “Big Bucks” (If it isn’t already there) and make sure you aren’t earning a cent more than $100,000 a year when configuring your Salary in the sub-menu of the same name. Just let those sit there for at least 10 years and you’ve completed both tasks, easy-peasy.

When it comes to employee bonuses, you can chip away at the $250,000 requirement gradually or do it all in one go before hitting the Age button, but we’d also advise choosing the right employees to give a bonus to. Generally, you should choose those whose Morale isn’t as high as the others, as well as those with high Competence stats — that means making the right people happy at the right time. But there aren’t any hard, fast rules as long as you reach or exceed the $250,000 mark at the end of the challenge.

employee bonus in bitlife

Complete all those other three requirements and that should wrap things up for the Generous Bo$$ Challenge, upon which you can choose from one of the four prize chests and unlock a new piece of eyewear or headgear for your BitLife characters.