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BitLife Full Glam Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Full Glam Challenge

If you’re a longtime BitLife player, you may be waiting for the latest major update, and if you’re a new one, you may simply be looking for ways to pass the weekend or the start of the new week or new ways to live your virtual lives in the popular iOS and Android life simulator. If that’s the case, then the weekly challenges are just what the doctor ordered — these are limited-time events with four to five requirements (sometimes more, sometimes fewer) based on the week’s given theme, which may or may not be topical in one way or another.

bitlife full glam challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge is yet another one of those throwback “classic” challenges that a) don’t have a specific theme based on a pop culture IP or famous person and b) involve a lot of grinding. And since social media is involved in some of the requirements of this challenge, you can expect to grind more than you usually would in a “classic” BitLife challenge. As such, the completion time here might not be as short as it usually is, but we can always make things easier for you through this BitLife mini-strategy guide, which contains everything you need to know about the Full Glam Challenge.

The Easy Parts — Becoming a Makeup Artist and Undergoing Plastic Surgery

When creating a character for the Full Glam Challenge, it would be highly advisable to create one with high Looks, as this would help later on down the line when it comes to the social media-centric requirements. But other than that, you’re free to create any type of character — male, female, and from any part of the world, with or without a Special Talent. Keep re-rolling, though, until you get a character with looks at 80 or higher, even with the plastic surgery procedures we’ll be discussing below.

bitlife apprentice makeup artist

Becoming a Makeup Artist is easy, though finding the entry-level Apprentice Makeup Artist among the available jobs may not be. Per BitLife challenge tradition, if there’s a specific job listed among the challenge’s requirements, it will show up less frequently than usual during the challenge unless you took a course specific to that job. Makeup Artists only need to have completed a high school education, so be prepared to quit and restart the game quite a bit so you can become an Apprentice Makeup Artist straight out of high school.

It’s also very easy to complete the plastic surgery-centric tasks — all you need to do is to get one nose job and five Botox procedures. These can all be achieved once you’ve gotten promoted to Makeup Artist with multiple pay raises to go with the promotion. Just be sure that you’re having the procedures done with a reputable doctor — nobody with their Reputation in orange or red levels, unless you’re willing to risk a botched operation!

bitlife plastic surgery

The First Major Grind — Becoming a Social Media Star Through Viral Content

Just to reiterate something we made clear early on, the Full Glam Challenge is a vintage grind-a-thon in the tradition of many early BitLife challenges, and it all starts with the part where you need to become a Social Media Star. So how do you become one anyway?

bitlife viral post

The simple answer, of course, would be to accumulate as many viral hits as possible when posting on social media, but as we’ve also stressed in many a BitLife strategy guide in the past, the secret sauce for social media stardom has proven to be very elusive. A lot of it appears to boil down to luck, so it’ll be a case of “if you don’t succeed, try again” for a large part of this challenge. You will, however, need to make sure of a few things while trying to grind for a viral post.

The first would be to avoid sharing any potentially controversial content, like political posts; on the flip side, wholesomely mundane stuff like family pictures tends to result in a loss of followers as well. The second would be to focus your energies on Random Videos, with an occasional Challenge, Dance, or BitLife post thrown in on occasion to break the monotony. The third thing to remember would be to limit your social media posts to a maximum of 4 to 5 per platform; posting too much results in overexposure, and a loss of followers if you keep posting any type of content!

bitlife social media star

Even with all the luck involved here, following the steps above should give you a better chance of achieving Social Media Star status faster than you normally would.

Get As Many Accounts as Possible Verified

It doesn’t seem too clear when BitLife will consider you as a Social Media Star — it would seem that having a total of 500,000 followers across all platforms will do the trick, but there don’t seem to be any hard, fast rules either. However, you shouldn’t stop at having only a few social media accounts verified — account verification could result in a drastic increase in Fame, and with more Fame comes more followers. And with more followers comes more lucrative endorsement opportunities, so even if you reach Social Media Star status, don’t hesitate to open accounts you haven’t opened yet and get them verified!

bitlife instagram account verified

Reaching a certain fame level (60 percent) would result in auto-verification for all accounts regardless of the platform once you have them verified, so get started with verifying a few, and do the requisite “Fame” things to get your Fame rating up — commercials, books, photoshoots. Everything should be smooth sailing to 100 percent once you reach 60 percent Fame.

Don’t Grind Too Late with the Endorsements!

As you may have realized at this point in the Full Glam Challenge, product endorsements make up the bulk of the grind — you need to earn $1 million through all the products you promote, and while that might not sound like much at first, you will soon find yourself frantically promoting as many products as you can to reach $1 million sooner or later.

Being that there aren’t too many influencers out there who are of middle age or older, it’s quite understandable that you won’t earn as much through endorsements as you normally would once you reach a certain age, despite the fact your social media following keeps growing and growing. We noticed that in the BitLife universe, 49 years old seems to be the age when those endorsements stop being as lucrative as they should be, so with that in mind, you might want to accept some of those undesirable product promotion offers if the price is right.

bitlife hilarious post

We normally encourage players to focus on fashion and food endorsements (but not overly niche foods like scorpion lollipops or jerky bouquets), and you should still do that, but anything too “unsexy” (car parts, financial institutions/products, etc.) or overly racy (adult entertainment sites, sex toys, etc.) are generally a no-no….except when they aren’t.

Sure, you’ll occasionally be shilling insurance products or tires or other products that aren’t normally associated with glamorous influencers, but if the money’s there, the dramatic loss in followers (tens of thousands once you’re in the 1 million followers range) will somehow be worth it if it means hitting $1 million faster.

bitlife social media followers

Once you’ve reached that elusive $1 million in endorsement earnings, that will do it for the Full Glam Challenge, and as has always been the case, you’ll get a chance to choose one of four prize chests to get a new hat or eyewear.