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BitLife Ferris Bueller Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Ferris Bueller Challenge

BitLife has been around since late 2018 and is, in fact, closing in on its second anniversary. And for a game that’s been around for so long, it’s definitely quite popular up to this day. And that’s in no small part due to the fact that developer Candywriter launched a new feature early this year that allows you to live your virtual life based on certain parameters. The game’s now-weekly Challenges are only live for a few days, but as long as they’re up, they offer a chance to unlock more goodies if you complete them.

The good news about the newest available BitLife challenge is that it’s very easy compared to others. The bad news? This, we believe, is the second challenge since the feature was launched where the requirements are all secret, which means you’ll typically need to discover them for yourself. Fortunately, we were able to complete the challenge based on our knowledge of the movie that inspired it.

bitlife ferris bueller challenge requirements

With that in mind, this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide will walk you through how to complete the Ferris Bueller Challenge in as little time possible. Read on if you’re ready to play some hooky, get in trouble at school, and enjoy some shenanigans away from the classroom!

Staying True To The Movie – Be A Male Born In Chicago

Before you start out on your run of delinquency, you have to start at the very beginning and keep in mind the setting of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. That means your character needs to be a male who is born in Chicago — no other prerequisites needed in terms of stats, just make sure you’re creating a male character and setting the Windy City as his birthplace.

bitlife chicago born male

Once you’ve created your ersatz version of Ferris Bueller, you can move on to the next of the five hidden requirements, which is to get suspended or expelled from school.

Start Out Young And Early As A Troublemaker

At this point, we are giving you the heads-up that this is a challenge you can complete before your character becomes a legal adult, so if you want to finish it sooner rather than later, we would suggest causing trouble at school at the soonest possible time. The ways in which you can do this are quite varied — you can mess with or insult your classmates, you can fight back if someone is bullying you, you can act up in class or disrespect the teacher, and most of all, you can argue with the principal or insult them once you get sent to their office.

bitlife principal's office

Originally, it was mentioned on Reddit that you would need to get expelled in order to complete this requirement. This would suggest that if you have God Mode, you can edit the principal’s stats to set their Strictness at 100 (or close to that), and repeatedly cause trouble to the point that you get kicked out. However, that isn’t the case after all — simply getting suspended is good enough to get the second box ticked.

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That said, you may still need to cause several disruptions in school if the principal isn’t strict enough and you don’t have God Mode, but it’s still much easier than having to make sure you actually get asked to leave school and transfer elsewhere.

You Can Start Playing Hooky In Secondary School

The main premise of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is that the titular character is a habitual truant who has a day of misadventure after faking an illness. That means you are going to have to cut class at least once in order to fulfill the third requirement — this option becomes available once you reach secondary school (that’s at the age of 11 for U.S. Bitizens), so you can choose the Skip School option at that point in the game.

how to skip school in bitlife

Now if you skip school, it’s possible that you may be seen by a concerned adult (and that might include the ever-present “blind man”), but that’s okay — if you get spotted and reported to your principal, you could always take this opportunity to insult them or argue with them if you haven’t met the second requirement yet. As we mentioned, that’s one good way to get yourself a suspension or expulsion!

Ferris Bueller Has A Girlfriend, And So Should You

Now this requirement can be completed at any time from the age of 10 onward — given that Ferris has a girlfriend in the movie, your character should also have one, even if she won’t play a part anywhere else in the completion of the challenge. There are no special requirements in terms of your prospective girlfriend’s stats, but in order to simplify the process, we suggest checking your list of classmates by tapping on the School tab, then on the name of your school, then on the Class tab.

how to get a girlfriend in bitlife

Choose a girl who already has a green Relationship tab, have a Conversation with her, then Flirt with her if the outcome of your chit-chat was positive. In most cases, you can ask her out and make her your girlfriend. If you ended up in an all-boys’ school, the Date option becomes available once you reach the age of 14 — you can also meet girls by going to the gym from age 12 onward, though this is a random event that won’t always pop up after you’re done with your sweat session.

We’re not sure if getting dumped by your girlfriend will uncheck the fourth box, but in order to prevent this from happening, we suggest regularly making conversation or complimenting your significant other after you’ve become a couple. If worse comes to worst, you have the option to exit the game and restart it once you see that dreaded “Your girlfriend, _____, wants to break up with you” dialog box pop up after you hit Age.

Stealing A Car – It Doesn’t Have To Be A Ferrari

In the movie, Ferris actually borrowed his best friend’s dad’s Ferrari for his “day off,” but since it still isn’t possible to borrow other people’s rides in BitLife, you’re going to need to take some illegal actions in order to have a set of wheels and get the fifth of the secret requirements. In short — you’re going to have to steal a car.

how to steal a car in bitlife

The option to steal cars becomes available once you reach the age of 15, and you don’t need to have a driver’s license in order to successfully pull it off. Just choose one of the five available vehicles in the drop-down box, but since you’re going to have to steal the car without getting caught, we would recommend stealing the cheapest available vehicle among the five.

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With that said, you don’t need to be stealing a Ferrari for added authenticity — to go back to the last point, you’re less likely to attract the attention of random passers-by, the car’s owner, or the police if you steal a Prius or a Kia Optima as opposed to a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, or a Bentley. In our playthrough, we were successful in stealing a Dodge Charger, so we would advise against stealing cars that are typically valued at more than $40,000 brand new.

The usual routine applies after you’ve completed the Ferris Bueller Challenge — choose a prize chest and unlock a new pair of eyewear or a new hat.