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BitLife Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge

With another year almost over and BitLife now more than four years old, the popular iOS and Android life simulator is still chugging along with the weekly challenges. We can’t stress enough how Candywriter chose the perfect feature to enhance the game’s replay value, but for those who aren’t too familiar with the feature, the weekly challenges give you up to four days to complete a series of tasks based on the week’s given theme, which could be general in nature with a heavy emphasis on grinding, or based on a popular movie, TV show, or celebrity.

bitlife can't stop won't stop challenge requirements

After last week’s Death Note Challenge, BitLife seems to be back to the grind-heavy classics with this week’s challenge. The Street Hustler Update from earlier this year helped inspire a number of previous challenges, and in the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge, you will be tested on how well you can perform in a variety of hustles, but mainly on whether or not you can make street hustling your bread and butter and your means of becoming a self-made man or woman in the BitLife universe.

That said, this is an easy challenge aside from the grinding, but if you need some help completing it sooner rather than later, be sure to keep reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide as we break down the requirements for the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge.

The Operative Words Are “Various Streets”

When starting out in the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge, there’s no need to set anything up in God Mode or keep re-rolling for a certain type of character. This one’s open to all Bitizens regardless of birth country, gender, or stats — as a Street Hustler, none of those things matter.

panhandling in bitlife

What matters is your ability to busk, panhandle, and/or scam people on the streets, and those things don’t require any special skill set or educational attainment, though you do have to be 18 or older to work as a Street Hustler, as is the case with all the other Special Careers in BitLife.

The first requirements will ask you to successfully panhandle at least five times, successfully busk at least five times, and scam at least 25 people, and the mere act of reaching those totals can be achieved by switching from hustle to hustle, with the rest happening organically.

busking in bitlife

However, you’ll need to pay attention to the words “Various Streets” in the panhandle and busk requirements, so make sure to move from one street to another from time to time, or if you run into someone wise to your grift (or an officer of the law), choose the option to move streets. These are still very easy to complete, but fair warning — once you’ve proven that you can hustle a bit in this challenge, you’ll need to prove that hustling can be a lucrative long-term venture, and that would be through earning $1 million in profits across all your years of hustling.

Keep Grinding at One Hustle and Stick to the Busiest Street

Once you’ve figured out which type of hustle you have the most potential at, the next thing to do is to stick to that hustle and keep getting better at it while, as much as possible, staying in the busiest street or at least returning there before you hit the Age button. The better you are at hustling, the more passive income you can earn per year, and busier streets, of course, mean more people to con out of their hard-earned dough. While you probably might take at least a decade to earn the required $1 million profit in the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge, you will eventually get there if you stick to this plan.

bitlife hustles

One thing to remember when trying to get better at any given type of hustle is that negative events seem to have a greater impact on your Skill than the positive ones do. This is even more evident when one negative event could lead to another — for example, someone on the street refuses your offer to buy counterfeit merchandise, and refuses again after you choose the Insist option.

That’s effectively a double whammy, and could more than negate the progress you made after successfully scamming two people in a row. You will also want to avoid as many obvious interactions with the police as possible — we say “obvious” because there’s also the possibility you may end up getting busted by an undercover cop. (Though that’s not to say it’s impossible to hustle a cop out of their money as a BitLife street hustler!)

victim in bitlife

All told, this is the one part of the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge that will take up most of your time. Expect to quit and restart the game on the regular while trying to hit the $1 million profit mark, as this is the only way to really get around those instances where people don’t want any part of whatever hustle you’re working on.

You Can Emigrate at Any Time and Resume Your Hustle Upon Returning Home

The final requirement in the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge is to emigrate five times, and thankfully, this includes returning to your home country. What does this mean as far as challenge completion is concerned?

immigration request in bitlife

Well, this means that you can interrupt your hustling momentarily to emigrate to another country, keep moving from one nation to another, and eventually return home to continue your quest to earn $1 million worth of hustle profits. All that will count toward the five emigrations, and you won’t lose any Street Smarts or Skills if you briefly interrupt your career as a Street Hustler to take care of this extremely simple task.

emigration in bitlife

After emigrating five times, that should wrap things up for the challenge, and just as always, you’ll have a new hat or new eyewear awaiting in one of the four prize chests as a reward for completion. It’s status quo at this point in the world of BitLife challenges, but as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.