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BitLife Can’t Catch Me Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Can’t Catch Me Challenge

If there’s a reason why thousands of players still play BitLife even if it’s been out for more than three years, the answer to this question is simple — the continued trend of weekly challenges rolling out every Saturday afternoon and lasting for the next four days or so.

Each week, Candywriter chooses a theme for the challenge, as well as about four to six requirements or tasks (in most cases) that are based on that theme. Sometimes, it may be the company’s way of tipping its hat to a certain pop culture phenomenon or property, but other times, it may be a simpler, more general challenge that does away with the movie, TV, and/or music references.

bitlife can't catch me challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge takes us back to the general side of things, and while the name of the challenge may sound a bit similar to a certain Leonardo DiCaprio movie, bear in mind that you aren’t inviting the cops of the BitLife universe to catch you if they can. This is a general crime-based challenge, and you’ll be doing your fair share of bank robbing and embezzlement while doing a number of things that real-life bad guys do to get the law off their back.

So if you have yet to complete the Can’t Catch Me Challenge, check out this BitLife mini-strategy guide, which shows you everything you need to do to accomplish all five requirements without having to start a new life, use the Time Machine, or waste too much time wrapping things up.

Corporate Jobs Allow For Big-Time Embezzlement

This might sound like deja vu, since last week’s challenge required you to get a job in a corporate field. And while there is no hard, fast rule in the Can’t Catch Me Challenge that requires you to take a specific type of job, working a corporate job could make it easier for you to embezzle the required $100,000. Of course, you’ll need to choose a relevant college course (Finance, Marketing, etc.) and attend two years of business school afterwards to qualify for a corporate job.

banker position in bitlife

So with that in mind, we would recommend re-rolling your character until you get someone with good Smarts or better — gender is irrelevant and so are the other basic stats, but Smarts should be prioritized when creating a character. God Mode players should also choose Crime as a Special Skill, as this would make it easier for you to rob banks successfully later on in the challenge.

But don’t get into trouble just yet, even if this challenge asks you to do some really illegal things — a criminal record will disqualify you from most jobs, including and especially the ones classified as corporate, so you may want to save your illegal shenanigans for the time you’re already employed.

embezzlement in bitlife

When embezzling money from the company you work for, go to the Crime section in Activities, then choose Embezzle. You will then see a drop-down box that indicates the amount of funds you will be embezzling — always choose An Awful Lot. You can choose to repeat this more than once per year, though each subsequent embezzlement attempt per year will yield diminishing returns.

Also, the law might be likelier to catch you if you embezzle funds multiple times a year, which is another reason why doing this once before hitting the Age button may be the better way to go with this part of the challenge.

There’s Still No Surefire Way To Guarantee A Successful Bank Robbery

Out of all the crimes you can commit in the BitLife universe, robbing a bank is one of the toughest to pull off without getting caught, even if you’ve got God Mode and your character has Crime as a Special Skill. Having the latter makes it substantially easier, but there doesn’t seem to be any secret formula to make it work 100 percent of the time, or even close to that.

bitlife robbery plan

As such, this is the part of the Can’t Catch Me Challenge that may require the most patience. You can try mixing and matching banks, robbery weapons, disguises, and getaway vehicles, but based on our experience, this doesn’t seem to matter too much when determining the odds of a successful robbery.

bitlife successful robbery

The good thing here is that you only need to pull off two successful robberies in order to get that green check mark, so just keep trying, just as you would in the very next requirement we shall be discussing.

Likewise, It May Take Patience Before You Evade The Cops Successfully

The Can’t Catch Me Challenge also requires that you successfully run from the police at least two times, and just like bank robbery, there’s no way to improve your chances of evading the law each and every time you attempt to do so. If anything, this seems to be totally random, and only two out of every ten attempts may be successful.

bitlife escape from police

Once again, the only way to complete this requirement is to keep trying and keep quitting and restarting the game before moving forward with the final outcome of your arrest. At some point, you’ll be able to evade arrest a second time, and once you do, that should tick off another box in the BitLife Can’t Catch Me Challenge.

And as a bonus tip, we would suggest doing this after you’ve completed the bank robbery requirement — just keep robbing banks, and if you’re successful, at least that means more money in your bank account. If you’re not, then try to run away from the cops, quit the game and restart if you get caught, keep on playing if you avoided the law.

The Easy Part Of The Challenge – Name Changes And Emigration

Once you’ve completed the last two requirements we mentioned, you’re officially on easy street. But if you want to avoid the possibility of the police showing up after you hit the Age button and arresting you for your previous crimes, we’d suggest filing for a name change right after committing the crime.

name change in bitlife

Keep changing your name until you’ve done it five times, and don’t worry about the costs — the fee to change your name is only $200 if you’re based in the U.S., so that’s only $1,250 for a total of five name changes. You can always try again if your name change application is rejected — it can happen from time to time, but it definitely won’t be the end of the world if that ever happens.

As for emigration, your current country’s emigration board will likely deny your application if you have an outstanding criminal record, but as we hinted above, changing your name after committing a crime seems to work in getting the law off your back. We would suggest saving emigration for the latter parts of the challenge, and staying at least one year in the country you moved to before repeating the process.

immigration in bitlife

Just keep in mind that emigrating back to your original country, or to a country you’ve previously emigrated to, won’t count toward the five successful attempts. And since there are no specific countries you may or may not emigrate to, you can just choose any one at random, just as long as you haven’t been there previously.

Completing this requirement should complete the challenge and, just as is the case every week, allow you to choose from one of the four chests to claim your “mystery prize” — a new hat or eyewear that you can add to your collection of unlocked accessories.