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BitLife Burger Bob Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Burger Bob Challenge

Although BitLife is now four years old, the game just keeps getting better and better. In this game, iOS and Android device users alike can get to create their characters and live their fictional lives while navigating through a laundry list of random situations.

But admittedly, that could get a bit boring, which is why developers Candywriter decided to spice things up a while ago by introducing the Challenges feature. Whether they’re based on famous people or famous movies, TV shows, or other properties or based on nothing, in particular, challenges are arguably what keep people invested in BitLife more than four years after its debut.

bitlife burger bob challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge marks the return to challenges inspired by pop culture properties after several weeks of focusing on the old-school style of challenges that aren’t inspired by anything or anyone in particular. The Burger Bob Challenge, so renamed to avoid copyright issues, is clearly inspired by the popular animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers. This challenge also marks the return to the features introduced in the Business Update.

Can you make a good living for yourself, your wife, and your three children while running a successful food truck that doesn’t sell anything but burgers…with the name of your products changing every year? That’s what Candywriter is asking you to do as part of this challenge, and if you need a helping hand with any of the requirements, please continue reading as we get you up to speed on the Burger Bob Challenge.

Owning a Food Truck Takes Patience

Creating a character for the challenge takes very little effort — just make sure they’re male and born in New Jersey (Newark seems to be the only New Jersey city among the choices in the character creation screen). No need to pay attention to their stats in any way. But when it comes down to owning a food truck, this is the part of the Burger Bob Challenge that requires the most patience and the most grinding.

The easy way to go about this would be to play professional sports or become some sort of celebrity, but this would typically require that you have God Mode so you can choose a Special Talent. Otherwise, you would probably need to attend college and get a relatively high-paying job.

bitlife special talent

Don’t buy any expensive assets like cars or houses. If you got a car for your 16th birthday and it’s a rather pricey model in good condition, sell it right away — it seems BitLife hasn’t made any changes that would make your parents disappointed if you immediately sell their expensive gift.

And if you’re willing to take a gamble, try playing blackjack at the casinos or betting on the horse races — this is a very risky option, though, as anyone who’s played BitLife for quite a while knows that the blackjack games are always set up in such a way that the dealer wins well over 50 percent of the time!

bitlife food truck

Otherwise, this is an endeavor that might take some time to complete, and for this reason, you might want to hold off on dating, and especially hold off on starting a family. You need all the money you can save so that you have the $250,000-plus required minimum investment to buy a food truck as a start-up business.

Listen to the Analysts and Always Choose the Best Quality / Lowest Price with Suppliers

Now that you’ve got your food truck, your next step would be to run it for at least ten years and earn a combined profit of at least $1 million. There’s no need to strive toward expansion or launch more than one product. We suggest sticking to just one product alone to keep things simple — make sure you’re choosing a burger, of course, and once you do, don’t add any new items as there isn’t any real need to. Chances are, if you follow what we will be advising you in a bit, you should earn $1 million in profits with a few years to go before your tenth.

product branding in bitlife

That piece of advice, as it is in previous challenges that made use of the Business career pack, would be to listen to the advice of your analysts and make sure you’ve got the lowest possible production cost per unit combined with the best possible quality.

For the former, you should be on the lookout for those dialog boxes where the analysts forecast increases or decreases in demand or suggest selling more units or fewer units to maximize your profit. They aren’t always accurate, but they do get it right more often than they don’t, so keep their advice to heart.

analyst forecast in bitlife

As for the latter, BitLife seems to have made some tweaks that make it harder to find suppliers with a low production cost and high quality, but as long as you’re chipping away in the sense that the production cost decreases and the quality increases over time, you should be good. There is, however, something very simple yet easy to overlook that you should focus on when trying to complete the Burger Bob Challenge.

Keep an Eye Out on Those Product Rebrands!

It seems so very easy at first — rebranding a product for the Burger Bob Challenge costs progressively more for each time you rebrand, but it won’t burn a hole through your proverbial pocket, and you can choose any name you wish for your product, even repeating names if BitLife gives you a name you had previously used. But you should also remember that the requirement is detailed as such — you need to rebrand your product at least once per year for at least ten years.

product rebrand in bitlife

You don’t want to unnecessarily head to the Time Machine to undo your oversight — it may only cost you a dollar, but that dollar per Time Machine usage could add up. (If you bought unlimited uses for $20, this would be a non-issue, but still.) Be very conscientious when it comes to those product rebounds because the game does not allow you to redo the end of a fiscal year!

That means if you quit the game after hitting Age but before confirming all the events, you won’t go back to where things were before you tapped on the Age button. When you restart the game, you’ll already have aged a year, and your rebranding streak will effectively be reset, so once again, be very careful despite the ease of this requirement!

Wait Till You’ve Opened Your Business Before Starting a Family

The very last requirement of the Burger Bob Challenge is to get married and have three kids. Sounds very easy indeed, but keep in mind that for your wife to have kids, she will have to be preferably no older than her early-to-mid-40s by the time she’s giving birth to your third child.

wedding planning in bitlife

That could mean going for young partners when using the dating functions in the Activities section, but one thing’s for sure here — it’s best to wait till you’ve already bought the food truck and started your business before finding a woman to settle down with.

The reason behind this is that having a wife and kids could negatively affect the amount of money you’ve saved per year. Yes, it does help that once you get married, you and your wife will combine bank balances. But you would also want to finish the challenge before your kids enter college, so the best scenario here would be saving this for the very last.

bitlife relationships

Once your wife has given birth to your third kid, that will put a wrap on the BitLife Burger Bob Challenge and allow you to choose from one of the four prize chests for new eyewear/a new hat for your user-controlled Bitizens and NPCs alike.