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BitLife Bridgerton Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Bridgerton Challenge

With BitLife players now waiting anxiously for the next major update to roll out, it’s time to spend those weekends (and the start of the new week) once again focusing on the weekly challenges Candywriter keeps cranking out to keep people interested in the now three-year-old title. For those who aren’t yet aware, these challenges are limited-time events that typically last four days, and come with a set of tasks or requirement based on a certain theme. Quite frequently, these themes are inspired by popular films or television shows, such as the one that debuted over the weekend on BitLife.

bitlife bridgerton challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge draws inspiration from a Netflix original series — a period piece that combines a classic 19th century setting with a lot of the intrigue, rumor, and innuendo you may be familiar with thanks to any given show set in modern times. And while you won’t be able to go back to the 19th century with the Bridgerton Challenge, this challenge should test how well you can hobnob with people, spread rumors, and eventually marry into royalty in the BitLife Universe.

And as always, we’ve got a handy BitLife mini-strategy guide that you can refer to if you want to finish this challenge as quickly and with as little rework or restarting as possible. (And without having to pay a dollar for a trip to the Time Machine!)

Keep Re-Rolling Until You Get a Smart Character

The first requirement in BitLife’s Bridgerton Challenge is to be a female born in the United Kingdom, which is, as is traditionally the case, the easiest — as it initially seems, you just need to choose the U.K. as your birth country, make your character female, and you’re off to the races. However, it may be much easier if you keep re-rolling for a new character until you get one with 70 Smarts or higher. God Mode players can also set this when creating a new character, but those who don’t have the feature may need to show some patience.

bitlife character attributes

The reason why we suggest having high Smarts at birth is because the game has made it tougher for high school graduates to get a job as a Writer, which is the first step before becoming a famous Author several years down the line. Whereas in the past, Bitizens of average intelligence can get a Writer job straight out of high school, recent updates have seen this nerfed; you won’t get a writing job unless your Smarts is at least at 70.

If you didn’t realize this at first and pushed forward with a low- or average-intelligence character, there are a few ways to improve the Smarts stat. One is by reading books in the Activities menu/Mind and Body sub-menu, and another way is to join extra-curricular clubs in school, as these could also increase your Smarts stat substantially, especially if you become an officer. Just make sure your Smarts are at 70 or higher by the time you graduate, and you won’t be laughed out of the office (nor would you learn that the company’s HR team threw your resume in the trash) while applying for a Writer job.

You Need to Make at Least 10 Friends to Fulfill the Rumors Requirement

Moving on to the next two requirements, you will also need to attend at least 15 parties with your friends and spread at least ten rumors against your friends. Sounds easy, and both can be completed before you’re done with school. That’s especially true with the 15 parties — it doesn’t matter with whom you attend the parties with, just as long as you attend no fewer than 15. The rumors requirement, meanwhile, may be a bit tricky.

friend in bitlife

Upon reading the requirement in the list of tasks for the Bridgerton Challenge, you may think that it also doesn’t matter whether you spread multiple rumors against one friend, as long as you spread at least ten overall. However, what the requirement doesn’t say is that you need to spread those rumors against ten separate friends.

relationships in bitlife

It shouldn’t be too hard to make 10 friends in school, and if a random kid tries to make friends with you before you start school, don’t turn them down. With that, you only need to spread one rumor against each friend (an option that becomes available once you turn 12), and that should also be safer for you at the end of the day when it comes to potential retaliations, though to be on the safe side, you may want to avoid making friends with anyone whose Craziness bar is in orange or red territory — these Bitizens are more likely to react violently than their “saner,” green-bar counterparts.

Become a Famous Author First, and Marry a Royal Later

In other occupations where you can become famous, such as Actor, Athlete, and Musician jobs, you get famous right after completing your first project or signing your first pro sports contract. But being a famous Author, even before BitLife’s musician and actor updates, always took a bit longer for characters to reach celebrity status.

becoming a famous author in bitlife

To be specific, it takes about a decade or so for writers to become famous Authors, and that’s even if you use the Work Harder option at least 2-3 times a year, as we often advise in order for you to reach perfect job performance levels sooner rather than later.

However, before you go about completing the final requirement, which is to marry a Royal, keep in mind that you will have to resign from your job before actually marrying into the Royal Family. That means you’ll have to first achieve fame as an Author before tying the knot with your Royal partner.

bitlife royal duties

Finding a Royal partner can take some time, as these are naturally quite rare if you’re playing the field by using the Date option under Love. Perhaps only one out of 20 people you randomly meet will turn out to be Royals, so you may have to quit and restart BitLife a few times before you get lucky and meet a Royal Family member while looking for love. Keep your relationship strong with conversations, compliments, and love making (assuming they aren’t saving it for marriage), and once again, wait until you’re famous before proceeding with the wedding ceremony.

Tie the knot, and that should do it for the Bridgerton Challenge, allowing you to unlock a new hat or eyewear for your characters (both user characters and NPCs) to use during your next playthroughs.