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BitLife Beast & Beauty Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Beast & Beauty Challenge

As the wait for another big update starts, BitLife is making sure iOS and Android players alike have a reason to go back to the popular life simulator game at least once a week. We don’t need to tell you that we’re referring to the weekly challenges, which are still going strong as we speak and offering players new ways to enjoy BitLife and see how well they can complete the week’s series of tasks. It’s no joke to remain relevant in the mobile gaming space for more than four years after release, and the weekly challenges have a lot to do with it for BitLife.

bitlife beast & beauty challenge requirements

It seems Candywriter is back to mining pop culture properties for these BitLife challenges, and this time, the company’s paying tribute to a classic fairy tale that was made into two notable Disney movies — an animated version in 1991 and a live-action version in 2017. We are, of course, referring to Beauty and the Beast, but for what we can assume are legal reasons, they’re calling it the Beast & Beauty Challenge.

This is one of the easier challenges of 2023 so far, but if you’re still finding it a bit tricky at some points, keep on reading as we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about quickly completing the Beast & Beauty Challenge in this BitLife mini-strategy guide.

Basic Requirements — Be a Female Born in France, Prioritize Looks

There really isn’t that much to creating a character for BitLife’s Beast & Beauty Challenge — the game specifically says you should create a female character who’s born in France, but beyond that, the only thing you need to prioritize is Looks. That’s because of one of the other requirements you’ll need to complete later on in the challenge. As far as Smarts are concerned, you’ll also need them later on, but you don’t need to worry about that when creating a character, as we’ll also be explaining a little further on in this guide.

bitlife graduate school

The Beast & Beauty Challenge is also one of those challenges that require you to exhibit good behavior in school and get high grades, so make sure you’re ignoring the bullies, resisting the temptation to play hooky, and studying harder when needed to ensure yourself of a college, and later graduate school scholarship.

Read as Many Children’s Books as Possible to Complete the Reading Requirement

The next requirement we’ll be discussing is the one where you need to read at least ten books. As most BitLife players should know, you can do this by tapping on the book icon until you reach the very last page. There’s now a “watch the movie (version of the book)” option that allows you to skip the tapping process in exchange for watching an ad video, but we’d recommend avoiding this shortcut in the meantime, as it might nullify your progress in the book-reading requirement.

reading a book in bitlife

To speed up the reading process, we suggest starting out as young as possible (5 years old onward) and focusing your efforts on children’s books. These books are usually only 20 to 50 pages long, so instead of reading a normal-sized book and moving on to the next, you can make this process up to ten times faster by sticking to the shorter picture books and similar titles. Don’t wait too long for this, though, as children’s books show up far more frequently once you reach your teens!

Becoming a Librarian Requires a Grad School Degree

As far as work goes, you’ll need to stay on-brand for the Beast & Beauty Challenge and find work as a librarian. This would require a graduate school degree, but since not all college courses lead to a path to grad school, we would suggest sticking to something relevant to the Librarian career track, such as English.

librarian job in bitlife

After completing four years of college, you can apply for graduate school, which takes two years to complete. It is only at that point when you can apply for a Librarian or Librarian Aide job, both of which count toward the completion of this requirement.

Just as we had advised you to be on your best behavior and get good grades through high school, you should also remain on the straight and narrow in college, as bad behavior and/or grades could disqualify you from a grad school scholarship! And graduate school in the BitLife universe, much like in the real world, doesn’t come cheap.

Dating an Uggo — Look for Partners With Red Looks Bars

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the BitLife universe, beauty is measured by a stat called Looks. So with that said, how can you determine what qualifies as an “uggo,” per the Beast & Beauty Challenge’s requirements?

bitlife love match

It’s quite simple — a Bitizen qualifies as an “uggo” if their Looks bar is red. When using the Date or Dating App options in the Love menu, look for men with red Looks bars, start dating them, and wait a few years before proposing. (Important note — We weren’t able to check if this requirement is gender-specific or not, so just to be on the safe side, we suggest sticking to male partners for this requirement.)

bitlife love birds

Depending on how much you have in your bank account, you can opt to buy a ring to increase the chances of your partner saying “yes,” but if you choose not to, that’s fine — just make sure your Relationship bar is filled up, and make sure you’re proposing in a romantic setting. That means no strip clubs, sports events, or concerts — formal events should work here, but nothing that’s typically too noisy for a proposal to take place in!

Save the 100 Percent Looks Requirement for Last

Last, but not least, the Beast & Beauty Challenge requires you to have 100 percent Looks, and just as it is in other challenges with such a task, this is best saved for last. Looks (and most other stats) may fluctuate each time you hit on the Age button, and this requirement can be nullified if you drop below 100 percent in any given year.

bitlife gym

So with that possibility in mind, we suggest going to the gym, going on walks, or as a last resort, getting some form of plastic surgery (with a reputable doctor, of course) to boost your Looks to 100 percent once all the other requirements have been completed. That should wrap up the Beast & Beauty Challenge and, once again, allow you to open a prize chest and redeem a new set of eyewear or a new hat.