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BitLife Barbie Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Barbie Challenge

It’s been quite some time since the good people at Candywriter rolled out a major update for BitLife. There may be one coming soon — and it should benefit Android users far more than iOS users — but in the meantime, the company has been keeping players busy every weekend (and during the first few days of the new week) with new challenges.

As you should know by now, these would require you to create a new character or start a new visual life and live that life based on the challenge’s theme and the four to six requirements that are provided. Challenge completion allows you to unlock new accessories, and if you’ve been playing the game at least since late 2019, we’re guessing you’ve got a ton of them unlocked already.

bitlife barbie challenge requirements

Unlike many of the recent BitLife challenges, this new one doesn’t tip its hat to a movie or TV series. It does, however, pay tribute to one of the world’s most iconic toy franchises, and the things some people do in order to help them in their modeling careers.

We’re talking about the Barbie Challenge, and in this new BitLife mini-strategy guide, we’re going to walk you through each of the four requirements and show you how to complete the challenge in as little time possible. It’s quite an easy challenge, but there may be some tricky parts to it, so keep reading if you haven’t completed it yet!

Be A Female With Preferably Good Looks

As clearly stated in the first requirement of the Barbie Challenge, you need to be creating a female character. But what the game won’t tell you is that it would be better if your character starts out with good Looks — this makes things easier if you’re trying to get a modeling job straight out of high school, but if you only have average Looks at birth, there are ways to get this stat up for free, including going to the gym (which is free until you turn 18) and taking part in school sports, if you are athletic enough.

bitlife model life

Most likely, though, it will be those plastic surgeries that allow you to get your Looks up, and we’ll be showing you the best way to get them — in the next tip. That’s going to cover the next two requirements, which are working as a model and getting all plastic surgeries except gender reassignment.

Get A Part-Time Job To Afford Those Procedures

Although you need to be 18 years old and above in order to get plastic surgery, you can start saving up enough money to get those procedures by taking a part-time job. The earliest age in which you can do this is 14, and while it won’t pay you much, you’ll probably be able to afford a couple of them upon graduation from high school.

bitlife newspaper delivery job

Make sure you’re choosing a competent doctor for this, meaning someone whose Reputation bar is green — choosing a doctor with a red or orange Reputation bar leaves you with a fairly good chance that they will botch the operation, resulting in serious damage to your Looks and a similarly strong chance that you won’t get a job as a model, or will be fired from your modeling job.

We would suggest keeping the part-time job until you get promoted for the first time in the Model career track — you will start out as a Foot Model earning about $20,000 to $25,000 per year, then will get promoted in a few years to Hand Model, then Catalog Model, then Lingerie Model, and finally to Runway Model. Most players should get that final promotion in their late 20s (assuming you didn’t attend college) and rise to fame as a Famous Supermodel in their early 30s.

bitlife photo shoot

All in all, plastic surgery in BitLife can cost as little as less than $1,000 for simpler procedures such as Botox, or could go beyond the $10,000 mark, as it would if you’re getting a Brazilian Butt Lift. Also bear in mind that certain procedures can only be done once in the game — there are some, however, such as Botox and Face Lift, that can be done multiple times.

bitlife liposuction surgery

You probably won’t need that, however, as you can still exit BitLife and restart it in order to undo a botched procedure — that is, by quitting the game without confirming the results of the surgery, then reopening it right away.

Mansions, Manors, Palaces, And Chateaus Qualify For The Last Requirement

The final requirement of the Barbie Challenge is to own a Mansion or a “similar” type of property, and you can make enough money to buy such a home outright by first reaching Famous Supermodel status. Once you’re Famous, you can create at least two social media accounts (if you haven’t created them yet), keep starring in commercials, writing books and making sure they get mixed reviews or better, and posting on social media.

bitlife famous supermodel

Once you’ve got at least 10,000 fans on a platform with 40 percent Fame or greater, you can then request to be verified, which increases your Fame stat by 20 percent per platform. Posing for sexy photoshoots, which becomes available when Fame is around 40 to 50 percent, also works very well in greatly improving your Fame.

Hitting 90 percent Fame is important, as this allows you to make more than $2 million per commercial — even one $2 million-plus ad should be enough to buy you a mansion. But what does it mean when the game suggests a “similar” type of property? That would cover other similarly pricey homes that have more than five bedrooms, such as Chateaus, Manors, and Palaces.

bitlife chic manor

All of these will work as alternates to an actual mansion, and when you buy such a property, that should wrap things up for the Barbie Challenge and allow you to claim your prize — again, that’s going to be new shades/glasses or a new hat to add to your unlocked accessories!