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Big Big Baller Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: Everything You Need to Know

If you like the .io-style games, then you will definitely love Big Big Baller! Available for Android and iOS devices, Big Big Baller is all about rolling over all types of objects and growing your ball bigger and bigger. Increase the size of your ball and gain levels, earn coins, unlock new awesome skins, and compete against players from all over the world.

Ready to get your ball rolling and fill in your pockets? Then read on for some great tips and cheats for Big Big Baller!

1. Start Off By Eating Small Objects

Keep an eye on the M indicator

At first, you will only be able to eat those objects whose size is smaller than the size of your ball. As you progress through the game and your ball grows bigger, you will need to start eating bigger objects. As you progress towards the end of the level, your ball will practically swallow the whole city.

However, since not all the objects you come across are equal, you will need to keep an eye on the M indicator. M represents the size your ball will gain after eating an object and it will drop as your ball grows bigger and bigger. This means that, if you want to keep growing, you will need to eat bigger objects.

2. Eat Strategically To Increase Your Score

Go to specific areas

Depending on your size, there are specific areas that allow you to grow big really quickly. For example, when your ball is small, you can start by looking around for a parking. Eating cars will allow your ball to grow rapidly. Once you reach the medium size, woods are an excellent choice. Start off with eating trees and stones, and then go for the dinosaurs. When you grow really large, the whole city will be yours. Look around for big buildings such as airplane hangars or stadiums.

3. Knock Out Other Balls To Increase Your Size

Eat the objects they drop

If a larger ball hits you, you will get killed. However, you won’t lose your size when you revive. But you will do lose all your objects. Similarly, if you manage to knock out a ball whose size is smaller than yours, it will lose all its objects. That means that if you eat all the objects it was holding, your size will increase significantly.

4. How To Unlock All The Skins In Big Big Baller

Go for the hidden ones as well

As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock a wide variety of skins. And this includes some hidden, awesome skins. Here is a list of the best available skins and tips on how to win them:

Chocolate Sprinkle Donut: you will unlock it if you log in for 2 days in a row

Black Skull: you will unlock it if you log in for 3 days in a row

Green Monster Ball: you will unlock it if you log in for 3 days in a row

Orange Slice: becomes available after you complete 10 games

Jigsaw Puzzle: finish in first place 10 times (not necessarily in a row)

Monkey Ball: finish in first place 30 times

Chipmunk Ball: finish in first place 60 times

Hamster Ball: finish in first place 100 times

Orange Ball: crash 300 objects

Mummy: crash 800 objects

Prince Ball: crash 2,000 objects

Strawberry: reach experience level 6

Deer: reach experience level 15

King Ball: reach experience level 22

Unicorn: reach experience level 30

Red Bowling Ball: you will get it after you finish 30 games

Fried Egg: you will get it after you finish 80 games

Eggplant Ball: you will get it as a reward for knocking out 30 opposing balls

Orange Meteor: you will unlock it for knocking out 100 opponents

Pineapple Ball: you will unlock it for knocking out 200 opponents

Red Ninja Ball: you will unlock it for knocking out 500 opponents

Waterpolo Ball: reach a score of 500m

Purple Disco Ball: reach a score of 800m

Stuffed Bellpepper Ball: eat 500 cars to get it

Penguin Ball: eat 1000 buildings

5. Watch Ads To Increase Your Earnings And Points

Win extra spins for rewards

For each finished round, you will earn experience points and coins. If you want to double them, Big Big Baller allows you to watch a video ad. There is another video ad that allows you to spin for a bonus. The coins chests, for example, can be worth from 50 up to 300 coins. So definitely worth going for one!

This pretty much sums up our Big Big Baller cheats, tips and tricks. If you know any other tricks you would like to talk about, drop us a line!

April Holland

Monday 5th of November 2018

How do people get the pink and black skull over their balls making them impossible to crush.