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Alphabear 2 Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Though at first sight Alphabear 2 may seem like an easy English word puzzle game that only kids should play, as the game progresses you will be surprised to see how tough it may get! Developed by Spry Fox and available to download and play for free, Alphabear 2 is a Scrabble style game that challenges players to put their creativity to a test and make words as large as possible by picking out letters from a grid. The larger the words, the bigger the bears that appear in the grid and the higher your score!

Keep reading to discover our best Alpahbear 2 cheats, tips and strategies to help you get the highest scores and grow strong and big bears.

1. Pay Attention To The Tiles

Don’t let them turn to stone

Pay attention to the letters whose value decreases until it is reduced to zero. By each turn that passes, the tiles lose points. If they reach 0, they will turn to stone. This means that your bears will have no room left to grow and you will have fewer letters to play with. So make sure you get rid of the tiles as soon as possible. If it is necessary, use the letters to form short words. Just don’t let the tiles turn to stone and stunt the growth of your bears.

2. Make Bear Growth Your Top Priority

Bigger bears mean higher scores!

The purpose of the game is to grow your bears as big as possible by creating long words and using all the letters in the grid. When you clear out tiles, your bears will take their place and grow bigger and bigger. Obviously, the bigger your bears grow, the more points you will receive. However, pay attention to tactical words. Though writing a long word may be tempting, sometimes a shorter one may be more beneficial as it may prevent your tiles from turning to stone. So be careful!

3. Start From The Centre Of The Board

Make room for you bear to grow!

If you start to make words from the centre of the board towards the edge, your bears will have more room to grow.

4. Plurals Will Win You Extra Points

Use plurals and extended forms

Adding an –s to a word or using extended versions (e.g. use looking instead of look) can win you some extra points.

5. Use Your Creativity

Unexpected letter combinations can win you points

If you are not playing against time, you can try to get creative. There are many words that you didn’t even know that existed. For example, 2 letters words. If you are approaching the end of a stage and there are tiles you need to get rid of, try a lucky shot and combine a consonant and a vowel. It may actually work!

6. Take Advantage Of The Hints

Bears sometimes give you tips

It doesn’t always happen, but when you are low on letters, the bears can give you hints on the words you could make. So keep an eye on them!

7. Pay Attention To Time Limits

Play strategically

Though most levels don’t have a time limit, some do. Don’t panic and take a few seconds to make a strategy. You will have to move as fast as possible, so the best strategy would be to start clearing the stones that are at the centre of the board. By doing so, your bears will have more room to grow and, if some tiles turn to stone, they will be placed on the edge and won’t stunt your bear’s growth.

If you are leaving many stones behind, you can use short words to clear as much as possible. If you feel like you are lacking inspiration for 7+ letters words, don’t worry! If you manage to come up with a good amount of 3 letters words, you will still pass the level.

8. Speed Up Word Submission On Time-Limit Stages

Win valuable milliseconds

If you are playing a time-limit stage, this trick will help you gain some valuable time. There is no need to tap the tick button to submit your word. It suffices with touching the white area around it.

And this wraps up our Alphabear 2 cheats, tips and strategy guide. You are more than welcome to share your game experience with us and let us know how our tricks worked for you!