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BeatNiks Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Earning Coins and Properly Caring for Your Pets

It’s actually not what you may be thinking – BeatNiks is not a game about the beat poets of the ‘50s and ‘60s, those forerunners of today’s so-called “hipsters.” It’s an Android and iOS game from Harmonix that allows you to create and adopt your own BeatNik, which is a pet that’s made from your favorite music. You can choose from different music-inspired accessories and clothing items to customize your pet, play the usual mini-games to ensure your pet’s happiness, and do everything you could to keep it happy. The game boasts of more than a hundred items based on rock, pop, R&B, and just about every other genre out there, as well as items you can use to decorate your BeatNik’s home.

Raising pets is not easy business, as anyone who owns their own real-life pets can attest to. But we can make things easier for you with this list of BeatNiks tips, cheats and tricks.

1. Look At The Need Bubbles

When it comes to taking care of your BeatNiks, you should always pay attention to the need bubbles. The moment you see one of them dropping down, perform the action that would allow you to bring them back up. But since those BeatNiks can be a mischievous bunch, with a penchant for vandalism, you may have to scrub those walls quite frequently; tap the drawings your pets make in order to clean the walls.

2. How To Tend To Your Beatniks’ Needs

Your pets have an array of needs, but you can tend to them quite easily if you know what to do. If you notice your BeatNik is going hungry, tap on its need bubble for food and tap on the food you want to feed it. After that, drag the food off the table towards your pet’s mouth. Should your pet be dirty, tap on the corresponding need bubble to give it a bath. Tap on the pieces of dirt on your BeatNik to clean it off. And when it’s bored, you can play with it by playing any one of the available mini-games.

3. Earn More Coins, Here’s How

In order to earn coins, you’ll need to play the mini-games and play them right. The matching and high-five games will be the only ones available at first, but you can earn a good number of coins even with just two mini-games for starters. They can also get you experience points, which would allow you to unlock new mini-games, among other good stuff.

As for spending your coins, you can buy new outfits for your BeatNiks, as well as other items that your pets may need or want.

4. Get Even More Coins By Playing The High-Five Mini-Game

What’s the deal with this particular mini-game? If you’re curious, we’ll fill you in on it, as it’s quite an interesting ones. It uses music from your phone or tablet, and your goal is to hit high fives to the beat of the songs on your media collection. The game will keep moving into another song once one song is done until you tap on the back button to earn the rewards. You can earn a ton of coins and XP by playing this fun little game, so go play it whenever you could.