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Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Defeat the Cylons

Just like the name of the game suggests, Ludia’s new Android and iOS title Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons is based on the iconic television series, and is a card-collecting game (CCG) with a backstory fans of the series can relate to. According to Ludia, the evil Cylons have returned after four decades to the Twelve Colonies, and “bent on revenge,” they take over by launching nuclear weapons designed to destroy humanity as we know it. And while they don’t quite succeed, all that remains of humankind’s defenses are a “ragtag” fleet of civilian ships, including Galactica, which stands as the last Colonial Battlestar. And while your numbers are low as compared to the Cylons, that’s part of the challenge of the game; you are Commander of Galactica, and your job is to defend the human race from hordes of enemies that “never sleep.”

That’s the game’s summary in a nutshell, and just like in any other trading card game, there’s a lot of depth in this new title, and a lot of things to learn about mechanics, playing the right cards, choosing the right strategy, etc. But we won’t get to that just yet, as we shall instead be focusing on some beginner tips and tricks. Check out this Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons strategy guide, as we now show you some of the things you need to learn before moving on to the more advanced aspects of the game.

1. The Benefits Of Logging In Daily

It’s a good idea to log in to the game on a regular basis, so that you can redeem more rewards, and improve your collection of cards at any given time. Turning on game notifications on your phone helps, because you will receive a free pack of cards every three hours, with a guaranteed bronze blueprint and resources for free. And logging in on a daily basis will reward you with a Fleet Pack, which gives you more bonuses based on how well you’ve been performing so far. But what resources should you be collecting in Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons?

2. About The In-Game Resources

The game has a variety of resources you should be adding to on a regular basis. The first is Tylium, which is an energy unit that allows you to compete in more battles. You have the option to pay currency for barrels of Tylium, though it would be better to wait for a bit, be patient, and save up your money for more important things. Water and Metal can be both used to build or upgrade the ships that you have. But if they get damaged in battle, you can use Cubits to repair them after each defeat. As a bonus tip, you should also connect your game to Facebook, as that’s going to give you an instant 200 Cubits free of charge.

3. How Does Population Work?

Population should not be misconstrued as merely the number of people at any given time, just like the term normally suggests. Your population can increase whenever you add new ships to your fleet, or when you win in battle, but why is population tied into success or prosperity in terms of your ships? That’s because it’s actually more of a rating that shows you how well you’ve been performing in the game, more like the grades your teachers gave you/are giving you in school. The higher your population is, the better your Fleet Pack will be once you redeem it through the daily rewards, so work on increasing that population, er, improving your in-game grades.

4. Upgrade Your Ships

This one may be a no-brainer of sorts, but it’s important nonetheless – you should be keeping your ships upgraded whenever you could. But then again, there may be times where you need to specialize depending on your preferred play style. For example, you may prefer a defensive style of play, or you may want a setup where your overall attack is strong, with one ship being able to self-repair in the heat of battles. Also click on the weapon icon found on the right side of the ship screen to see what each weapon does so you can have a better idea of what you want to achieve in the battles.

5. Basic Tips For Battles

When it comes to the actual battles, the first thing you should remember is to work on eliminating one ship at a time. Don’t try to weaken multiple ships simultaneously, as multiple battered-up ships will still be capable of dealing out serious damage. There is strength in numbers, so you should work on reducing that strength on the enemy side.

Again, it’s a good idea to know what each weapon does; tap-and-hold on the ability icon in battle to see a weapon’s abilities. And when talking about the game’s autoplay feature, we seem to have observed that it’s quite smart compared to other AI-driven auto-features in other games. Still, make sure that feature is turned off when you’re in a tough battle, as that would require you to do more micro-management.

6. Complete More Missions

If you want to earn more water or metal, or if you want to further increase your population, you have to complete more missions. These are objectives that can be accomplished merely by playing the game like you normally would, though you can go to the objectives screen for a couple of things – one, to know what your missions are so you can complete them faster, and two, to redeem your rewards.


Saturday 28th of January 2017

When in a battle, there are arrows under the enemy ships of various colors, sometimes with a + or - in it. What are they?


Wednesday 1st of March 2017

The + or – means that the ship of yours that is in line to play would fair well against this ship (+) or not so well against this ship (-). It is based on the color rating (red beats green beats blue beats red). So your red ship,would have a + under a green enemy ship, nothing under a red, gold or purple ship, and a – under a blue ship.