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Battleplans Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Outsmart Your Enemies

Battleplans is an Android and iOS game from C4M Prod that infuses unique squad tactics into an action-packed strategy game. This is a fantasy battle simulator where you command heroes and troops, just like you would in other games of this kind, but with a quirkier nature. Your goal is to save your island kingdom from the Skull Invaders, though in the grand scheme of things, you’ll be up against human and computer-controlled players alike. You can use the game’s simple controls to command heroes and troops with just one swipe, and fine-tune your defense and offense in hopes of staving off the enemy threat and achieving the objective of the game, which is to save your kingdom.

So how can you do just that and achieve great success in the game? It’s going to be challenging to learn the game at some points, but with the help of this Battleplans strategy guide, you may be able to throw off more human opponents and make more progress, if you happen to be new to the game. Let’s get to those tips and tricks.

1. You Can Win Even If All Troops Are Out

The beauty of Battleplans is that despite the quirkiness of the characters, it prizes tactical strategies like few mobile strategy games could. You’ll need to have most of the Crystals once the timer expires in order to beat the enemy, and seeing as that’s the most important thing for you to achieve, you can win a round even if all your troops have been killed. You may need to make some sacrifices, and you really will want to make them if it means coming away with more crystals.

2. Leave Some Of The Boys Behind

You may want to leave a squad behind even if everyone else is in battle. Why would you want to do this? The main reason would be to correct any mistakes in your strategy, or to make the most out of an opportunity that unexpectedly presents itself. And you also should keep in mind that melee squads are locked from moving.

For another melee squad-related tip, you should also take full advantage of your present terrain; forests can give you armor that lasts even a few seconds after you leave the forest, while mud could slow squads down. (This works both ways, though.)

3. Basic Tips On The Troops

As you will notice, the majority of troops believe that the best offense…is a good offense. That’s because they sacrifice defense to get offensive skills in return; these include damage for Sentries, speed for Knights, and range for Archers. Speaking of the Knights, you’ll want to use them as flank troops, providing support or homing in for a capture when nobody expects them to. And when it comes to defensive purposes, your Soldiers, and especially your Brutes, would be best for that job, so focus on defensive skills when dealing with those guys.

4. Tips For Defensive Management

It’s never a good idea for you to stick all your defensive units on the beach. Enemies have turtles – literally and figuratively – which they use to fire at defenders for the first ten seconds after they land. Next, look around on your map for secret defensive spots; it may take you a while, but if you look patiently, you’ll find them soon enough. Lastly, unlock multiple Elite War plans so you can consider different options to defend your outpost; this could help you in coming up with as similar (though not identical) defense that would come with the right twists that make the difference. Or you could try something different altogether if your existing defense leaves you nonplussed.

5. One Serf To Save Them All

The game says it all – Serfs are tough, but they don’t dish out that much damage. As such, they’re best used as tanks to distract enemy troops and soak up damage points. But you can use serfs in other ways beyond serving as your tanks; you may think of having your sole surviving Serf do even more fighting, but you can also have them capture a crystal while nobody’s looking, due to their low profile.

6. Advanced Tips On The Troops

We gave you some basic troop-related tips earlier, so let’s move on to some advanced tips. When dealing with Sentries, they’re best used in Balthor’s squad, with his Thunderstrike providing an extra layer of protection. Archers, on the other hand, are best paired with ranged heroes, while Knights are best paired with Baba.

Dyna is one ranged hero who works well with Archers, as her flask bombs add some extra oomph to the Archers’ cause, due to their natural lack of health points. Knights can benefit by working with Baba, as they move around faster, and without being seen by the enemy.

And this wraps up our guide for Battleplans. If you happen to know more tips and tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!