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Battlejack Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide for Winning More of Those Card Battles

Ever played a blackjack-RPG-CCG hybrid? As unbelievable as that sounds, Nexon’s latest iOS and Android title offers just that. Battlejack is a new card battler/CCG where you can collect “hundreds” of legendary heroes, team up with your guild to slay Titans, and take part in fast-paced, high-risk battles where you can win rewards in a blackjack-inspired system. Truly, that’s something we haven’t seen the likes of when it comes to CCGs, and as a brief teaser, the game’s description says that scoring a 21 will unlock a “massive boost” to all heroes. Likewise, you’ve also got mechanics that should undoubtedly be familiar if you’ve played your share of trading card/collectible card games, such as the ability to collect heroes, and mix and match cards to come up with the perfect deck. You can also evolve and equip these heroes, enhancing them in a number of ways to make them stronger, and as Nexon says, cooler.

Although most anyone should be familiar with the rules of blackjack, that doesn’t mean this game is a walk in the park. As a new title from a reputable mobile game maker, and one that has lots of CCG mechanics, you may find yourself thrown off at one point or another. But if you follow the tips included in this Battlejack strategy guide, you’ll likely have an easier time winning battles, even if you’ve just started playing.

1. Learning The Basics

We should start out with the basics before anything else, and with that in mind, let’s talk about the blackjack aspect of the game. Your goal, at all times, would be to come up with a hand of cards that adds up to 21, and while it might not be easy to get there, the key thing here is that you should not go over that magic number. You’ll draw cards at random, with the jack, queen, and king all worth 10 points, and the ace being worth either 1 or 10, depending on what you need to make it to 21.

2. To Draw Or Not To Draw?

If you’re still far away from 21, you can keep on drawing cards until you’re closer to that number. However, things could get a little hairy once you’re in the mid-teens or so. If your cards total about 12 to 14, it should be safe to draw another card. You may still go over 21, but if you do the math, you’ll find that the chances of getting “busted” are relatively low. But if you’re at 15 or 16, you’ll need to use your best judgment when deciding on whether to hit or stand. If you’re at 17 to 20, you can play it safe and launch your attack with whatever you’ve got. And if you make it to 21, then you should definitely attack — that’s going to allow you to launch AOE (area of effect) attacks at your enemies.

If you don’t make it to 21, that’s where you may have to grind it out and keep targeting the same enemy until they’re dead. Even if you’ve got all the enemies weakened in terms of health points, with almost all of their life sapped out, they won’t be any less effective in terms of power.

3. Take Advantage Of Your Heroes’ Special Abilities And Strengths

Although it’s cool to launch those AOE attacks once you reach 21, you shouldn’t neglect the fact that your heroes also have special abilities to boot. Look carefully for those special icons, and if you see them, you might be able to launch some super-powered attacks from time to time. Additionally, you should be looking for the green and red arrows corresponding to your heroes; if the arrow is green, that means your hero is strong against a specific enemy, with a bonus to their striking power. If the arrow is red, they’re weak against the enemy, and will see their striking power compromised as a result.

4. Gather Those Freebies

Don’t be confused by the main menu — of course, it won’t be easy to grope your way around it at first, but the first thing you should memorize about the main menu is how and where to get those freebies. You’ll be notified of a free item to redeem if you see a red number 1 or 2, and on top of that, you’ve also got your free chests, which you can open every few hours or so.

Grand Chests, on the other hand, will become free once you’ve completed a specific number of quests, or achievements that are reached by playing the game organically. For example, you may be asked to kill a certain number of enemies, or reach a certain level/level up a certain number of times. Of course, Grand Chests are more interesting and exciting than the free, common chests, so you may want to check the achievements so you can optimize your gameplay toward reaching them faster. Additionally, bear in mind that chests would require a specific amount of time to unlock, with the amount of time progressively increasing as you continue playing the game; make sure you’ve always got at least one chest being unlocked.

What’s inside these chests anyway? To keep things simple, they come with gold, cards, and potions, all free of charge, and you’ll need the first two items to upgrade the heroes you currently have, thus making it important to open as many chests as possible.

5. There’s A Party Going On

The party mechanic is one of the more interesting features of Battlejack. How does it work anyway?

First of all, the game allows you to store a maximum of 30 cards in your collection, with extra space for your party of four. Parties are restricted based on their size, with each hero taking up a certain amount of space based on their size. This means you should have a balanced party; don’t have a team of four heroes who take up five spaces apiece, as that’s going to work against you in battle.

As for those features that shouldn’t be unusual to anyone who’s played a CCG or card battler before, we would advise you to focus on your main party members when leveling up heroes; don’t spend too much effort and resources on those who essentially ride the bench! And as we mentioned in the above tip, leveling up is done by sacrificing cards you don’t use/need and spending gold; instead of keeping a weak, common hero as surplus, you might want to use them instead as level-up material.

6. Balance Is The Key

Last, but not the least, your Battlejack party should be balanced in more than one way. That means having a lineup where one member corresponds to each type of attack. Don’t make the mistake of parading a lineup where more than one member offers something similar! You should also have a party that’s elementally balanced. Each character has a corresponding element, and if you’ve got four heroes that are fire-based, for instance, that will leave you with no one else to step up once you’re up against a team that can counter the fire element.

There you have it! These would be our tips and tricks for Battlejack. We hope you’ve enjoyed this set of hints. If you have anything to add, please let us know in the comment section below!