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Battle Skylands: Alliances Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Expand Your Empire

Battle Skylands: Alliances brings us the classic mobile strategy formula and flips it a bit, ultimately creating an interesting and somewhat different strategy experience. Instead of being placed on a random place inside a huge map, or having your city being isolated from other players with an option to invade them by searching, Battle Skylands: Alliances features well, sky islands on which you are building your empire. Other players’ cities are placed all around yours, but there’s no one huge map. Instead, players are placed in smaller regions, with around a dozen cities found in one region.

BAAD Game Studio’s mobile title features incredible art style with very detailed sky islands that just brim with green color, making the game easy for the eyes while at the same time creating serene and attractive environments.

Each city has one main island and two auxiliary ones, which are connected with bridges. Constructions can be erected on these islands; all you have to worry about is having enough space. The player can steal new islands by invading other players and by completing special missions, and these will be automatically be added to the existing city.

Aside from big and small islands used for placing buildings, there are also special islands that cannot be accessed by workers, and that cannot house buildings. Instead, they give player various production bonuses and, as larger ones, can be stolen from other players and by completing missions.

Like most other strategy games your goal is to make your city prosper while at the same time invading other players and stealing their resources. Wins give you ranking points, loses make you lose some ranking points, and by advancing through leagues you earn coins, which are the game’s premium currency.

Even if you don’t plan on spending real-world money on buying coins, you can erect a prosperous city. Sure, your buildings will take longer to finish, and you won’t be able to gather a new army as quickly as with coins, but the most important thing is that you can be pretty competitive. And how to make your city prosper and to become competitive in Battle Skylands: Alliances? Well, stay with us and find out.

1. Remove All Resource Objects As Soon As You Start The Game

Once you start building your city, you’ll notice that your sky islands are filled with trees, plants, and rocks. You should send your workers to take down all trees and plants as soon as you start the game.

Plants should be taken down first because you need food during the early game. Just chop them all down, and once you build some troops, place some basic structures and finish some missions, it is time for trees to go down. It costs a bit of food to chop down a tree, but it is worth it because you will need wood. And finally, once you start producing enough food and wood mine the rocks. Stone is very valuable, and by mining rocks, you will receive enough stone to build and upgrade a couple of structures even before you unlock masonry building. This way you will receive a few extra resources that can be very worthy during the early game.

2. Coins Are To Be Used Wisely

Coins are the most important thing you have. They play the role of premium currency in Battle Skylands: Alliances and at the start of the game you will receive lots of them and will probably think that they could be spent immediately. Well, that’s wrong. You should spend them just when they are absolutely needed.

For instance, you can instantly finish constructing buildings with coins, but we advise you to use this option only for defensive structures, and when you need to erect a building fast, like when you need more storage space.

Coins are useful for later when you upgrade barracks and get access to advanced unit types. Then, if you have the infirmary, you can revive and rescue those expensive units with a couple of coins, which is worth it because advanced warriors can be pretty expensive to train and will make you broke soon if you don’t use infirmary. So remember, use coins only when you absolutely have to. To build and upgrade defensive structures, to quickly erect building you very much need, and to save your army once they die or end up left behind on missions.

3. Build An Infirmary As Soon As You Unlock It

The infirmary is one of the most important structures in Battle Skylands: Alliances because the game features a mechanics that makes troops pretty expendable. You see, after every mission, all your soldiers who were a part of the invading force will get left behind, without the option to get them back if they survive.

This is okay for grunts who are very cheap and can be trained in large numbers. But once you gain access to more powerful units that can be pretty expensive you will want to use them multiple times. And the only way to rescue your soldiers is by building infirmary.

You should construct one as soon as you unlock it and save up enough resources. The infirmary is a super important construction in Battle Skylands: Alliances because the ability to use powerful units on multiple occasions will save you tons of resources. And this is why we told you to spend coins wisely. You see, the only way to rescue and revive units is by spending coins. You can save them for free every eight hours, but if you play the game regularly, you will want to save them pretty often.

And while it is relatively cheap to retrieve units (it costs less than ten coins) you will probably use the feature pretty often for expensive troops. So, make sure to have a couple of hundred coins in your stash because you’ll need them to retrieve units once the infirmary is built.

4. You Will Need Lots Of Defensive Structures

Battle Skylands: Alliances is a game with a pronounced multiplayer component. This means that you will be attacked pretty frequently. In order to repel any player thinking about invading your sky city, you need to have lots of defenses. The best early game defense is the ballista. It has an area-of-effect attack that just destroys almost every unit type, and it has a massive range.

In order to set up an effective defensive parameter, you need to do the following. Firstly, place your storage structures on outskirts on an island, and place the defensive walls around them so that enemies cannot invade your city from that side and destroy and loot your resources before defenses kill them.

Okay, next you should place two ballista structures so that they both cover all of your storage structures but don’t place them one next to another because ballista cannot shoot units that are in its close vicinity. Next, build guard towers and fill them with your strongest units. Place them so they can cover all of your perimeter. And finally, build as many rough cages as you can and place them all around storage buildings. Rough cages have a very close range, but they are useful in case of enemies reach your storage structures.

And finally, your defensive perimeter should be made out of defensive structures, castle, storage buildings, and economic structures. All other buildings, such as cottages or barracks, should be placed outside, on one of the auxiliary islands.

5. If You Get Attacked Too Often Just Teleport Your City

As we already mentioned, instead of one huge map or a search feature, in Battle Skylands: Alliances players are placed inside small areas that can host around a dozen of different sky cities. Depending on your luck you will either be placed in a relatively calm neighborhood or around aggressive players that will attack you often.

If you find that your city gets looted even after you made a strong defensive perimeter around your castle and storage structures, just teleport to another part of the sky. To do this just press the attack button and then press shuffle. This will place in a random area filled with completely different players. The great thing is that you can teleport for free every hour. The teleport feature is also great to use once you create defenses and start invading other players. Just teleport, scout all other cities, find those that can be invaded (those that have weak defenses), invade them and then move on. This is great for people who want to advance ranks.

6. Focus On Missions During Early Game

While invading other player sounds exciting, you should focus on doing missions first. Just build basic grunts, which are very cheap, and complete missions. Most will grant you lots of resources, which is very important during early game because you will be able to build defenses and make your city unattractive for invaders.

As we already said, creating defensive perimeter should be your main focus. Once you build it, continue doing single player missions so you can upgrade your castle and build a powerful economy. Once you have plenty of resources along with a powerful defensive perimeter, only then you should invade other players.

The best way to do missions is to focus on storage structures first. Once you steal all resources only then, you should focus on defenses and other buildings. And if you end up stealing most resources but failing a mission don’t worry. You can play other missions and revisit the one you failed in order to unlock new missions. Just remember, basic grunts are enough for most missions. If a map features lots of defenses, send ranged units so they can clear defenses from distance before grunts start destroying resource structures. And remember to rescue expensive units after every mission.

7. Don’t Invade Every Single Player

And the best way to invade them is to scout all nearby cities and to pick only those that have weak defenses. You shouldn’t invade other players because of their resources, but to get ranking points and to advance to higher leagues. If you invade other players because of resources, you will soon find that those who have plenty of resources usually have impenetrable cities that won’t be conquered easily. In the end, you will probably lose lots of expensive units and resources you steal won’t be enough to cover for units lost.

8. Send Workers To Create Resources You Need The Most

If you plan on building multiple resource structures (farms, lumbermills, etc.) be ready to juggle your available workers because you won’t have enough of them, ever. You should send workers in structures that create resources you need the most at the moment. And don’t forget to remove them once you need a different resource.

But, in order to have the biggest number of workers, you should build all available cottages and upgrade them to level 2. Level 3 asks for a couple of hundreds of coins and just isn’t worth it. And remember that workers cost lots of food so before you start training an extra worker make sure to have plenty of food.

You should remember to put back workers who constructed a finished building; this can really hurt your economy, especially if you leave the game overnight. So, make sure to construct buildings during daytime so you can enter the game once a building is finished and to send idle workers to create resources.

9. Make Sure To Spend All Of Your Extra Resources

Battle Skylands: Alliances is a highly competitive game, and it doesn’t matter we said that attacking cities with strong defenses and lots of resources isn’t worth it because you will lose plenty of units because other players will attack your city if you stack on resources.

Yes, they will get most of their units killed and will have to cover their expenses with resources taken from you, but the fact is that you will lose your resources. So, make sure to spend all of your resources before you go to bed. Build structures or upgrade them, train new units, but spend as many resources as you can. In case you save up resources for some building of for upgrading your castle, make sure to spend those as soon as you save up enough because if you leave tons of resources for a couple of days, you will get robbed.

Okay, folks, that was all. We hope this guide helped you in constructing a prosperous city and made you competitive. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!