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Battle Golf Online Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Anyone who thinks golf is a laid-back sport has probably never played Battle Golf Online. This brand new iOS-exclusive game takes the sport to extreme levels as multiple players compete at the same time! The courses turn chaotic as soon as the first ball flies because the players will need to race to get their ball in the hole. You will need to frantically swing that golf club if you want to stay ahead in the game. Once in a while, when no one is looking, you could also sneak in a few shots at your opponent, just to maintain your lead. You can either battle against players online, or share your device with a buddy for local multiplayer. If you are struggling to win against your opponents, you can always check out our collection of Battle Golf Online tips and tricks on how to win every game!

1. Play Dirty If You Can

When you are playing a game that includes aiming for a hole on the back of the loch ness monster, it’s alright to be a little underhanded. Don’t be afraid to play dirty because you can be sure that your opponent will be trying the exact same thing to distract you. Aim for your opponent’s head if you can. A successful hit will stun them for a few seconds, allowing you to take the lead. If you can time it well, you can even interrupt them right before they take a swing, ruining their momentum.

2. Don’t Forget The Daily Quests

Battle Golf Online features pixel graphics which are great but you will tend to look like a lot of other players if you don’t do something about it. Lucky for you there are a variety of hats you can wear to make your character stand out. However, you will need to purchase these using coins. That’s where daily quests come in. Conveniently located at the bottom of the hat selection screen, quests are a few challenges that you can complete daily and you will be rewarded with 300 coins for your trouble. That’s three new hats for you on a daily basis if you are diligent enough.

3. Finish Every Game

Once in a while, your opponent will just quit on you, leaving you alone to finish the game. Don’t get discouraged when this happens because it is actually a good thing. Keep playing until you finish the game and you will still be rewarded with coins for winning. It is like getting a free win just for not quitting. You can also use this opportunity to practice a few trick shots since you won’t have to worry about losing anyway.

4. Never Go Above Power Level 5

There are eight power levels in Battle Golf Online, but that doesn’t mean you should use them all. After playing all the available courses, you will realize that anything above the 5th power segment is too much. If you use the 6th to 8th power segments in your shots, the ball will most likely fly off the face of the earth. Don’t waste shots by using excessive force. It is always better to be a little under powered than over.

5. Unstick Balls By Hitting Them

There will be times when a ball will hit terrain and will get stuck there. You can force them out of their position by hitting them with other balls. This is especially useful when one of your balls is right next to the hole. Instead of trying to work around it, you can just use another ball to nudge it in. You can also use this technique when you have a ball stuck in a pit.

Golf duels are fun but they are even better when you always win! If you follow our list of tips and tricks for Battle Golf Online, then you’ll be winning every game with ease!