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Battle Champs Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 7 Hints You Need to Know

Battle Champs is now available for the Android mobile platform, and if you’ve got the game on your device, you may notice that it’s just gotten updated. This is a Japanese city-building strategy game, where you can collect and train heroes, or champs, to form an unstoppable army of cuteness. The city-building comes in when you’ll be building your impenetrable fortress in the sky, and when it comes to the fighting aspect, you can battle alchemy-powered giants and find out if they serve some darker purpose. There’s also a storyline to follow here, and the option to team up with your friends to form a crew (the game’s equivalent of clans) and join the team trials.

Given the in-depth nature of most city-building strategy games, it may take a while for you to learn this game. So with that in mind, we’ve come up with some beginner tips for the game. This is a Battle Champs strategy guide aimed at the newbie, and we’ve also got an intermediate/advanced strategy guide coming really soon, so stay tuned if you’ve been playing for some time and need more help in managing your Champs and coming up with the best defense against enemy attacks.

1. Know The Essentials Of The Game

Before anything else, you’ll have to be familiar with two resources, namely Bubbles and Charms, and how each of these work. Most of the time, you’ll be using your Bubbles to upgrade your Champs – this would include standard upgrades, as well as advanced processes such as morphing or summoning living defenses. Charms, on the other hand, are used to build structures and bolster your defenses. Keeping things simple, Bubbles are for your living characters, Charms are for those inanimate objects like defenses and buildings.

2. Where Can You Commonly Find Bubbles And Charms?

You will usually be able to acquire Bubbles by collecting them at a Bubble Pump, and usually, your Charms can be found at Charm’s Nests. Now you can build more than one Bubble Pump or Charm Nest, but no matter how many of them you build, you’ll have to upgrade them to ensure they remain productive. And since you need to store these resources somewhere, you’ll also want to ensure your storage facilities are regularly upgraded. That will let you store more Bubbles and Charms, which you can then use for more expensive upgrades or higher-end buildings and defenses.

3. About The Game’s Premium Currency

Rubies are the game’s premium currency, and you will usually win them at events and missions, the latter of which we’ll be discussing up next. But since Rubies are used as a pay-to-win resource, meaning something you’ll want to use if you want to gain an extra advantage in the game, you probably shouldn’t focus too much attention on them as your Charms and Bubbles. The game suggests that you use them to speed up the construction or upgrades on your buildings, so it’s nothing much to worry about.

4. Go On Missions To Farm For Resources

Battle Champs comes with its share of Story Missions, where you can earn Bubbles and Charms, but also Morph Materials (crafting materials required for morphing – more on that process later), Rubies, and new Champs for you to collect. You can replay these missions to grind for more resources, although the catch is that you’ll need energy in order to take on new missions. Still, completing more missions and replaying the ones you’ve already completed is great if you’re stockpiling resources, and you may also get yourself some Rubies in the process, if you’re really serious about moving forward faster in the game.

5. The Best Basic Strategies For Missions

When playing the game’s missions, you’ll want to take note of the special airships and bases, as they may help you out when the time comes for you to fight it out in PvP combat, or to create your own base. But since the main thing in these missions is fighting, there are also some basic tips to remember when it comes to the fighting aspect. For one, you’ll want to use flying units to destroy enemy cannons that are protected by walls; this is a much sounder strategy than deploying ground troops to that end. Your ground units, instead, should be used mainly for melee purposes, and to work on certain mission objectives, due to their tendency to attack first and ask questions later.

Lastly, Avatars can do a lot of damage against flying units, and can also help you fulfill mission objectives; make the most of their ability to walk over walls.

6. Why Should You Upgrade Your Cauldron And Core To Level 2 First?

It’s important that you Cauldron and Core be upgraded to level 2 as soon as possible, as that would allow your Champs to defend your base. With that, you can summon Champs to stand guard at your base while you’re away from the game. Simply tap on the Cauldron, then tap on Defender; you’ll then have to drag your Champ to the Defender slot. Make sure you’re choosing the Champ that has the highest DEF rating, though try to choose someone who also has a fairly high ATK rating as well.

7. How To Use Your Defenses Effectively

Standard Cannons are your most basic form of defense, and while they specialize in ranged attacks, they don’t have much range compared to Cannon Towers. Those towers are best used when trying to take out large groups of ground enemies from a distance. Both are pretty much useless, though, in close-contact situations where ground enemies move within range. Likewise, Missile Silos are great defenses against air attacks, but also fail to deliver when it comes to targeting melee fighters on the ground.

Fortunately for you, there are anvils, mines, and other types of defenses that can be used against those pesky ground troops. For example, there’s a Guard Dragon that could take out most enemies, ground enemies included.