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Battle Bay Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Dominate Your Opponents

The problem most multiplayer online battle arena games have is that they all look alike. Battle Bay breaks the mold of the MOBA genre by turning the arena into a wild, watery world. Available on iOS and Android, Rovio’s immersive mobile game lets you battle it out with other players on water, instead of the usual tri-lane map with minions. There are still capture points, and you will still need to kill opponents to get ahead. Everything will feel different once you’re in the water, though. It’s a good idea to first read our Battle Bay ultimate strategy guide if you want to stay afloat.

1. Ride The Waves

One of the most important differences between this game and other MOBA games is the map. You will be battling your opponents in the middle of the sea. This is more than just a change of location in terms of gameplay. The water will mess with you if you don’t know how to handle it. There will be waves as you travel around the map. These waves will make aiming a lot more difficult as you will be bobbing up and down while trying to dodge incoming fire at the same time. Aiming while riding the waves is the first thing you should master in this game. This skill will be the difference between life and death. Practice as much as you can if you want to ensure victory.

2. Shoot On The Go

As with any MOBA game, staying still is a death sentence. You will need to be moving all the time. That is why you need to learn how to shoot while moving. It’s important to hit your opponents but they will be able to hit you right back if you stay put while aiming. On top of aiming while riding the waves, you will need to aim while running away from enemies. It can get pretty chaotic in the battlefield, and the only way you can keep yourself safe is to make it difficult for your opponents to shoot you. Always be a moving target and you’re guaranteed to survive a lot longer.

3. Increase Inventory Space

Since you will be playing dozens, if not hundreds, of games, you will naturally get a lot of items. You need to have room for all these items since not all of them have immediate use. Hold on to as many items as you can because you won’t know which ones will be useful down the road. The only way for you to do so is to increase your inventory space. Prioritize spending your Pearls on this before you spend on anything else. Once you have at least thirty slots, then you can consider spending Pearls on other things.

4. Upgrade Your Equipment

It goes without saying that having better equipment will help you win games. That is why you need to upgrade your equipment whenever you can. Unfortunately, you can’t just keep upgrading all of your equipment since upgrade materials are hard to come by. You will need to prioritize in order to maximize the use of your upgrade materials. It is a good idea to try out each type of equipment in several games first before you spend on upgrades. Decide which equipment are best suited to your playstyle then focus on improving those. Make sure you always have the strongest possible gear you can have if you want to keep winning battles.

5. Unlock The Right Captain

The game gives you the option to unlock ten different captains. Each of these captains have their own bonuses that can be useful in battle. Just as you did with your equipment, you will need to prioritize which captains you will unlock. Make sure you read through all the descriptions and bonuses of each captain before deciding. The right captain ultimately depends on how you like to play the game. Pick one that will compliment your playstyle the most.

6. Choose Your Ship Wisely

The most important decision you will make in this game is choosing the right ship. There are several different ships to choose from, each with their own set of pros and cons. The best thing to do is to play multiple games using each ship so you can gauge which one is best suited to your playstyle. It also helps to read up on the ships to make sure you know what you are getting into. Listed below are the different ships that you can use in battle.

The Shooter

This is the first ship in the game. Most of its attributes are unexceptional but it is the second fastest ship you can use. It also has two weapon slots so you can switch between weapons while fighting. Its primary failing is in its ship and turret agility. You will find yourself struggling when turning your ship and trying to aim. For most people, that is a deal breaker. Feel free to try it out but it might be more useful in securing capture points than actual battle.

The Speeder

As the name would suggest, the specialty of this ship is speed. It is easy to navigate and can outrun every other ship in the game. The down side is that it only has one weapon slot. It has better aim than the Shooter but can still be challenging. You might find yourself running away from opponents instead of facing them head on if you pick this ship.

The Enforcer

The name is enough to send chills down your spine. It has well-rounded statistics that will make it easy to use for any player. The main selling point of this ship, however, is in its turret agility. No other ship can aim better than this one. It only has one weapon slot but if you equip the right one, then there’s no need for a backup.

The Defender

This ship is as close as you would get to being indestructible. It has a considerable amount of health, and it will take forever for any other ship to take this down. It also has two weapon slots that can equip more advanced weapons. Unfortunately, the learning curve for using this ship is a bit steep due to its abysmal speed. Aiming and steering is almost impossible if you don’t know what you are doing.

The Fixer

No multiplayer online battle arena game is complete without a support character. This is the support ship. If you pick this ship, you should know that you will probably not have the best scores in battle. You will, however, have the gratitude of your teammates. This ship is the only one that can equip regenerative items. You can change the tide of battle by helping your strongest teammates stay alive longer. And for your selflessness, your team will forever be grateful.

7. Go For The VIP Status

A lot of games these days offer premium membership that would provide bonuses. This game offers VIP status if you are willing to shell out the cash. Try to be a VIP if you can, especially if you are just starting out. You will be given several perks as a premium member which would surely come in handy when you are still learning the ropes. When it comes to arena games, it helps to use every bit of advantage the comes your way.

8. Focus On Winning Strategies

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is winning. The team that has the best strategy will always win the game. One useful strategy you should remember is to always gang up on your opponents. This means you, and your teammates, will have to do two things. The first one is to stick together as much as possible. This will help make sure your opponents don’t pick off any members of your team. The second is to try to take out your opponents one at a time. Even Defender ships will go down quickly if there are five people pummeling it. Have an agreement with your teammates on who to focus on during team fights then make an effort to focus all your attack on that ship.

On your own there are also several things you should always keep in mind. Practice switching weapons quickly if your ship has multiple weapon slots. This not only involve practicing how to switch but also when to switch. Making a decision to use a different weapon has to be done in a microsecond or you will risk becoming a sitting duck. You also need to watch your opponent’s weapons carefully to know if they are aiming at you or another player. These are things that can easily be overlooked in the heat of battle but if you master paying attention to them, they could just as easily help you win the war.

The sea can be a dangerous place for novices and veterans alike. Winning skirmishes while one water is difficult but it can be done with the help of our Battle Bay ultimate strategy guide, you can definitely achieve victory!