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Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win Cheats, Tips & Guide to Make Your Runs Longer

Warner Brothers chose a rather interesting way to promote the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie – with a game that’s more casual in mechanics than it is in-depth. But that doesn’t make those endless-type games any less fun, right? Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win is a newly-released title from Warner Brothers for Android and iOS devices that seeks to answer the question of which iconic superhero will win in a race against time. As you try to go as far as possible, you will have to avoid obstacles, “battle against your opponent” depending on whether you choose Batman or Superman, and aid your cause by means of power-ups. You’ll be driving the Batmobile as Batman and flying as Superman, and once you “go the distance,” you can collect free gifts.

As you battle your rival superhero while going through Gotham and Metropolis, you may wonder just how you can go that distance. That’s where we come in, as we’ve got some Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win tips and tricks that can help you, at the very least, go farther than you ever had before in this endless runner game.

1. Obstacles Get Tougher To Avoid As Your Score Goes Up

At first, you won’t have much of a problem avoiding the obstacles. But as your score goes up, so will the speed of the game, and so will the difficulty involved in overcoming the obstacles. You should normally be in good hands if you just follow the coins, but you may also want to be careful that you do not get hit by a car while chasing after the coins. Cars also drive through power-ups, so be careful when trying to go after those goodies.

2. How To Bring Your Superhero Back To Life

If your run ends and you get killed, you don’t need to fret about it too much. You’ll be taken to an area where you can tap repeatedly to fill up the Batman or Superman logo, depending on which character you chose. Each time you get killed, that logo will become harder to fill up. But you can make this process faster, regardless of how many times you’ve gotten killed, by tapping with multiple fingers to fill up the meter. There is, however, a limit to the number of times you can die in a run.

3. Upgrades Apply For Both Heroes

Coins earned in stages can be used to purchase upgrades, and these upgrades would remain the same regardless if you chose Batman or Superman. And as the power-ups can help make those upgrades look more prominent, you’ll also want to go for the power-up that will give you the most value for the least money, then upgrade it accordingly.

4. About The Coins Mechanic, Or Lack Thereof

You have the option to spend 100 coins at the start of the game, thus getting you moving faster, and giving you a head start on your opponent. But we would recommend that you only do this once you’ve gotten an extremely high score by your standards. But where else can you get these coins? At the moment, Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win doesn’t have an option for buying coins, though since this is a promotional game, we don’t see that as a big possibility, at least for now.

That’s all for now, as far as our Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win cheats, tips and tricks are concerned. In case you know other hints for this game, don’t hesitate to let us know!