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Basketball Stars Tips, Tricks & Guide to Beat Your Opponents

Miniclip’s new Android and iOS sports title Basketball Stars is one of those basketball games where you have a chance to play against “real players”. The developer promises a “fast-paced, authentic 1v1 multiplayer basketball,” which clearly states this game’s main selling point – taking on other human players from all over the world. You can show your skills, moves, and fakes to juke out your opponent and shoot for the basket on offense, and try to confound your opponent with some in-your-face defense, going for steals and blocks, “all in real-time.”

As you can see, this is a massively multiplayer game, and you’ll be facing all kinds of players, with all sorts of strategies; this isn’t one of those games where you can go from strength to strength against computer AI and eventually outsmart it. If you want to win more consistently, we suggest checking out our list of Basketball Stars tips and tricks.

1. What’s The Best Game Mode?

Basketball Stars comes with two different game modes, and it’s all up to you as to which mode you prefer playing. For an idea of what people like, Attack/Defense is the most popular game mode, as it allows you to show your stuff on both ends of the floor. Classic mode, on the other hand, is great if you’re looking for something more casual, or if you simply can’t cut it on defense – it’s all about scoring in this particular mode. Classic mode can earn you more money than you would in Attack/Defense, but if you want to focus on the challenge, you want to focus on Attack/Defense.

2. Go For The Steal

When playing Attack/Defense, your defensive game would really have to be on point. And that means going for the steal when you start a game on the defensive end. Going for a steal could overwhelm opponents who aren’t quick enough, or not ready, and it could also throw off those who want to start out with a fake. If they decide to move left or right, you might not be able to pull off the steal, but if that’s the case, you might want to go for a block instead should they try to go for an early shot.

3. Forget The Time Lapse, It Doesn’t Work

We’re noticing this more and more frequently in the newer games we cover, but it would appear that Basketball Stars cannot be fooled with the time lapse cheat. We understand that you may get impatient when waiting for the rewards, but moving the time forward on your phone or tablet simply does not, and will not work.

4. Mix Up Your Moves

Once again, we cannot stress this enough. This isn’t a game where you can outsmart the computer AI at one point or another. Almost every player you face is different from the other, though there may be some times where you’ll be dealing with someone whom you had faced in the past. And there’s also your strategy to think about, as far as an individual game is concerned. That means you’ll want to be unpredictable in your gameplay. This could mean using a lot of feints and fakes, going left or right to avoid getting the ball stolen from you. After that, you can move to the opposite side or pull off a fake to throw off your opponent big-time. Do not stick to what works for too long; don’t be afraid to try mixing it up, especially if you’re ahead, as this will confuse weaker opponents and help you when facing the stronger ones.

5. Scout Your Opponent On The Fly

Just like it’s important not to stick to routine when it comes to your playing style, you should also keep a close eye on your opponents. So far, we’ve seen most players sticking to a rather predictable game strategy, especially on offense. And there are also a lot of players who aren’t too skilled on the defensive side of things. Take advantage of that predictability or that lack of defensive acumen. And when playing defense, remember that there are lots of players who focus on one side of the court alone – either left or right.

However, there are also more skillful players who already are trying to make their play as unpredictable as possible. Be more patient when facing the more skillful, more clever types, as there’s always a chance they may slip up and go with something familiar in the course of a game.

6. Don’t Rush Out To The Advanced Courts

As you may have no trouble defeating weaker players in the beginner-level courts, you may be tempted to up the ante and head over to more advanced courts, with your goal being to face some “real” competition. However, you may end up overwhelmed if you aren’t prepared; you could lose a lot of money and have to go back to the basic courts in order to grind and replenish your cash. We suggest sticking to easy games as long as you could, and get a better ball once you can afford it. (More on that in a bit.) To be specific, you may want to move on to a better court once you’ve earned at least $10,000, but if you build up a small losing streak after a few games, you can go back to the basic courts for more practice, and more grinding.

7. Why Should You Get A Better Ball?

Simply put, they make you better on court. Once you reach Level 6, you’ll be able to buy the Croc, which will cost you 15 gold. Gold is the game’s premium currency, and you can easily earn gold by leveling up and shooting the gold shots; you can also connect your game to Facebook and get gold as a reward. Trust us – it may sound ludicrous to use a different ball to become better, but that’s just how the game works!

This would be our collection of tips and tricks for Basketball Stars here at Level Winner. In case you know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!


Saturday 28th of October 2023

Not sure if this is still being monitored, but if so, how can I get a ball with high agility. I'm using the watermelon ball with 3 tic marks for agility and I don't see anything higher. Also, at the bottom of the watermelon ball description it has the number 2 in a circle and "0/4" and I have no idea what that means. I keep getting beat because I'm late shooting the bonus shots and I'm quickly losing interest in this game.

I also notice a system lag when resetting me to shoot again, I performed the troubleshooting tips, logged out of Facebook, restarted phone and logged back in, turned off all my sounds and notifications, still slow resetting. I really think it's on their end, my Internet connection is stable and fast, don't have any other things turned on and connected to my wireless network when I'm playing.

Nicholas Eaton

Saturday 19th of March 2022

The best skills to look for in a ball is accuracy and agility because you can not miss shots and expect to win matches, and the agility buffs your shooting speed so you can pump out more shots than your opponent. The very best way to almost always guarantee a win every time when playing classic mode (shooting race) is to make every shot and do not miss the area on the shot strength bar that gives you a perfect shot. If you make that your goal then you will get extra points for every perfect shot you score. These extra points are what separates the good players from the great players. If you are hitting all of the extra points and the blue bonus balls and getting the backboard bonus points then players should have no problem scoring over 100 points consistently.

Abdullah Khan

Friday 9th of June 2017

Hey I want to know how to level up in basketball starts. I am playing this game since a month but I am on level 1 only. And also I haven't won a career medal, so tell me how to win a career medal.

Nicholas Eaton

Saturday 19th of March 2022

@Abdullah Khan, you need to level up a few times before career mode becomes available. Keep playing and getting experience and it will open up for you with a few level advances.