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Audistar Mobile Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Superstar

While a lot of music games focus primarily on grinding one song after another, Audistar Mobile successfully weaves in a social aspect in order to make a more interactive experience. Indofun Games’ brand new mobile title lets you create your own avatar that can interact with other players both on and off the dance floor. Watch your character face off in actual dance battles while sporting unique outfits and candid expressions. When you need a break, you can hang out with your friends, or make new ones, by spending time at the Spa. Don’t forget to train your character’s star level and progress in your own music career, though. The climb to the top of the leaderboards is long and arduous journey. You will need to work on your dance moves as well as your star image. Ensure your success by relying on our Audistar Mobile tips, cheats and tricks!

1. Choose Your Avatar

audistar mobile guide

When you start the game, you will be asked to choose from six different characters, three from each gender. Each character will have his or her own personality and physical descriptions. None of the characters have any advantage within the game. If you don’t really think too much about roleplaying, feel free to just choose the character that looks best, or just pick the gender that you like. Keep in mind, that you will change your entire look as you progress in the game thanks to the numerous outfit and customization options available in the shop.

2. Pay Attention To The Tutorial

The first few minutes of the game will be spent on the tutorial. You will be allowed to tap or play a little, but it will mostly be directed. Instead of hurriedly tapping through the tutorial, make sure you pay attention to what it is saying. The game does a great job of explaining what each new area does, or even how to play the different game modes. There are a lot of screens to go through, especially in the Dance Hall. If you do not pay attention, you could end up missing on important sections that would help you out a lot in your progress.

Another thing to note is that Audistar Mobile does not initiate all tutorials. If you are wondering how to play the different dance modes, you can go to the Settings section on the expanded menu, the tap on Tutorial. This is where you can find a step by step guide on how to play the different dance modes.

3. Log In Every Day For Rewards

audistar mobile rewards

Similarly to a lot of other mobile games, in Audistar Mobile you will be rewarded for simply logging in every day. The game has a Daily Reward that pops up when you log in for the first time each day. You can access the same screen through the Star Growth building on the far-left side of the map. On top of this, the game also has a sign-in calendar that gives out another set of rewards daily. You can find it by tapping the calendar icon on the top right side of the main screen. Rewards include different currencies, dyes, crafting materials, and even outfits, so make sure you try to log in daily to claim all of these!

Aside from logging in once per day, the game also rewards you for staying online for a specified number of minutes. You can find this at the bottom of the Daily Reward page. A gift box will be highlighted when you reach the required number of minutes. The game gives out rewards for staying online for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes. Don’t worry because you can just stay online without doing anything for 30 minutes then go back to that screen to claim everything at once.

4. Participate In Events

The game often has several ongoing events. Some events are triggered by certain conditions. For example, the Novice Big Hit event is only available during the first seven days after you create your character. The event outlines a series of goals that new players should achieve in order to get started on the right track and establish their routines. A new set of goals is unlocked each day, but players remain eligible for rewards from previous ones until the event expires after the seventh day.

There are also permanent events that will always be available for all players, so there is no need to rush in completing them unless you really want the rewards right away. This includes the Level Rush event that gives you rewards for reaching level milestones up until you reach level 100. Players are rewarded increasing amounts of currencies as well as various items for every milestone they achieve.

Finally, there are limited-time events that are only available during the specified dates. For example, the Accumulated Online event is only available from November 29 to December 5. It gives out rewards to players who stay online for a specified number of minutes up to one hour. It is best to take advantage of these events as they often give out better rewards than usual.

5. Complete Your Tasks

audistar mobile tasks

On the left side of the main screen, you will see a Task button. Tap on it to view your Main, Daily, and Social tasks. Main tasks are the ones that you need to achieve throughout the game. They start of with basic tasks like completing a song in a certain game mode. These tasks slowly ramp up in difficulty and are designed to help you stay on track with your progress throughout the game.

Daily tasks are things that you need to do every day in order to maximize your resource gain. These are also designed to keep players active by rewarding them for interacting with other players.

Daily tasks include playing at least one song with two or more players, interacting with people on your friends list, helping out in your Club, and more. Social tasks are mostly optional tasks that can get you even more rewards for completing them.

Make sure you complete your Tasks regularly, paying close attention to Main and Daily ones. Not only do you get plenty of coins, diamonds, and items, you are also rewarded with experience. You need experience in order to level up your character. Completing tasks helps ensure you don’t miss any of the important activities that will help you progress quickly in the game.

6. Practice On Your Own

Audistar Mobile requires a lot of skill in order to keep progressing. It starts out easy because you are given very slow songs to dance in the early stages. It becomes more difficult as the songs get faster. The good news is that you can actually train yourself to get better by just repeatedly playing the faster songs. Replaying the same songs will allow you to memorize the different steps, making it easier as you go along. What is even better is that you earn experience even if you just dance by yourself. Of course, you earn more if you compete with other players and win, but it is good to know that you are still earning something while you are practicing.

7. Aim For Perfection

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If you have been playing against others and are wondering how they are beating you even if you don’t miss any of the moves, the difference probably lies in the number of Perfects and P.Perfects that they achieve. Every consecutive Perfect or P.Perfect you execute will result in a multiplier. The score multiplier increases exponentially as the number of consecutive Perfects increases. The multiplier goes away if you hit a Great or below. This is why it is important for you to practice a lot. Try to aim for an All Perfect combo in every game in order to ensure your dance battle victory.

8. Rush Through The Levels

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When you gain enough experience, your character will level up. As we mentioned earlier, there is a permanent event that gives you various rewards every time you reach a level milestone. Aside from those rewards, however, you also gain access to more content in the game when you level up. When you start out, only the Dance Hall will be available. Reaching certain levels will unlock additional buildings and features. Unlocking these as soon as possible is important because you want to gain benefits from those areas as soon as you can.

The game is pretty generous in giving out experience to active players. You can get plenty of experience by completing daily tasks. You also gain experience when you play songs in the dance hall. Try to aim for higher dance ratings in order to earn even more every time you complete a song.

9. Add A Lot of Friends

audistar mobile hints

Audistar Mobile has a social feature that allows you to add friends. Unlike most other mobile games, the social feature actually plays a key role here. A lot of your tasks will involve interacting with other people. You will need to have friends to exchange gifts with. Some of your tasks will also involve finding a Close Friend and a Love. The good news is that the community is great, and they do not discriminate against new players.

Feel free to just ask people to add you in the world chat. You will receive a lot of invites right after. You can also just add anyone who speaks in the world chat and they will most likely accept. Do not be surprised if someone you just randomly added suddenly sends you a gift. Since these are part of regular tasks even for high-level players, they all welcome any new friend they can exchange gifts and interactions with. Don’t be shy. You will be surprised how easy it is to make new friends in the game.

10. Hang Out At The Spa Plaza

If you don’t feel like playing in the Dance Hall, you can spend some time at the Spa Plaza. The Spa Plaza is composed of different rooms that you can enter similar to how you would join a room in the Dance Hall. Upon going into a room, however, you will be transported to a place that you can freely explore. A virtual directional pad will appear on the right side which you can drag to make your character move. You can also tap and drag outside of the virtual directional pad to change the angles of the camera. This is useful when you want to take screenshots with your friends. There are also chairs and other items that you can interact with in order to create better screenshots.

The Spa Plaza isn’t just for hanging out, though. There are two areas here that are beneficial, especially if you will be idle for a while. The pool gives out experience for every minute that you are in it. You can leave your character here if you want to level up while you are doing something else. There is also a dance stage where your character will automatically dance upon entering. You earn gold for every minute that you character stays here to dance. If you won’t be playing and you are just waiting for the 30-minute mark of the Daily Reward, you might as well leave your character in either of these two locations in order to earn more.

11. Find An Active Club

A club is the game’s version of a guild. You get to team up with other players in order to increase your club’s level and prestige. Joining one is a great way to meet new friends and find people to regularly play and interact with. On top of that, you also get rewards for completing club tasks together. The club leader gets to choose the club task, and multiple members are required to participate in order to complete them. This is why it is important that you join a club that has active members. You can create a club using the free bound diamonds that you earn, but without members, you won’t get much benefit from it. You can’t even claim an Angpao if there are less than three members in your club.

12. Work On Your Career

audistar mobile career

The Career Dreamworks building is where you can play the game’s campaign mode. You will be given a series of stages where you can follow your character’s career as a starting idol in the music business. Each stage involves playing a song, so make sure you have practiced before entering a stage. The stages that are marked with a star or the word Boss will have an SSS reward. That means you will receive a Star Medal as well as some additional rewards if you meet the SSS requirement. Each stage has a different SSS requirement, so make sure you pay attention.

Don’t forget to raise your character’s star level at the Training Hall. You get nine free training chances each day and you can purchase more by spending diamonds. You should be able to progress normally, though, by just spending your free training chances. Raising your character’s star level will make it easier for you to progress in career mode.

13. Claim Your Growth Plan Rewards

As you progress in Audistar Mobile, you will be unlocking new milestones for your character. When you meet certain goals, you will become eligible for Star Growth rewards. You will know when a reward is available when you see the Growth button appear on the left side below the Task and Search buttons. Make sure you check this out and claim your reward as soon as you see it. Rewards include bound diamonds, gold coins, clothing items, and more. You can also scroll through the other possible rewards and the conditions for unlocking them.

14. When To Spend Real Money

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Since the game has a huge social aspect, it is only natural that you would want to look your best at all times. You will get a lot of bound diamonds for free if you play actively during your first seven days. You can spend these in the Dance Mall to get new outfits for your characters. The catch, however, is that bound diamonds can only be spent on certain outfits. You will need to spend real money in order to purchase some of the premium outfits. Since character customization does not really have any impact on your gameplay, you can get away with not spending money at all throughout your career.

If you are considering spending real money in the game, however, make sure you make the most out of it. The game has rotating First Top Up rewards. Check if you actually like the current reward since you will not be eligible for it in the future. You should also check the limited time events because the game sometimes gives you bonuses for topping up. For example, there is an ongoing event that doubles your first top up. Waiting for events like these before buying diamonds is a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

15. Craft Your Own Clothes

If you want some cool outfit pieces without spending real money, you can always head into the Factory. This is where you can craft your own clothes, dye them, or even add special effects. Crafting requires a list of materials like Star Needles and Rare Leather. You will also need fragments of the piece you are trying to craft. You can get these as rewards from events or you can purchase them from the Dance Mall. Keep in mind that some pieces are only available for crafting for a limited time. Make sure you rush to make these before the deadline!

Dyeing allows you to change the colors of an outfit that you already have. You get to choose from different colors and patterns then view the effect on your character before confirming. When you select a color, you will see the require red, green, and blue dyes. You can acquire these by participating in events as well as by completing tasks.

Finally, you can add effects to your outfits on the Evo screen. You can add sparkles, hearts, flowers and other glowing particles that move around your outfit pieces. There are different levels for each effect, with the highest level being the most visible. Evolution requires materials like Flawless Jades, Rainbow Gems, and Evo Essences. These are a bit harder to get for free, so make sure you only use them on outfits that you will be wearing often.

The path to becoming the ultimate star isn’t easy, but with the help of our Audistar Mobile tips, cheats and tricks, you will surely make it to the top! If you know some other tips for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comments!


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