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Aralon: Sword and Shadow Cheats, Tips & Guide: 5 Stunning Hints for Advanced Players

Although, we’ve already given you some Aralon: Sword and Shadow tips and tricks, these were mostly for beginner players. But before we move on to some intermediate tips for those who have been playing for some time, we should remind you that this is an iOS and Android RPG from Crescent Moon Games. You’ll be journeying through the kingdom of Aralon, and before that, creating your own character and choosing his/her class (there are four) and race (there are three). You also get a ton of items, a faction system, the options to craft potions and gather herbs, and eight different mounts for your hero, which include horses and other RPG pets.

That’s pretty much it for the game and its features, so we won’t waste much time as we now move on to our list of Aralon: Sword and Shadow cheats, tips and hints for intermediate players who already have some valuable experience in the game.

1. Equip Your Gear With Runes

As you engage in battles in Aralon, you may pick up some runes, which you can then “apply” to a piece of gear, may it be a weapon or a piece of armor. Attaching runes benefits you passively, increasing endurance, energy, or any other statistic the rune corresponds to. Some have claimed that you can apply two runes to one item, though we’ve yet to come across such a situation. What we do know, however, is that you should use runes right away, and that applying a new rune nullifies the previous one’s effect if an item has maxed-out rune effects.

2. Take On The Optional Side Quests

Just because side quests are optional doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them on. In fact, it is very, very strongly recommended that you do, because they can give you the experience points you need in order to level up. That way, you’ll be ready to take on the main quests, which can be quite difficult as you go along.

3. Upgrade Your Characters Wisely

In Aralon, you’ll want to train your characters accordingly, and based on their strengths and/or specializations. For example, a character that’s a fighter should mainly improve strength and agility features, but not necessarily his skills. Conversely, some characters may require some big skills points and energy, so those skills are the ones you’ll want to upgrade.

4. Always Rely On Your Map

It can get easy, even for intermediate-level players, to proceed in a wrong direction at some point. To avoid such a situation, use the Map command and check your map regularly to make sure you’re on the right track. Tap the black circles on the maps so you can see the locations’ names. Also remember that the map may be a bit deceiving. For example, it says you are already in a place even if you appear to be there. That could mean the actual place is located above or below where you are.

5. Talk To NPCs

Last, but not the least, you’ll want to strike up conversations with the people who have question marks or exclamation points over their head. That means they’re non-playing characters, and you should talk to them so that you can complete your quest. Those with exclamation points are especially useful by way of information.