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Animal Rescue 3D (Voodoo) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Beat Every Level and Get High Scores

If you have played a lot of casual arcade mobile games before, then you most likely have played one or more games from Voodoo. With over 50 games and largely successful titles on both Android and iOS platforms, Voodoo has become a popular and well-loved developer especially of fans of casual action and arcade games and has consistently brought its apps into the top ten games lists in more than 10 countries. Among others, the French developer’s current top games are Balls Rotate, 2 and Roller Splat!

Animal Rescue 3D is Voodoo’s latest offering on iOS and within a short span of time after its release, has continued to earn highly positive reviews and has easily become one of the top trending games. Voodoo’s tried and tested formula of simple controls and addictive gameplay takes on a familiar gameplay style reminiscent of the classic arcade game, Frogger, but adds a little more zest into it to cater to today’s gamers of all ages and preferences. As a game that you can quickly learn to play and enjoy even intermittently on short breaks and idle time, Animal Rescue 3D’s unique appeal will surely captivate you once you give it a try.

Animal Rescue 3D, much like most of Voodoo’s games, offer the simplest controls and mechanics designed for even the least experienced players there are. Tapping and holding the screen will make the animals walk across the road and releasing your hold on the screen will make them stop. You will always see the basic controls on the screen which is why there is hardly any need for any sort of tutorial. The main goal of the game is to rescue animals and guide each of the animals to your farm as a way of saving them and the obstacles or challenge in the game lies within roads that never run out of passing vehicles. You earn points every step of the way and a star for each animal you help cross the busy roads all the way to your farm.

It looks pretty simple and easy on the initial stages but as you progress higher across levels, roads with multiple lanes and more densely populated highways will be a huge challenge. If you want to ace each level and earn the highest scores, then read on through as our Animal Rescue 3D guide offers a variety of tips, cheats and strategies to help you complete each level and garner scoreboard-worthy high scores.

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

Animal Rescue 3D is primarily a game of patience that requires a bit of skills. Of the two, though, patience will be the more fundamental requirement. Keep in mind that there is no time limit within which you must reach the goal and with that comes a huge load of pressure off your shoulders. Although you may not always have a lot of spare time to invest in this game, each stage can be completed relatively quickly even if you take as much time as you need to cross each road.

animal rescue 3d cheats

Be sure to take some time to observe the road before you cross it, most especially if it has multiple lanes. Even if it is a single lane street, vehicles that pass by will not have the same speed and the random element that this provides may impede your sense of timing. The speed at which each animal can run through the busy roads is consistent and early on, you should get yourself accustomed to it to have more precise calculations as to whether you can successfully cross the gap or not and how many animals you can push to run through consecutively.

Although this is immensely advised for total beginners, try to mentally simulate how you would cross the street before you actually do it if you want to ensure that you get the timing right without risking getting one of your animals hit by a passing vehicle. It is very much acceptable to get the timing wrong for several times at the start but with this method, you will tend to commit less mistakes early on in the game.

2. Focus On An Imaginary Path For Timing

As you spend time observing how fast the animals can cross the busy streets, you should be able to mentally picture it at some point and more or less calculate how wide of a space they need to have before they start running. This would of course vary depending on the number of lanes there are but still, getting it right on a single lane should give you some level of confidence and certainty on how to set the amount of space you need before you start to touch your device’s screen.

animal rescue 3d tricks

Simply imagine an empty square in the middle of the road that stretches across all lanes and goes as wide as you need it to be to ensure that the animals cross it successfully. Once that imaginary square is virtually empty, meaning no cars fall within it, start tapping or holding away to let the animals cross over to the safe area. This method may be challenging to apply at first but you can learn to adapt to it once you get the rhythm of patience and timing.

3. Control Your Aggression

Being able to successfully cross some roads with the entire line of animals at the first few levels can definitely boost your confidence. As you complete more and more levels though, you will earn more animals to take to the new level and each new level grows more challenging than the one before.

For the most part, your most common mistake or miscalculation while playing Animal Rescue 3D will come from trying to squeeze in more animals to cross consecutively and be caught by a fast moving vehicle that seemed to come out of nowhere. As you get used to running the animals across roads more than one at a time, you run a greater risk of making mistakes more often especially if you always tend to go for having multiple animals cross instead of just one by one.

Make sure that you keep your focus on being patient and taking caution every step of the way. As far as level completions and high scores go, it won’t matter for fast you complete a stage or how many animals you successfully get to the next safe zone consecutively. With that in mind, only a little more time on a level will spell the difference between crossing one at a time or in pairs or groups. Once you have secured a firm grasp of the timing and calculations, then feel free to lessen the space allowances you leave to ensure that every animal crosses each road successfully.

4. Prepare Well Before Going For A High Score Run

Though saving and helping all those animals reach your farm is your primary goal in Animal Rescue 3D, if you really love and enjoy the game, then you should want to earn high scores and make it your secondary objective. With that goal in mind, the first thing you have to know is that you will have to play a lot more carefully than you normally do to avoid making mistakes and be able to complete more levels consecutively. Secondly, you should be ready to commit to longer-than-usual session as more time on the game will more likely yield a higher best score.

animal rescue 3d high score

To put things in perspective, we advised early on that you need to exercise a lot of patience if you want to increase your chances of successfully completing all levels in the game. Although you can restart as many times as you want and clear some levels just the same, every restart comes with a score reset which brings it down to zero and that won’t do well for your high score attempt.
Even if you complete a level but then decide to put the game down, your score will still reset to zero once you turn the game back on again. As such, what you need to go for is to complete as many levels as possible within the amount of time you have set to playing the game for your best score run.

5. Watch Video Ads For Revivals

Video ads are a common feature of many free-to-play games in the mobile gaming market, most especially for games like Animal Rescue 3D that don’t actually sell any in-game items and have no other means of gaining profit from a free game. Though sometimes these ads can be a pain to watch especially if there is nothing in it for you, it should be well understood at this point in time that these ads are necessary to keep the game available for everyone to enjoy at no cost.

animal rescue 3d hints

Though some video ads do pop up in Animal Rescue 3D before you start on a level, there are some ads that you would definitely want to play, especially if you are close to completing a level or going for an all-time high score and got nicked by a vehicle. You will be given a chance to instantly revive on the spot at the cheap cost of watching a 15 to 30-second video ad.

Despite massive amounts of patience and a very keen sense of timing, it is still highly possible to hit a few bumps on the road, especially on the higher levels in the game and a free revival to continue on your game is a definite opportunity that should not be missed. Although you can only use this benefit once on each play, a second chance to complete any level can further raise your chances for high scores and challenging level completions. Just the same, though, you should always play as if you only have one life.

6. Master Near Misses For Extra Points

As a strategy fit for advanced and experienced players, mastering the art of getting near misses on animals as they cross the road can help boost your scores at the end of each level. Near misses can be achieved by being a little too close to either the front or the back of passing vehicles. Essentially, bonus points are awarded for the risks involved in achieving such feats as you will put your level success or high score on the line for you to achieve it. Again, as this strategy may require a lot more skills than what you would usually need, save it for until you have a really good grip of the timing involved in the game.

animal rescue 3d near miss

Although you can achieve about near misses for a pair of animals as they cross the road, the best way to earn this is by having animals cross one by one with each having a higher chance of earning a near miss bonus score as well as lowering the risk of an actual bump. So if you are doing a high score run and can spare some extra time and effort for a one by one road crossing and near misses all the way, then this is the best strategy to go with.

7. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

Although we fully understand and support the idea of putting video ads in the game, we likewise understand the dismay that some people experience when they get disoriented when video ads pop up during the game and make them loose their focus. If you want to have uninterrupted time to get a good grip of the game, then you should know that you can freely rid of any and all ads when you turn your Wi-Fi off.

Keep in mind, though that without ads, your opportunity for free revives won’t be around and as such, every fail leads to an automatic stage restart and reel you away from having potentially higher best scores. So if you are on a high score run, make sure to turn your Wi-Fi back on.

And that is all we have for our Animal Rescue 3D guide. We are confident that if you follow the tips, cheats and tricks we shared in this article, you will sooner or later be able to complete each level and post better high scores than the ones you previously earned. We hope that you enjoyed reading the article and if you have your own fresh tips and strategies to share about this fun and addictive game, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Patricia Parker

Friday 21st of June 2019

I am only curious as to how many levels there are in this game and what the farm will eventually look like in the end. :)