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Amateur Surgeon 4 Tips & Strategies: A Complete Guide to Partners (Part 2)

Things are better in Amateur Surgeon 4 if you’ve got partners backing you up. These partners are helpers whom you can tag in during surgical procedures, and while most of them will do you good, effectively replacing some of your tools and saving you a lot of time, there are others that may do you some good in another area, but at the expense of additional injuries. We learned that in the first part of our partner’s guide, and as an additional refresher on this new Android/iOS game from Adult Swim, this is a game where you operate on a variety of patients using unorthodox tools, and the surgical procedures need to be done in a certain order, and within a certain period of time.

Now that we’re done giving you an ever-so-quick refresher on the game, and talking you through what partners can do for you as an amateur surgeon, it’s time for the second part of our new Amateur Surgeon 4 strategy guide, where we take a look at the other partners that may be made available to you. While the first part mostly featured common partners, we’ll be mainly looking at the rarer partners in this second part, so read on if you’re not sure which partner does what!

Brick “The Drill” McGill

Special Ability: Pneumatic Mayhem replaces the chainsaw as a means of destroying cement blobs or anything that’s especially hard.

What They Do: He specializes in getting rid of cement blocks or anything else that may require the chainsaw to get out of the way.

When To Use Them: In any or all levels where you’ll need to bust out the chainsaw to cut items, body parts, or cement.

Cecil Blowhard

Special Ability: From the name alone, you can tell what it does. I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff puts out fires much faster.

What They Do: He’s a firefighter kind of helper, as he uses his powerful lungs to put out fires fast.

When To Use Them: Obviously, he’s best used in levels where fires are likely to start.

Chad Burnem

Special Ability: Suburban Napalm works by cauterizing wounds and melting ice.

What They Do: He works as a lighter substitute for dealing with ice, as well as wounds that need to be cauterized.

When To Use Them: In the absence of those all-around cut healers, you can let Chad help you out with patients with tons of cuts, or levels where you need to do a lot of ice melting.

Crumpet Murphy

Special Ability: Janitor-Jitsu simply adds to your points total quickly.

What They Do: Although the ability may have a fancy-sounding, dangerous name, this partner is all about the point boosts.

When To Use Them: Point boosts may seem useless if you consider that most partners take care of the medical stuff. But if you want to three-star all the levels in Amateur Surgeon 4, you want this partner on your side to ensure yourself of a higher score and more coins.

Flicky “John” Flick

Special Ability: Diddle for the Middle allows you to be 100 percent accurate when using all of your tools…well, sort of.

What They Do: He gets rid of penalties for missing with any of your available tools.

When To Use Them: Getting rid of penalties might not sound like much in the grand scheme, but since we recommend playing a lot of Sudden Death missions that require extreme precision, he should be of help in there.

Flow Master

Special Ability: Kung-Flow works by restoring your score multiplier, should you improperly use any of your tools.

What They Do: If you want to keep that combo string going, have him around so he can restore y our multiplier.

When To Use Them: Compared to the other partners, Flow Master doesn’t offer too many benefits. But if your aim is especially bad when you’re trying to zap critters, you can have him as your partner so you can ensure yourself of a higher score. Still, there are better partners available for those critter-infested levels.

Gargonax Suckoluxx

Special Ability: The Cosmic Collector ability allows this vacuum substitute to absorb blood, fires, and smaller pieces of debris.

What They Do: As one of the robot helpers you can add to your list of partners, Gargonax is a robotic vacuum similar to Barbara Ho-tep, but even more effective.

When To Use Them: Tag this partner in when you’re working on a surgery that features a lot of debris.


Special Ability: Bunch of Suckers allows him to remove poison, and fast.

What They Do: Hogtopus’ main role is to quickly remove poison from infected patients, and to deal with their boils.

When To Use Them: As poison can do a number on a patient’s heart rate, you want to use this partner where poison is involved. And we mean a lot of poison, as you need those tentacles working to suck out the gooey stuff.

Iron Wang

Special Ability: Irons of Unbearable Temperature cauterizes wounds and melts ice.

What They Do: While he’s not the only partner who offers this, he’s quite effective as a wound cauterizer or ice melter.

When To Use Them: If Chad Burnem is not available, you can give Iron Wang a try, as he does pretty much the same thing.

Lady Saturday

Special Ability: The Loa Your Expectations ability works by jump starting a patient’s heartbeat.

What They Do: As you can see above, this is a good partner if you’ve got a patient who’s close to death, with their heart rate close to stopping.

When To Use Them: Use her in difficult levels where the patient’s heart rate is especially low.

Lord Meowington

Special Ability: Fire Retardant Feline is used for putting out fires and picking up heavier debris.

What They Do: One of the faster partners in the game, he works quickly when dealing with fires and debris.

When To Use Them: As we’ve seen, Meowington is more skilled as a firefighter than someone who picks up debris. That means you should use him in surgeries that may involve a lot of fire. He’s also useful when the surgeries come with lots of large debris to pick up.

Mister Caruthers

Special Ability: Reptilian Fourmand allows Caruthers to eat creatures such as bugs and frogs – he is a lizard, after all!

What They Do: He’s a creature-eating lizard, and that’s all you need to know about him.

When To Use Them: Those critters can be a pain to zap out in many a level, so use him during those surgeries to take care of those pests fast and easy.

Nurse Luci

Special Ability: Dark Temptation rushes through the whole staple/cauterize/gel process by healing all cuts without the need of that standard series of steps.

What They Do: Whether it may be a small or a large cut, she heals them all automatically.

When To Use Them: In any operation where you’ve got lots of cuts on your patients. You can also bring her along for limited events, though we believe partners who give time bonuses may be more useful.

Officer Brutality

Special Ability: Extreme Force helps this partner destroy creatures quickly and easily.

What They Do: He’s not just a tough cop, but also a helpful partner when it comes to busting creatures.

When To Use Them: While he may create quite a mess while bashing critters, he’s nonetheless handy in levels where there are lots of creatures you would normally take out with the battery.

The Polymorph

Special Ability: All of them. That’s because this partner transforms into a different, existing partner once a surgery begins. That means it can become anyone from Barbara Ho-tep to one of the many robot partners.

What They Do: Everything. Or whatever the partner it transforms into specializes in.

When To Use Them: We’re not even sure if there’s an occasion where the Polymorph can come in handy. In fact, some believe that you should never use it at all, because you’ll never know when it will transform into a partner that’s absolutely useless for the given surgery. But if you must, use it when grinding by replaying completed levels, or simply to have a bit of fun and gamble with partners.

Procrastibot 3000

Special Ability: “Freeze, Sucka!” allows Procrastibot to give you additional seconds on your surgery timer, similar to what Professor Rippov can do.

What They Do: As mentioned above, this robot’s ability is all about buying extra time.

When To Use Them: The special events come with even stricter time limits, and that’s when you can use this partner to give you the bonus time you need to complete procedures. Also feel free to make use of Procrastibot anytime you’ve got an especially hard surgery to take care of, one that you’re having trouble finishing on time.

Reverend Robot Apocalypse

Special Ability: Extraction Satisfaction doesn’t refer to poison, but rather objects that you’ll find inside some patients.

What They Do: It extracts foreign objects as a tongs substitute, plain and simple.

When To Use Them: You want to have this partner around in levels where there are multiple items inside a patient and would normally have to use your tongs quite frequently.

Robot Unicorn Inferno

Special Ability: The Dash of Death allows you to score a ton of points while automatically zapping creatures and slicing bones much better than a chainsaw ever would.

What They Do: Its main role is destroying critters and slicing bones as a chainsaw substitute, but the caveat here is that it could cause additional injuries.

When To Use Them: This is one of those partners who may do harm than good, so use this robot with a lot of discretion. Still, the damage caused by the extra injuries isn’t as much as the damage needed to kill the critters. That makes it a good choice for operations with lots of creepy-crawly critters inside the patients.

Robot Unicorn Rainbow

Special Ability: Rainbow Saviour gives patients huge boosts in health, and gives your score a nice boost. This robot can also heal all flesh wounds without the standard three-step series.

What They Do: You can add to your points and to your patients’ health really quickly, while also healing flesh wounds automatically sans staples, lighter, and gel.

When To Use Them: Generally speaking, it is best used for tough surgeries, operations with a lot of flesh wounds, or any occasion where you’re seriously chasing after three stars but having trouble doing so.

T.B. Lancet

Special Ability: Sterile Riposte allows this partner to use his hypodermic sabre as a syringe substitute.

What They Do: He’s quick and effective in taking out poison.

When To Use Them: Anytime you’re performing a surgery where the patient has a lot of poison inside.