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Altered Beast Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 4 Hints You Should Know

Altered Beast is a classic beat them up game that was initially released for arcade gaming systems. It’s the type of game you would want to play to relieve stress. The game is made and released by Sega, and is available on Steam, iOS, and Android platforms. In this game, the character you will be playing is a gladiator resurrected by Zeus. Your job is to save Athena from the evil Neff and his demons. Play through the game with different levels and transform your gladiator into different beasts like a wolf, bear, dragon, and many more. Make sure you check out our Altered Beast tips and tricks if you want to emerge victorious!

1. Try To Use Controllers

You will be moving a lot in Altered beast so you will need a controller. If your using a mobile device you can always use the controller add on for your device. This is very convenient in this game since it needs a lot of precise movements. Remember, this game was originally for arcade machines. It was not made for touch screens so movement will be tricky. Using a controller will definitely make your play come a lot easier and smoother.

2. Feel Free To Button Mash

Well mashing buttons isn’t really the way to go but in beat them up games like this, it can be very useful. You will be fine for the most part when you just want to farm. A controller will be especially useful for button mashing as a touch screen can get clunky. Mashing buttons isn’t a requirement but you can play the game however it is that you want.

3. Slow And Steady Wins The Game

A good thing about this game that other beat them up games don’t have these days is that it is a 2-dimensional game. You just go from left to right, fighting enemies along the way. You can take advantage of this feature of the game. You can proceed with caution because you can know what is coming your way. Enemies that you need to defeat will be appearing in front of you. You just need to proceed slowly so that you are prepared for whatever it is that is going to jump at you. There is no time limit in the game so you can take your time if things are difficult. Proceed slowly and be careful to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

4. Know When To Transform

Even though the game’s high point is transforming into different beasts, it’s not always necessary to do so. You get to change into different animal hybrids with different abilities and powers you can abuse which is incredibly fun. However, if you’re really good at the game you won’t need to transform. A lot of players have done it in the past. Keep in mind that transformations powers will not carry over to the next level so it is still up to you if you want to use it or not. This is just a way to challenge yourself.

Saving Athena from the clutches of evil will be hard. Transform your way to victory by referring to our Altered Beast tips and tricks!