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Afterlife Guide: 6 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Afterlife is an exciting new mobile game from Levius Games, which is now available for iOS and Android platforms. This is one of those games that look simple on the outside but once you start playing, more and more features emerge. The game can be described best as a tapping RPG with mechanics of a collectible card game. In Afterlife your hero damages foes as you tap at the touchscreen like hell, thus you can deliver blows that can be quite serious. You can collect money (called dust), which can spent on getting upgrades and repairing damaged giftstones.

Foes are divided into groups of ten, and in most cases, only the bosses are tough to beat. As the game progresses, enemies become more resilient to damage, they give stronger blows and are generally hard to beat. This can be frustrating at times, especially since you can make some wrong choices early in the game, choices that can’t be withdrawn. Fortunately, there are lots of tips that can help everyone playing Afterlife to kill foes without breaking a sweat, and for gathering piles of dust. Stay with us and find out how you can become a master in Afterlife.

1. Find A Perfect Rhythm

Afterlife is a clicking, or better to say, tapping game. The main gameplay mechanic lets you tap with your thumbs as fast as you can, dealing damage with every tap. The biggest problem is finding a perfect rhythm in order to maximally damage foes. Just find a perfect tempo, tapping with both thumbs, one after another, as fast as you can. It isn’t that difficult, you just have to find a tempo that your thumbs can support.

Tap the screen with both thumbs, this can cause huge amounts of damage in short time since two-thumb-tapping is much faster than doing all the clicking with just one. Also, getting into berserk mode, where your damage amount is massively increased, is easy when you use both thumbs.

Clicking games are known for being tiring for your fingers. After 10 minutes you’ll feel like your thumbs did a thousand push-ups, being unable to keep the hellish pace. This can greatly lower your efficiency, so make frequent breaks, especially later on in the game when enemies become resilient and dangerous.

2. Focus On Upgrading Dexterity Early On

Dexterity boosts your chance to land critical hits, as well as lowering the chance of receiving hits. It’s best to focus on upgrading dexterity early on in the game. As you collect dust and encounter tougher enemies, start upgrading vigor, which gives you more health; upgrading vigor is advisable after you defeat the first dozen of enemy groups, since at the beginning enemies can’t really damage you seriously. Willpower should be the last on the upgrade list; it gives you more magical damage and higher chances of hitting enemies.

3. There Are Three Signs Available, Only One Can Be Active At Once

Attacking, Defensive and Magical signs are like different playing strategies. The Attacking sign gives you a bit higher damage and a special ability that lands a huge amount of blows in short time. The Defensive sign boosts your armor and isn’t really handy. Magical sign’s special ability varies, depending on the giftstone type you placed inside the “element” slot. According to my experience, it’s best to use attacking and magical signs most of the time. The defensive sign is useful only when enemies cause you a huge amount of damage. If you place an ice giftstone inside the element slot, you’ll get a chance to freeze enemies with every blow, an incredibly useful tactic.

Be careful when putting giftstones in sign slots since once placed, a giftstone can’t be replaced, it will be destroyed if you try to move it. Each giftstone gives you a certain damage bonus, rarer they are the better bonus they can provide. It’s best to focus on filling one sign at a time since giftstones are pretty rare to find, so decide which sign you want to upgrade before placing a giftstone in the slot. The Attacking sign is the easiest to fill since it only has three giftstone slots.

4. Miracles Aren’t Really Needed, Except For One

Miracles are special spells that can give you different bonuses, like making you invulnerable for a short period of time, or restoring your health. However, they require premium currency (essence) to be used. Only one miracle is handy, the Purification Stone. The Purification Stone breaks any death mark you might contract. A death mark is awarded when you lose a life, lowering the amount of dust gathered, your damage as well as experience earned. So, never use any miracle other than Purification Stone.

5. Wait For Urns To Open Instead Opening Them Right Away

Urns are awarded randomly during battles, giving you a certain amount of dust. You can place an urn into the unlock slot and wait a few hours before opening it, or you can open it as soon as you get an urn. It’s much better to wait for the urn to become unlocked. If you open an urn right away, you’ll get a couple of thousand dust. If you decide to wait for the urn to become open, the prize can be dozens of times more lucrative.

This will greatly help you in upgrading stats and making you much tougher to beat. You can save up 300 essence in order to unlock a third urn slot (there are two slots where urns can be placed in order to get unlocked at the start) since the prizes given if you can wait for urns to open are incredibly high. You can upgrade all three stats tens of times since you’ll be filled with dust.

6. Watch Ads, They Give Solid Prizes

If you need essence, watch ads. Ads last for only a dozen of seconds, giving you three essence bottles with every watch. The prize isn’t huge but can be useful when you are a couple of essence short for getting a Purification Stone, for instance.

Thank you for reading our exclusive guide for Levius Games’ new mobile title, Afterlife. This is a very enjoyable game and can be even more enjoyable if you spend some time reading our list of tips and tricks. We hope you’ll have fun times with Afterlife. Again, thanks for reading and happy gaming!