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After the End Forsaken Destiny Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Guide for Clearing More Levels

Nexon may be better-known for their anime-inspired RPGs, but the mobile gaming giant has released a new puzzle game for Android and iOS devices called After the End Forsaken Destiny. The game’s description says that you can solve stunning 3D puzzles which progressively increase in difficulty, while you discover a stunning ancient world and get to the bottom of a gripping mystery behind a father-son journey, where both father and son are separated by time. There are numerous hidden levers and other secrets within the puzzles, endless possibilities for each of the characters, and relics for you to collect as your journey continues. In short, this isn’t your typical puzzle game, and it certainly comes packed with features.

As we’ve established this isn’t your average casual puzzler, we should let you know that the degree of difficulty in this game is quite steep in comparison. But we don’t want to leave you scratching your head and not quite sure about what you should be doing next. Read on, as we now bring you our list of After the End Forsaken Destiny tips and tricks, which should aid your progress and help you discover more secrets and deal with the myriad challenges in the game.

1. Get A Good View Of Your Surroundings

Although you may want to move on quickly to another area in the game, you should make sure you look around you by moving your camera in all possible directions. See if there are enemies to watch out for, as well as any artifact cubes that you have missed along the way. We’d agree that it’s quite helpful if you use a top-down view if you’re trying to scour an area for spikes, enemies, and hidden stuff. And as we often advise players regardless of the game, you shouldn’t go for the obvious right away; think out of the box, because there might be a better solution waiting to be discovered. One classic example would be with the switches. Each switch in After the End can be used for one purpose or another, but there may be some switches that you need to return to at a later point in the game so you can get the desired effect.

2. Follow The Diamond Path And You’ll Be Fine

You will notice a path of sorts with diamonds for you to collect, should you be heading the right way in After the End. But you might not notice them right away – look for the diamonds as they appear embedded into the ground, as they’ll show you where you should be heading to. That too applies to rotating platforms, as you’ll see larger diamonds on a side or two – these will guide you to safety, so make sure you’re following them while on the platforms. Once again, be resourceful and think of those out-of-the-box situations; there may be some secret rooms where there are diamonds conveniently hidden from your view.

3. Play The Game With The Sounds On

Some games may favor the use of earphones, while others may not. This is a game where using the headphones will do you more good than bad, so play the game with the sounds on, and not off. The puzzles can be music-based, and those tunes can offer you the cues you need to stay safe or to stay on the right path. You may also need the sounds to detect rolling boulders or enemies before they reach you.

Of course, you have the option to play the game without any sound whatsoever, relying instead on the things you see, instead of the things you here. For example, you can wait for the note to drop and hit the matching diamond so you can make the right taps at the right time. But things may be trickier if you’re trying to escape the boulders and other similar dangers or obstacles; you can easily avoid them with the sounds on, but if they’re off, it may take some trial-and-error before you can stay clear of them without getting killed.

4. Check The Milestones, And Don’t Quit In The Middle Of A Stage

Each level in the game is made up of more than one puzzle stage, and you will need to clear all of these in order for you to achieve a milestone and move on to the next level. You will also know if you’ve cleared a stage if a new area loads up after you make it to the beam of light. But we need to warn you of something very important and game-changing, albeit one that isn’t game-changing in a good way. Namely, closing the game while you’re in the middle of a stage would force you to restart the level from scratch. That’s an inconvenience any player can do without, so don’t be tempted to rage-quit, and don’t be under the impression that the game will auto-save your progress, should you decide to exit for a bit. There’s nothing worse than making good time in a level, only to find out that you have to redo it after all.

5. Use Your Weapons Well

The game will allow you to use some weapons, if you can call them that, so make good use of them once you’re given the chance. For example, you can pick up tiny rocks and throw them at the ghosts, which are among the more common and peskier enemies you will have to deal with. The rocks can also be used to trigger spiked gates, though you should remember that these smaller boulders/rocks only spawn one time. That means losing one of your lives and returning to the same place in hopes of finding the rocks again in the same place won’t be possible. Additionally, there’s no point in throwing boulders over walls, as it simply won’t work. The key to using your weapons is to use them the moment you have a chance to do so, and to be patient in certain situations where you have to use them.

These would be our tips, tricks and cheats for After the End Forsaken Destiny. In case you know more hints for the game, let us know in the comment section!