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Tactile Wars Cheats & Hints: A Guide to Get Free Coins and Prisms

There are two types of currency in Tactile Wars – your coins, which serves as your standard currency, and prisms, which represent the premium side of things. Our latest compilation of Tactile Wars tips and tricks will help you out in scoring more of these coins and prisms, and not spending a cent of your heard-earned money.

1. Be Patient During Battles

From the get-go, you may not be really interested in earning coins from battles. But it’s these early stages that could give you good practice for the harder ones going forward. Getting a “C” or worse in a battle would give you just 2-5 coins. Getting an “A” will earn a total of 10-15, and getting an “S,” pray tell? That’s going to be really, really hard, but you can expect your fair share of coins.

2. Watch The Propaganda Videos

As we explained last time, those “Propaganda Videos” do not contain any anti-government messages. They’re just what the games call “ad videos,” in other words. You’ll get a good 50 coins for watching one of these commercials, which could make this the simplest and most worry-free way in which you could earn more coins.

3. Complete Missions

Go to the tab that resembles a trophy and you’ll have your pick of different missions. Complete them and you might, emphasis on might, receive some free coins and/or prisms for free. There are three tabs to choose from under missions – defense, attack, and level-up – and if you see a number next to one of those categories, you can collect a prize for accomplishing an achievement.

4. Complete The Dailies

Reaching Level 6 will unlock daily achievements, and though it may be a bit more stressful on your end, unlocking daily achievements will give you a ridiculous amount of coins or prisms.

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